Industry: Real Estate
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Customer Profile

RentalQ’s vision was simple: Create an app that simplifies and speeds up the rental application process. RentalQ is the first dedicated, free app on the rental market that helps people apply and get approved for a rental property quicker using our smart referencing technology. The application is a complete suite that helps the tenant as well as the property manager both.

Customer Challenge

RentalQ is the brainchild of Mr. Russell peter, who runs a property management agency by the name of Pure Rentals Pty. in Australia with more than 15 years of industry experience. The challenge with RentalQ was to translate our client’s requests and requirements into usable robust app features within a budget.


The system consisted of three parts viz. The tenant mobile application (iOS and Android), Agent’s dashboard (Web application) and backend to store data and create the business logic. In order to make sure of quick delivery and robustness, we choose to use IONIC for the mobile application, Angular 2 for the web application and Laravel for serverside language. Using IONIC and Angular gave us the benefit to utilize the same developer for both as IONIC is based on Angular. Due to this, we had ease in managing the team and the delivery speed improved.

IONIC being a hybrid framework allowed use the same code for the iOS and the Android application. Also, the decision to use Laravel in the backend paid off because as the project proceeded the needs of the client changed and complexity grew, Laravel made it easy for us to incorporate those demands as it had the majority of the functionality inbuilt.


We launched the first version of the app within two months of the start of the project and the user has been then onwards easily been able to submit rent application. The use of Angular and IONIC helped us to stay updated and allowed us to integrate all the latest functionality easily with being able to easily integrate the user demands.

Due to immense community support on the technologies used, we did not have any major blockers arising due to the technology or the supported 3rd party tools.

It has been a year and a half and we are still developing new features and enhancing the application. The application has put the client in a position where he has been innovating in different ways, for example, we are developing this new feature where our app will have integration with the smart locks and we would be able to allow our users to visit the houses at their time of convenience and inspect it and make a decision.

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