Why React Mobile App Development Should Be Your First Choice Over Other Tech?

Krunal Shah

Jun 11, 2021

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ReactJS mobile web app development
React Mobile App

Mobile apps are taking businesses to new heights and are opening new revenue opportunities for them. Their importance can be analyzed from the fact that their usage is not limited to a certain company or industry.

The proliferation of mobile apps has companies thinking of new technologies to keep up with the rising demand. React JS is one such mobile app development framework that has left its mark on the app development realm. React JS uses the script of Java as it is one of the most robust languages among all.

According to researchers, websites and mobile apps built with React JS generate a high amount of traffic. This is the reason why leading companies such as BBC, Yahoo, PayPal, Indeed opt for React JS mobile web app development.

The fast-paced digital world requires companies to render quick information to their users. Thus, ReactJS is used extensively to create impeccable apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should go for React mobile app development. We will also take a look at what makes mobile applications in ReactJS a class apart from their peers. React JS without a doubt is enabling front end developers to develop apps like never before. That is why it has become a top-notch choice for mobile app development.

React Mobile Web App Development - A Smart Choice

React JS mobile web app development
Source: Stack Overflow

Since its inception in 2013, ReactJS has always had all the ingredients to be a complete mobile app development framework. Thus, companies around the world didn’t take much time to recognize the worth of this framework developed by Facebook. In today’s time where businesses are looking for ways to get ahead of competition in the market, choosing a framework like ReactJS is one that can make all the difference.

So let’s answer the question of the hour? Why is React mobile web app development the best choice for your business?

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React Mobile App Offers Exquisite Cross-platform Development Service

Cross-platform development
React Mobile App

The formula to success is pretty simple in the modern-day business realm. Organizations need to understand what their customers want and hence look to expand their user base. This is where cross-platform application development comes into picture.

Cross-platform app development allows you to use the same code for both iOS and Android platforms. By using ReactJS, the developers can make apps for both OS platforms without any additional changes. This changes the entire paradigm of the business altogether.

Now you can have a React mobile app related to your kind of business. Moreover, you can reach a larger audience without digging deep into your pocket. Also, developers no longer need to use different languages such as C++, Swift, Java, etc. ReactJS is a literal savior. Along with reducing the app development time, it also allows you to work with minimal resources as well.

ReactJS uses JavaScript that has a profound library and APIs required in hybrid app development. With all these qualities in its kitty, there’s no doubt as to why ReactJS mobile web app development aces the app development game.

Has an Easier Learning Curve

React Learning curve
Source: Infographic: Angular vs React vs Vue

The ReactJS framework is pretty straightforward and easy to understand when compared to other popular mobile app development frameworks. Unlike Vue or Angular, here the developers just need to know the basics of JavaScript.

An easier learning curve is one of the main reasons why ReactJS is popular among the present-day mobile app developers. It also gives them the creative liberty to try out newer things besides helping in quick app development.

In today’s cut-throat and competitive market scenario, timing becomes very important. For example, you and your business competitor have a similar app development idea. And if he is able to act on it and release the app before, he will get the ‘early-bird’ advantage. Thus, hiring an experienced ReactJs mobile web app development company becomes very important.

Faster Rendering With Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM in ReactJS
React Mobile App

A definitive structure is very important when it comes to high-load mobile applications. Developers need to ensure that the structure should not negatively impact the performance of the mobile application.

ReactJS uses virtual DOM that ensures that changes done at the upper layer do not cause problems at the lower layer. DOM is nothing but a logical structure that is available in formats such as HTML, XML etc. With ReactJS, developers have the liberty to first make changes in the virtual representation of the DOM. After that, they can skillfully do the required things that are needed for the DOM operations.

After calculating the minimum scope, the developers can easily update the real DOM tree. This process ensures that the mobile apps have high performance levels. Moreover, the apps excel in rendering better user experience as well.

ReactJS Is Beneficial for Mobile App Owners

Along with the benefit to app developers, mobile apps developed using ReactJS are also highly beneficial for the mobile app owners as well. This framework has a plethora of benefits including smoother rendering process, faster speed, better productivity, etc. Since it fosters cross- platform mobile app development, it helps in developing better connections with the customers.

Customer satisfaction is paramount irrespective of the business that we work in. ReactJS allows the mobile app owners to understand the actual needs and wants of their end-users.

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Along with being easy on their pocket, ReactJS mobile web app development allows app owners to include certain exquisite features after understanding the current market trend and customer requirement. Since the app development framework is quick, the mobile app owners can be swift in implementing timely changes and upgrades.

In the present day business realm, mobile app development companies lose the plot when they stop understanding their customers. With ReactJS at work, you are never at risk of facing this situation.

