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Best Project Management Software 2020: 6 Essential Features

You can’t cook a dish well until you have a recipe with the planned ingredients in planned proportions. You can’t get your dream job until you have identified what you want to do and plan how you will land in the interview room. Whether it’s smaller tasks like these or larger tasks like software development, identify goals and planning execution are vital. The right project management software can help you take care of everything from planning to execution in a way that maximizes your productivi

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Top 8 Best Task Management Software To Use in 2020

We have compiled a list of the 8 best task management software that let you track progress by dates, enable collaboration and generate project analytics.

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Agile Scrum Methodology: Scrum Lessons I Learned As A Beginner

When I joined Third Rock Techkno [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/] as a junior developer, I was delighted to know that I would be working in a scrum team for the very first project of my life. I knew for sure that agile scrum methodology is a great opportunity to grow as a developer. Scrum lessons I learned as a beginner here have imbibed in me the skills and attitude that I’d otherwise have learned much later in my career. Ever since my engineering college days, I was obsessed with joining

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