Mater Tow - Alexa Skill and Google Action for Car Transport Company

Mater Tow - Alexa Skill and Google Action for Car Transport Company

Industry: Transportation
Customer Profile

The customer owns a moving and overhauling company. The client’s business offers services to transport the car from one location to another. They are big players in their business and they wanted to leverage the latest technology to make the process of booking transport efficiency and reduce possible manpower.

Customer Challenge

Ideally, the booking of transport was done manually by desk staff, and the user always needed to call the office to book transport. In this process, there might happen the operator is not on the desk and the company might lose a potential customer. The other hurdle they were facing was easy to reach them for their customer, not all the people who are shifting home or cargo knew they existed.


The majority of household in the USA has either an Alexa device or a Google Assistant device and by 2020 that number is set to increase. The devices are even to get smarter. Hence we decided to go with a voice app on Alexa and Google Assistant. The app was named Mater Tow. The client and our team at Third Rock Techkno worked out the entire flow for booking a transport based on the 500 different recorded calls for booking car transport. Our aim was to make the dialog between the user and the Alexa/Google Assistant as intuitive and easy as possible. Now when USA and want to transport your car from Newyork to sunshine California just say “Alexa open Mater Tow” and Mater our Alexa bot will get is done in seconds.


120% return on investment.

Number of lost booking due to no phone pickup dropped by 47%.

Saved $25,000 in customer service expenses in a single year.

Bookings through Alexa and Google assistant generate 30% more revenue.

Technology We have Used

Alexa: Alexa Developer console (

Google Action: Dialogflow console (