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Third Rock Techkno is a name to reckon with when it comes to ReactJS development. Since its launch back in 2013, ReactJS continues to be a user-friendly, developer favorite and industry preferred platform for web development. An open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-based library, ReactJS development allows developers to build responsive web and single-page applications that fulfill the unique requirements of businesses across the globe.

We are a leading ReactJS development company in India with a passion and vision to scale your business with the best-in-class app development services. Whether it is developing feature-rich mobile apps, ecommerce apps, or enterprise apps, our team of seasoned developers employ their strong UI/UX design knowledge to build highly interactive, result-driven user interfaces to streamline your business. Are you ready to build next-gen web apps using our ReactJS web development services? If yes, then hire ReactJS developers in India and witness the best performance and robust solutions to value your investment.

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Experienced Developers

Our highly-qualified Reactjs development experts specialize in building customized, creative, and highly-interactive web and mobile applications. Whether you are a startup or an SME, our experts will get the job done.

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We employ the agile methodology to keep you in the loop. We adhere to the most efficient development best practices including code review, continuous integration, and seamless communication with the focus of delivering solutions that meet your business goals.

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As a top-notch React development company in India, we provide complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your needs. We use email, phone, Skype, Slack, and other mediums for regular communication with our clients.

Competitive Rates

We strongly believe in delivering more and spending less without jeopardizing quality. When it comes to our React JS development services we offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our personalized services meet the different budget needs of our clients from across the globe.

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Our UI/UX designers, Reactjs web developers, quality analysts, and project managers – all strive for customer satisfaction. We deliver react js web development services that align with our clients’ needs.

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Our WORK speaks louder than our WORD. Find out how we helped clients overcome challenges and succeed.


Very good communication at all stages. Always prompt to reply. Excellent quality of work. The team at Third Rock Techkno was communicative, responsive, and accommodating as they produced high-quality work.

Jonathan Wood, Smoovr


It was a pleasure working with the TRT team. Prior to contracting this group, I had a system created that was absolutely terrible and poorly developed. I also worked with a few freelancers that couldnt cut it either. TRT was actually able to execute on our concept and have built a truly solid system for our company.

Karl Pierre, Ontime

Benefits Of ReactJS Development

Open Source

The open-source feature of ReactJS is beneficial for developers. Firstly, developers have full and free access. Secondly, the ReactJS library is constantly evolving and improving with inputs from developers all over the world. Thus ReactJS comprises the latest technological developments.

Stable Code

ReactJS allows systematic data binding. This ensures that any modifications in the child structures do not affect the parent structures. This feature simplifies the developer’s job, saving time and costs.

No Dependencies

ReactJS has a set of tools that make developers’ work quick and efficient including visualizing and debugging, editing states and properties.

Ability to Reuse Code

Developers need not develop a brand new code every time. ReactJS allows developers to reuse various code components at any given time.

Virtual DOM

An upgrade from the more time-consuming traditional DOM, Virtual DOM in ReactJS makes for a smooth UX and speeds up the developer’s work so that you can complete projects well in time.

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30 Aug 2021 | 9 Min Read
Outsourcing ReactJS Development Services - Learn How To Do It Right

