Education Software Solutions Development

The education industry is witnessing a revolutionary shift in their field thanks to the emergence and prominence of e-Learning solutions. Staying ahead of the curve requires organizations to rethink education and open a new era of edtech with our education software solutions development. Whether you need an online learning platform or a simple e-learning solution, our team offers best-in-class services to overcome the challenges of education software solutions development.

As one of the leading education software development companies in India, we take pride in creating e-Learning solutions that change the course of teaching and learning for education institutions, startups, edtech content creators and students. Through our innate design knowledge and analytical experience, we are here to help you build next-generation education software leveraging the latest technologies for globally accessible, engaging and affordable learning.

e-Learning Solutions
e-Learning Solutions

Our e-Learning Solutions

  • 1. E-learning Application Development
  • 2. Learning Management System
  • 3. Gamified Education Software Solutions
  • 4. Mobile Learning Solutions
  • 5. Corporate Training Solutions
  • 6. School Management & Administration Software
  • 7. Assessment, Reporting & Analytics

Why Choose Us as Your Education Software Development Company

Tailor Made e-Learning Solutions

We design and develop e-Learning solutions for education institutions and other entities through a specialized tailor-made approach that best suits your business needs. Our highly-qualified education software development experts specialize in building customized, creative and highly-interactive e-learning solutions.

Why Choose Us as Your Education Software Development Company
Agile Development Approach

We employ the agile methodology to keep you in the loop. As one of the top-notch education software development companies, we adhere to the most efficient development best practices including code review, continuous integration, and seamless communication with the focus of delivering solutions that meet your business goals.

Competitive Rates

We strongly believe in delivering more and spending less without jeopardizing quality. When it comes to our education software solutions development we offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our personalized services meet the different budget needs of our clients from across the globe.

Transparent Work Approach

As one of the leading education software development companies, we ensure complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your needs. We use email, phone, Skype, Slack, and other mediums for regular communication with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Our designers, developers, quality analysts, area specialists, and project managers – all strive for customer satisfaction. We are fully equipped to take care of your custom CRM software development and build it without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Question About E-Learning Solutions

How big is the Edtech industry?

Edtech combines the power of technology and educational practices for effective learning and exceptional teaching experience. The edtech market size is expected to reach nearly USD 380 billion by 2028. Edtech trends that are gaining a strong foothold in the market include e-learning software, content management systems and mobile learning apps.

Is it worth investing in education software development?

The course of education and learning has changed drastically over the last few years. Learning is no longer limited to 4 walls of a classroom but can be easily accessed from anywhere. When you work with us for education software solutions development, we will ensure building an interactive, engaging and stand-out app that immediately connects with educators & students.

What technologies are used in developing e-Learning solutions?

We focus on technologies that allow for building reliable and secure web & fintech products thereby ensuring that everything has a higher performance and uptime. The technologies we leverage for e-learning solutions are Java, .Net, NodeJs, JavaScript, IOS and Android.

Project Management Process

Agility is the heart and soul of the software development life cycle at Third Rock Techkno. We follow a goal-driven approach with well-defined design, development, and communication processes to facilitate shared understanding amongst all stakeholders.

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How We Communicate

We recognize the power of specialization and thus, we only ask the experts to reach out to you regarding their respective tasks. To ensure you stay in the loop throughout the software development life cycle, all our teams will regularly communicate with you.

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Post Delivery Support

We understand that even the best-developed software may require handover support, post-delivery maintenance, and modifications as per the evolving trends, Our association with the clients doesn't end with the successful delivery of the software application.

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