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Angular Development
Angular Development

Starting from ecommerce to healthcare - our extensive Angular development services can bring out the best through our enterprise-grade web development approach. If you are looking for an Angular development company with highly skilled professionals and cost-friendly packages, then our diverse industry-grade Angular development services should be your pick.

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NodeJS Development
Node Js Development

Node Js Development is a fast-growing framework to develop feature-rich backend solutions. This framework is useful in providing high-speed data, improved data exchange, and retrieval performance. Third Rock Techkno’s team of developers possess the knowledge of the latest Node Js Development skills to execute your idea and vision.

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React Native Development
React Native Development

React Native is a prominent open-source project of Facebook. It is ideal for developing mobile apps by using the popular and fast-growing React library. React Native development has transformed the mobile app development with higher speed and performance.

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Android Development
Android Development

More than 75% of smartphone devices run on Android. Therefore Android apps have great scope. Android devices exist in all variants, right from low-end to high-end devices. Our Android development team has the ability to develop simple to very complex Android apps.

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iOS Development
iOS Development

iPhone devices have become extremely popular in the smartphone market. The iPhone user base is so massive that it is necessary for businesses to develop apps optimized for iPhone devices. Our iOS development team specializes in developing complex iPhone apps to deliver an optimal user experience.

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React Development
React Development

React JS is a popular and powerful JavaScript Framework. React JS has unmatched flexibility and excellent features. Our team of React JS development is highly skilled in this framework ideal for developing complex mobile and web solutions.

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Alexa Voice Assistant
Alexa Voice Assistant

Voice commands and reminders are becoming the norm. From reminders about birthdays to commanding the voice assistant to play your favorite track, the Voice Assistant does it all. Alexa - the digital voice assistant by Amazon was launched in 2014. According to the latest Alexa statistics of 2019, over 100 million devices compatible with Alexa have been sold. Alexa is available on 60,000 devices. Amazon Alexa has 90,000 skills. Our team’s expertise in developing voice-based technology can create skills such as face recognition, home and office automation, leave management systems and more. In addition, we offer full support in testing and deployment.

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Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Google Assistant was launched in 2016. Google Assistant made it very simple to create reminders, integrating flight dates and timings, finding hotels etc. with its voice features. Google assistant’s voice feature is compatible with smart speakers. Globally, the number of installation smart speakers is expected to reach 200 million by the end of 2019. In the USA, the smart speaker installation rate went from 60.2 million in 2018 to 87.8 million in 2019. In China, the growth was from 22.5 million in 2018 to 59.9 million in 2019. We endeavor to be in sync with emerging and trending technologies. Although Google Assistant is a recently developed technology, our team is well versed in the same. We can build google assistant actions like facial recognition, business applications, and home automation among others.

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Project Management Process

Agility is the heart and soul of the software development life cycle at Third Rock Techkno. We follow a goal-driven approach with well-defined design, development, and communication processes to facilitate shared understanding amongst all stakeholders.

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How We Communicate

We recognize the power of specialization and thus, we only ask the experts to reach out to you regarding their respective tasks. To ensure you stay in the loop throughout the software development life cycle, all our teams will regularly communicate with you.

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Post Delivery Support

We understand that even the best-developed software may require handover support, post-delivery maintenance, and modifications as per the evolving trends, Our association with the clients doesn't end with the successful delivery of the software application.

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Third Rock Techkno takes pride in a diverse clientele. Our smart technology has helped over 50 clients from various industries achieve their goals.

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Our services have helped upgrade performance and boost productivity in a number of industries. Our technology is smart and adaptable in a variety of business contexts.

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Our services have helped upgrade performance and boost productivity in a number of industries. Our technology is smart and adaptable in a variety of business contexts.


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