Industry: Packers and Movers
Website: Smoovr
Customer Profile

At Smoovr we're dedicated to making things easy for non-German speakers. It's not simple organizing moves in Germany, even if you speak great Deutsch, but we make sure all details are covered so there are no surprises on moving day.

Smoovr is based in Germany, Munich and we have one goal - to get you a Smooth Move. We know how much of a hassle it can be to find a moving company that you can trust with all your belongings for a fair price.

Customer Challenge

Smoovr is a startup and they are testing the concept on the level of acceptance by the users. The smoovr team wanted to create a quick solution for them to be able to make alterations easily and invest as little as possible as this was the MVP. Now, the problem in front of us was to choose a technological stack that will give the quickest turnaround time. Also, as the product is about being able to request a mover to shift the goods the forms needed to capture all the possible information needed for the system to fetch the best mover for the user. But as we all know the traditional forms are too detailed and tiring to fill. Hence we had to come up with a design that a user would like and willingly fill all the details required.


We did a bit of looking around to create the best mix of technology and design to deliver an intuitive product to the user. We choose Angular 8 as our frontend framework coupled with NodeJS in the backend and Google sheets to output the form data. We took the design inspiration from an online form builder TypeForm as they were doing the job excellently.


The final product that we churned out after a month’s effort was quickly adapted by our user with new users onboarding daily. The responsiveness and simplicity of the form made sure that the users were completing the moving request and were not leaving it midway. Also, the decision to use the google sheet made the job easier for the backend team to forward the inquiries to the movers easily. We have currently launched version 1 of the product and the client is closely observing it. We would very soon start work on the admin panel and bringing in a mechanism to eliminate the use of google sheets.

Technology We have Used
Web Apps
Error Tracking