Hire Alexa Skill Developer

Hire Alexa Skill developer to create a voice enable products at a competitive rate with options and standards like

Hire Alexa Skill Developer

What Will Drive Value Addition?

Minimum cost for high ROI

Excellent quality standards

Agile & lean development approach

Design that user will love

Measurable work insight

Test driven development

Focus on high value activities

Active support even post launch

Why Choose Developer From Thirdrock Techkno?

  • 1. Dedicated Resource on demand
  • 2. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • 3. Direct communication with developers
  • 4. Uninterrupted support with no extra cost

How To Hire A Developer From Third Rock Techkno?

We follow a very simple hiring process

  • First, you share your technical requirements with us.
  • Then, based on your requirements, our business team will share the resumes of suitable candidates with you.
  • Next, your technical team shortlist the candidates and interviews them.
  • The candidate clears the interview and immediately that angular developer is added to your team.
  • The successful candidate starts working on your project immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Alexa Skills for my business?

Alexa skills are being increasingly used in mobile app development because of how useful it is in keeping the users engaged. It provides your business with an opportunity to connect with your customers in a more personalized way.

Will I get a dedicated Alexa Skills developer for my project in my local timezone?

Yes. You can hire dedicated Alexa Skills developers from Third Rock Techkno who will work for at least 8 hours a day in your local time zone.

What are some best Alexa Skills in 2020?

Alexa Skills has been used by both startups and enterprise apps globally. Examples of top Alexa Skills in 2020 include FindMyPhone, CureFit, Valossa Movie Finder etc..

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Alexa Skills developer?

The cost of hiring dedicated Alexa Skills developers depends on the scale and required functionalities of your application. We offer flexible engagement models that will maximize your ROI. Contact Us to discuss your Alexa Skills project requirements and get free cost estimates.

Why should I hire Alexa Skills developers from Third Rock Techkno?

Advantages of hiring Alexa Skills developers from Third Rock Techkno include:
High ROI with minimum cost
Excellent quality standards
Agile and lean development approach
Active post development support
Direct communication with dedicated Alexa Skills developers

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