Daily Muslim App

Daily Muslim App

Industry: Utility
Mobile: IOS, Android
Customer Profile

Customer did an extensive study about how muslim people are using app in their daily life. Customer did 62 people response recorded and they come up with the below result.

Customer Challenge

This application idea came up while reviewing the sample data of the survey. Customer found that there are 4 types of main users who use the muslimp app.

1. Traditional people : who need a reminder for prayer time but not complicated applications.

2. Skeptical : People who don’t know how to use muslim app even they don’t pray everyday.

3. Ambitious : People who are really busy with their daily work like and it’s hard to find out any islamic practise in their daily routine.

4. Newbie : Those who converted to Isla and they don’t know how to practise ofen and correctly.


We start developing the app based on the application architecture suggest by the client.

Based on the user's try we define the feature we want in the app and most important that how it will be accessible to the end user. While designing this application we keep all type of the user in mind and based on that we come up with crystal clear UI / UX.


Daily prayer time based on the user's location.

Read while quran within the app with font change feature.

Zakh calculator to know how much a user should do a charity.

Duas of each occasion.

Set daily goals for reading quran, doing a prayer and performing duas.

Qibla compass.

Customized home screen.

In app purchase to access paid features.

Push notification for daily goals.

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