Since its inception, ReactJS development has been on an exponential rise as it has multiple benefits. Be it developing exquisite mobile applications or websites, ReactJs has all the ingredients to provide great results. This is why in a survey done by Stack Overflow, 68.9% of the developers [https://www.thinslices.com/blog/infographic-react.js-statistics] wanted to work on React. Moreover, one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of ReactJS is its open-source nature. It is an open-source JavaScript library that is known for handling front-end development is perhaps the best manner. And it is no hidden fact how important a good front-end development is for the popularity of a website or app. Since ReactJs is open-source, it is easier for businesses to find outsourcing ReactJS development services. This process is not only pocket-friendly but also gives businesses access to better talents for the development process. But it is also important for business organizations to do the outsourcing process in the right way. Thus, in this blog, we will learn methods to do outsourcing ReactJS development services in an optimal manner. We’ll also see the perks of the open-source JavaScript library and why businesses should outsource the ReactJs development work. So without further ado, let us set the ball rolling! Why Use React Js? There is no doubt about the fact that the demand for ReactJS development has been enormous. In fact, it emerged as the most sought-after development language [https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2020#technology-most-loved-dreaded-and-wanted-web-frameworks-wanted2] in a Stack Overflow survey of 2020. So, a question might arise in your mind, what makes ReactJS development a good choice? This is because it has tons of advantages with reusable components, JSX, Virtual DOM, etc. Let us study them in detail. [https://bit.ly/3yLORI9]Reusable system components React.js has a high ability to reuse system components and make the process of installing updates easier for the developers. Moreover, this feature also helps in testing, coding, and maintenance of the app or the website. Also with reusable components, the change to one doesn’t affect the rest. JavaScript extension (JSX) Although JSX is an optional extension to JavaScript, it has many more benefits. With JSX, it is easier for the developers to render HTML mockups to ReactElement trees easily. In addition, JSX allows them to create their own components and hold large tree components with typos. Virtual DOM The Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) allows the developers to apply changes on the go. This also ensures that the performance of a website or mobile app is nothing short of being seamless and stellar. Moreover, Virtual DOM is one of the prime reasons why outsourcing ReactJS development services become beneficial for businesses. With Virtual DOM, the changes that developers apply helps the apps in rendering a better user experience. Declarative language ReactJS has the ability to simplify the data changes that help in automatic modification in specific UI parts. Thus, because of this advanced functionality, it is easier to update the UI. The developers don’t require any additional functions to perform this process. SEO-friendly No matter how good your mobile app or website is, if it is not visible, it will die a premature death. React.JS, unlike other JavaScript languages, has server-side rendering which allows the search engine bots to read the app. The bots can read the app as a regular HTML-webpage which makes even the JavaScript-heavy apps SEO friendly. Also Read: 10 Reasons To Use ReactJS For Enterprise App Development [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/] Bigger developer community What will happen if the developers face difficulties during the app development process? If this question sounds similar, then you are in the same boat as other businesses as well. While outsourcing ReactJS development services, business organizations are always concerned about the difficulties the developers might face. But ReactJS being open source has a large developers’ community. Due to this, the developers will always have a helping hand in the face of adversities. Thus, it will ensure a smooth website or mobile application development process as well. React Developer Tools The open-source language has a very helpful toolset known as React Developer tools. It is nothing but a browser extension that helps the developers in inspecting components and finding parent and child elements. In addition, the tools help the developers to create bug-free applications as well. Easy learning curve Along with having a bigger developers’ community, ReactJS is easy to learn as well. Thus, the developers are not required to make bigger adjustments in order to feel at home with the language.  Moreover, ReactJS closely resembles HTML and JS and has fewer concepts as compared to other languages. Flexible and fast This quality is one of the prime reasons why market leaders across the globe are fond of ReactJS development services. The JavaScript language is designed to be fast. Moreover, it has additional performance enhancements as well which are done in mission-critical areas. This allows React to respond swiftly to a large number of user interactions. Stable code Much thought is put in while designing the codebase of the ReactJS. The codes are backward compatible and there are tools for developers to help them with migration. First choice of the market leaders Successful enterprises such as Facebook, DropBox, Netflix, etc. are using ReactJS. Thus, it is a sure-fire way to understand the competitive nature of ReactJS and what wonders it can do for your business as well. ReactJS is the real deal and thus it is beneficial to outsource the ReactJS development services. Also Read: Why to Choose ReactJS For Your Next Project: Features and Benefits [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/why-choose-reactjs-for-your-next-project-features-and-benefits/] Business benefits of outsourcing ReactJS development services There is a myriad of business benefits of ReactJS development. For your benefit, we have listed some of them below: Cost-effective Over the past 18 months or so, we have seen the dreaded effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the world. It has forced us to bring paradigm shifts to our lifestyles and the story of businesses is no different.  Business organizations looking for competent work should outsource ReactJS development service as it is cost-effective. When you outsource, as a business organization, you don’t need to hire employees, invest in talent management, train them, etc. Thus, in comparison to having an in-house team, outsourcing ReactJS development service is more pocket-friendly. Wider talent pool In comparison to a limited in-house team, the business organization will have access to a wider talent pool. Moreover, if you hire a leading offshore ReactJS development company (SEO sir, please add a service page link here if you find it apt) you get assured access to ReactJS experts as well. