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What’s your type?

business development


A tech-savvy person whose creativity can reach anyone’s smart device.

Business development career

Business Development

You’re a seasoned connection builder who can anticipate trends before they occur.

Human resources career

Human Resource

A gold miner, sharp, and outbox thinker who can bring the right talent to build the right team.

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Why join Third Rock Techkno?

We are a group of people who adopt new tech before anyone can think of it. We believe in staying at the front line when it comes to tech adoption or any process, making project execution smoother.

We believe in an open floor where anyone can ask anyone for help!

We continuously motivate our team to have advanced certification courses, so they are always one step ahead.

We believe in Health first, family second and work third.

So ready to stay in our kingdom?

Perks and work life balance

Work matters, place not!

We want you to provide your best productivity no matter where you work! We like it if you like to crack jokes with your colleagues, spend your time with family and kids while working, stay in the mountains, or stay on the beach while you work.

We care for you!

We never wish you ever needed to visit the hospital, but if you had to, don't worry about bills. It's on us! Happy you, happy we!


Enjoy your life along with work. Never overshadow your work over your personal life. After all, we are humans. We understand. We care. That’s why we call to stay Chill, stay Relax.


We want you to take a regular break from your work. Take a mental health break. Enjoy the parenting break when your DNA arrives! Enjoy life events with your loved ones.


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