Imperial Night Club - Alexa Skill and Google action for Night Club and Restaurant

Imperial Night Club - Alexa Skill and Google action for Night Club and Restaurant

Industry: Hospitality
Customer Profile

The customer runs a chain of nightclubs and Restaurants in New York and California. The clubs account approx 100 guest visits during the evening on weekdays and almost quadruple on weekends at each branch. The Night Club offers special discounts on holidays and festivals. And they are famous for hosting various themed parties during the various time of the years.

Customer Challenge

The nightclubs and restaurants received 100s of calls daily from their guests to reserve a table inquire about discounts and ongoing offers, or inquire about the dress code for the day and many such calls. The answers to most of the questions were predefined like it’s karaoke Wednesday or we have offers on wine so on so forth. Hence, the client was looking for a smart system to make this process automated free up the human to remove the chance of error.


In 2018, Third Rock Techkno engaged with the client to develop and implement a virtual assistant (Alexa skills and Google Assistance) to engage and serve their guest in a scalable and affordable manner. Use the skill Jenny on Alexa skill and Google Assistance to answer all your queries. Jenny was designed to function as a customer service representative – electronically, of course.

With Jenny, a busy telephone line is a thing of the past, as she’s easily capable of simultaneously serving the needs of every Guest at restaurants. Guest can reserve their seat by simply saying date and time they’d like to visit. Jenny providing guidance through the rest of the reservation process. And, of course, she’s easily capable of providing information on what discounts are available and what is dress code for that day.


1. 250% return on investment.

2. Increased bookings by 25%.

3. Saved $50,000 in customer service expenses in a single year.

4. Over 2,000,000 questions answered every year.

5. Bookings through Alexa and Google assistant generate 30% more revenue.

Technology We have Used

Alexa: Alexa Developer console (

Google Action: Dialogflow console (