vaccin à domicile

vaccin à domicile

Industry: Medical
Customer Profile

A group of well-known doctors in Europe. This app provides various services from doctors like health checkups, a vaccine from the child, adult and corporate. It also complies with EU health insurance. With the use of the app, patients can book up to 100 types of vaccines.

Customer Challenge

Nowadays people are very scared to visit hospitals for their check and the main reason for this is, during their visit to the hospital they might get infected with other patients. Childers have less immunity power as compared to adults and that is the main reason where parents skip visiting a hospital for a child vaccine. To overcome this problem, a group of doctors has decided to have an app which can book vaccines for adults or children and nurses can visit children at their home and give a vaccine.


Third Rock Techkno and a doctor from the EU did an agreement to develop a mobile app that book vaccines and doctors visit. This app is designed for patients and doctors. Patients can use this app to book doctor visits and vaccination bookings. Using this mobile app patient keep their medical history. More than 100+ vaccines available. Patients can also book doctor visits from the app. All the payment is done via a secure payment gateway. This app is available in major cities in the EU. This app is recognized by many well-known doctors and many doctors joining this app. The EU health department has recognized this app and the app supports many vaccines available through the mobile application.


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Book vaccination

Medical history

App for doctor and patients

Doctor and patient get notified via push notification

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