Healthcare Mobile App Development

The demand for healthcare apps has risen significantly in the last decade or so. To think about building mobile apps that not only change the healthcare ecosystem but also improve medical care and address the inefficiencies of the dated healthcare systems. From appointment scheduling apps to medication reminders our healthcare app developers devise advanced digital solutions with a desire to increase patient convenience & reduce the overall costs in healthcare.

We are the healthcare app development company that brings on board a passion to build unique solutions with strong mobile UX expertise and rich healthcare domain knowledge to make a radical shift in your healthcare strategy. Our commitment to deliver world-class healthcare software services starts with prioritizing data security for which we adhere to HIPPA Compliance Checklists in order to protect medical records and patients’ data at all times.

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

  • 1. Remote Patient Monitoring
  • 2. Telehealth/telemedicine Apps
  • 3. Appointment Management Apps
  • 4. Clinical Assistance Apps With Emr/ehr Access.
  • 5. Iot Medical Apps
  • 6. Billing & Inventory Management Apps.
  • 7. Health Insurance Software
  • 8. Medical Staff On-demand Apps

Why Choose Us As Your Healthcare App Development Company

Experienced Healthcare App Developers

Our highly-qualified healthcare app developers specialize in personalizing unique features that let you build a customized all-in-one healthcare app. Regardless of whether those apps are for medical professionals, healthcare providers, or completely patient-centric.

Agile Development Approach

We employ the agile methodology to keep you in the loop. Throughout the process of your healthcare app development, we ensure seamless communication is carried out between all stakeholders with the focus of delivering solutions that meet your business goals.

Security-First Mindset

When building digital healthcare solutions, all our focus is on delivering solutions that are compliant and secure. We possess a deep understanding of HIPPA, GDPR, and FDA Acts to ensure patient security at all times.

Transparent Work Approach

We as a leading healthcare app development company ensure complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your needs. We use email, phone, Skype, Slack, and other mediums for regular communication with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Our designers, healthcare app developers, quality analysts, and project managers – all strive for customer satisfaction. We are 100% equipped to take care of your healthcare mobile app development projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Mobile App Development

Does every medical app need to be HIPAA compliant?

In the US, the law states that all those healthcare applications possessing and sharing PHI (protected health information) like patient’s data, access controls, audit controls, etc. with a Covered Entity (doctor’s offices, insurance companies, etc) need to comply with a set of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

How is healthcare app development beneficial for healthcare organizations?

There are plenty of reasons as to why healthcare apps simplify the lives of patients as well as healthcare professionals. It provides real-time patient accessibility alerting doctors in case of abnormal vitals thereby accelerating response time and making healthcare faster to access. It streamlines communication and coordination between patients and professionals which also makes it easier to schedule follow-ups.

What will be the cost and timelines for healthcare mobile app development?

The costs and timelines of your healthcare app will completely be based on the features and application functionality you wish to integrate. We offer the most cost-effective and competitive pricing to our clients across the globe.

What core functionality shall we include in our healthcare app?

A few must-have features include symptoms and vital tracking, medication prescriptions planning, in-app messaging, in-app payment gateway, and consultation for offline appointment scheduling.

Project Management Process

Agility is the heart and soul of the software development life cycle at Third Rock Techkno. We follow a goal-driven approach with well-defined design, development, and communication processes to facilitate shared understanding amongst all stakeholders.

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How We Communicate

We recognize the power of specialization and thus, we only ask the experts to reach out to you regarding their respective tasks. To ensure you stay in the loop throughout the software development life cycle, all our teams will regularly communicate with you.

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Post Delivery Support

We understand that even the best-developed software may require handover support, post-delivery maintenance, and modifications as per the evolving trends, Our association with the clients doesn't end with the successful delivery of the software application.

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