RadixCab - Alexa Skill and Google action for a Taxi operator

RadixCab - Alexa Skill and Google action for a Taxi operator

Industry: Transportation
Customer Profile

RadixCab is a taxi operator in Porto Portugal. RadixCab serves to near a million travelers in a year. RadixCab has the option to book a taxi online using their website, their on-call booking, and their mobile app. They were coming up with a new way to book their taxi using a Kiosk at famous places, and a voice application.

Customer Challenge

The kiosk solution was a hybrid version of their Online and on-call booking service. But they were not quite sure how would they implement voice application on what platform should they base their solution on. At this point, we made a suggestion to use widely accepted voice platforms and leverage their infrastructure i.e. Alexa and Google Home.


In 2020, Third Rock Techkno engaged with the client to develop and implement a voice-based taxi booking application called RadixCab. In order to book a cab using Alexa or Google Home, the user needs to say Talk to RadixCab after opening Alexa or Google Assistant. The skill has the ability to fetch your current location to pick you up from where you are. Or you can tell it to pick you from a specific location. The skill is in link with their existing system so it will check for your subscription to their services while you are trying to book a taxi. The system syncs with the company’s mobile application too.

With Jenny, a busy telephone line is a thing of the past, as she’s easily capable of simultaneously serving the needs of every Guest at restaurants. Guest can reserve their seat by simply saying date and time they’d like to visit. Jenny providing guidance through the rest of the reservation process. And, of course, she’s easily capable of providing information on what discounts are available and what is dress code for that day.


The skill is still being tested by the beta user. But based on the result of beta testing the acceptance of the app is 85%.

Based on the input from the beta testers we tweaked the flow of the app twice.

Technology We have Used

Alexa: Alexa Developer console (https://developer.amazon.com/)

Google Action: Dialogflow console (https://dialogflow.cloud.google.com)