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Our Test Automation Services

Test Automation Consultation

We offer a complete test automation solution that fits your product requirements to offer you with bug-free high quality software. Starting from setting up a test automation strategy to CI/CD pipeline implementation - we automate the entire process to ensure market-leading software quality.

Test Automation Services
Environment and Configuration Set Up

Our easy-to-implement test environment variables and configuration setup lets you leverage the most suitable testing method for your software to reach your product and relevant business goals.

Test Data Generation

Third Rock Techkno offers a market-driven test data generation solution that includes collecting and analyzing large data sets from multiple sources to implement crucial test cases and ensure the optimum functionality of your products.

The Prime Highlights of Our Test Automation Services

All-in-One Test Automation Planning and Execution

Choose from our diverse range of test automation planning and execution solutions that focus on the most important KPIs and offer a fully managed process starting from test environment configuration to test cases implementation. Our services, links, and environments specific test automation planning and execution helps implement optimum QA through the relevant testing mechanisms.

Application-Specific Testing Services

Unleash the power of application-specific testing services curated to meet the key end goals of your product. Our broad range of application-specific testing services include

  • Mobile application testing
  • Web application testing
  • SaaS testing
  • Desktop application testing
  • Cloud application testing
  • Data warehouse testing
  • And many more.

Diverse Crucial Testing Solutions

Our test automation solutions are not just limited to automating the software quality checking but comes with a range of software testing solutions that are focused on software functionality, performance, unit interactions, risk mitigation, and many more.

Why Choose Us Software Testing
Why Choose Us Software Testing

Why Choose Us For Your Software Testing

  • 1. Industry experts with in-depth 10+ years of testing knowledge
  • 2. Professionals with real-time automated testing experience in diverse testing mechanisms
  • 3. Market-driven approach in every stage of automated testing - planning to evaluation
  • 4. Dedicated solutions to reduce the QA and evaluation time and optimize resourcess
  • 5. Strict adherence to the automated testing rules and protocol
  • 6. Fully managed automated testing solution to assess and enhance compatibility and integrations

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