Open Source and Code Reusability

Code reusability
React Mobile App

One has to agree to the fact that an open source mobile app development framework has a charm of its own. ReactJS supports the application of single-page mobile applications as well. Since it uses JavaScript, it becomes easier for the developers to write components.

Facebook has included an optional extension in JavaScript named JSX. JSX is used as an optional syntax extension. In the quest of giving more power to the front-end developers, React has recently released Reapp. This mobile app development platform is specifically designed for high performance apps.

Along with enhancing the productivity, Reapp has a well-optimized toolkit that helps the developers to build easily.

The code reusability feature of React mobile app renders great benefits to the app developers. They do not have to code separately for different functions thus can reduce the app development cycle drastically. Since the number of codes is less, there are minute chances of mistakes. Code reusability also helps in increasing the accuracy and speed of the mobile application.

React Mobile App Gives Native Web Experience

React native web

With code reusability, we need no rocket science to understand that all codes are comparable in ReactJS. Be it iOS or Android platform, the codes can be compared across mobile OS platforms as well. Apps developing using ReactJs give a native web experience as all fundamental units are capable of serving any mobile gadget.

Unlike the general native processors, ReactJS uses Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This unit makes it easier for the user interface to lay mounted. In addition, ReactJS mobile apps are highly agile and swift as compared to other frameworks. Thus, along with giving a react native web experience, ReactJS helps in faster execution as well.

Since the building blocks of ReactJS apps are solid, they can perform in any given circumstances. Their consistency across platforms has put the ReactJS mobile apps in a league of their own. ReactJS apps leave no stone unturned in rendering an astounding native web app experience.

Easy Maintenance and Better SEO Performance

Easy maintenance and better SEO performance

Companies need to understand that mobile app development in general is an ongoing process. It is not completed as soon as you have launched your app in the market.

With ReactJS, the mobile app owners face no problem in solving the issues of updates. This is the reason why ReactJS is  greatly used in mobile apps with complex structure. Leading companies across the world irrespective of their genre recommend React mobile app development.

Since it is easier for the developers to re-use the system components, there is nothing ‘out of the ordinary’ for them. As they work in a known territory, their efficiency is bound to increase.

The ReactJS framework has an added quality of expanding your business on the basis of accurate SEO. The framework efficiently deals with the search engine issues to read JavaScript of apps. Once the issue is addressed, the developers can run the app on the servers. While on the other hand the framework lets the browser work as a regular web page.

This process plays a pivotal role in enhancing the app ranking and making it more visible. As the React mobile apps are more SEO friendly, it helps in escalating growth of the business.

Ideal for Both Web and Mobile Development

web and mobile development
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Along with having cross-platsform mobile applications, businesses should have other bases covered as well. ReactJS development assists in developing superlative web and mobile apps. The framework follows the same design pattern and allows smooth transition between web and mobile apps.

With JavaScript, ReactJS has a pool of rich user interfaces that support the apps irrespective of the platform. In addition, ReactJS has real-time reloads. It allows the developers to see the results of the changes made into the system in real-time. It plays an important role in reducing the time taken for web and app development. Moreover, ReactJS mobile web app development has a modular architecture and a generous ecosystem as well.

Concrete and Solid Community Support

concrete and solid community support

ReactJS is developed by Facebook, thus has a strong community support. When app developers face any kind of difficulty during development, they can take assistance from the community. This ensures that the entire mobile app development process is completed in a hassle free manner. In addition to this, a strong community support gives the developers the confidence to work on tough projects as well.

The React developers’ community is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. The developers are committed to make a better frontend framework with time. Currently, the cross-platform app development framework has 1331 contributors and 136,079 starts on Github.

Along with the contributors, there are experts of the framework who are constantly sharing their knowledge. They are uploading free-tutorials on YouTube and boosting the community to a great extent. For instance, if you search for ‘ free react native web tutorial’, Google will bombard you with a myriad of results.

Besides the above-mentioned platforms, there are ReactJS contributors on different sites like Quora and Stack overflow as well. There too, you can get reliable answers to all your queries.

Preferred Choice of Many Fortune 500 Companies

ReactJS web applications

Are you still in doubt about choosing ReactJS for mobile and web app development? Well, to address this concern, it's essential to tell you that ReactJS is the preferred choice of many fortune 500 companies. The list includes the names of market leaders such as Walmart, Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent QQ and many more.

Along with the mobile app, the React Native web framework is also quite popular. Top companies around the world such as PayPal, Netflix, Lyft, BBC, and the New York Times, etc. use React JS. And their success is a clear example of how amazing and credible ReactJS truly is.


React Mobile apps have the power to take your business to places. But the key here lies in selecting the best ReactJS development company. Businesses need to understand that they cannot leverage the benefits of the framework if the app developer is not proper.Thus, companies need to sort their priorities first and understand what they actually want from the app. After that only they should look for suitable mobile app development partners.

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