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be dependent on local React developers. Outsourcing ReactJS development services will give you access to the best developers in the world. Moreover, the experts in the team will provide their broader perspective which will enhance the performance of the product. They’ll bring out-of-the-box solutions to your problems and ensure a hassle-free development process. Lesser time to market With their high level of market and technical expertise, an outsourcing ReactJS development company will understand your requirements easily. Moreover, with an outsourcing team, the app development work can go around the clock unlike an in-house development team. Thus, businesses should opt to hire dedicated React.JS developers who are experienced in all kinds of industry domains. Less paperwork and tax saving When you opt for outsourcing your ReactJS development services, you don’t have to worry about things like: * Salaries of the employees * Employee contract * Financial management * Taxes Thus, as everything will be taken care of by the offshore development partner, you don’t have to indulge in tedious paperwork. Moreover, as far as taxes are concerned, we know that overhead expenses in some countries are too high. But by outsourcing the ReactJS development service project to a remote organization, you will save tons on taxes. Since you don’t have an in-house team, there will be no employee overhead tax expenses. [https://bit.ly/3yLORI9]Focusing on core business activities Now as you have outsourced your business project to a remote organization, you are free from the ‘employee hiring’ troubles. This will give you as a business owner time to think about the core objectives. You can now concentrate on other aspects such as marketing, making better business strategies, analyzing data, etc. By having a reliable ReactJS development partner, you will get a ‘prominent way to success’. In addition, as you can focus on the core activities, you will have more chances to expand your business. Also Read: Hiring A ReactJS Developer? Consider These Things First [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/hiring-a-reactjs-developer-consider-these-things-first/] How To Choose the Right Reactjs Company for Outsourcing Reactjs Development Services? After going through the advantages of ReactJS, it is time to understand how to find the right ReactJS development company. The company that you choose for outsourcing ReactJS development services should fulfill the below-mentioned criteria. Let us begin! Overall work experience Ask the company everything related to their work experience and what kind of apps they have developed. This will give you a clear whether the company is capable of developing the kind of app you desire. Moreover, in general, you can ask them about some of the top works they have done. This will help you judge the pedigree of the company and whether they have the legs to go the distance. Client testimonials Go through the website and search for client testimonials about their previous work. The feedback from clients is a clear indication of the work ethic of a company. While outsourcing the ReactJS development services it is important for the businesses to ask the right questions as well. Thus, do your homework thoroughly by going through the client testimonials and have a clear indication about their work. LinkedIn recommendations If you wish to have a real, unfiltered look at the performance of a company, go to their LinkedIn page. Unlike the client testimonials section, on the LinkedIn page, you will be able to see negative comments as well. This will give you balanced information about the reality of the company which is not usually seen on a company website. Check independent reviews To go a step further, do not shy away from checking independent reviews about the work of the company. You can find such kinds of reviews on Trustpilot or Google reviews. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned before selecting the company for outsourcing ReactJS development services. Now along with knowing the credibility of the company, it is important to judge how good its developers are. Because at the end of the day, it is the skills of the developers that will render you the best results. Below is the list of skills a competent ReactJS developer must-have. Efficiency in pure JavaScript JavaScript without an ounce of doubt in the basics every developer should know. Moreover, since ReactJS is a JavaScript language, it is inevitable for the developers to be fluent in its basic form. Thus, make sure that the ReactJS developer has a good understanding of JavaScript. Understanding of architectural pattern A developer with an all-around ability to understand various architectural patterns will be a handy add-on. Along with having knowledge about React, JavaScript, the developer should understand the architectural patterns to render a complete ReactJS development service. Knowledge about other technologies While outsourcing ReactJS development services, understand if the developer has knowledge about other technologies as well. Knowledge about technologies such as Vue, Angular will allow the developers to work even more competently with ReactJS. Sound understanding of Testing Well, no app or web development service is completed without testing. Thus, if the ReactJS developer has a sound understanding of testing, it will reflect in their work as well. They will never rush or overlook the testing phase of the mobile app or web development. Thus, as a business organization, you could be rest assured about the quality of the product developed. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire ReactJS Developers [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/hire-reactjs-developer/] '. Conclusion ReactJS has clear documentation, great support, and reusability capabilities. Because of such emphatic qualities, it is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for app and website development. The potential of ReactJS is limitless but there are also high chances of getting lost in the plethora of options. Thus, the perfect way to leverage the benefits of the framework is to outsource the ReactJS development services. Businesses must look for companies with a proven track record of successful projects for it. In addition, it is essential for them to ask the right questions to their offshore ReactJS development partners. Looking For Expert Guidance on Your Dream Project? Our diverse team of industry leading veterans can help you build the most viable solution. Schedule a free consultation call [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/contact-us/] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! [https://www.linkedin.com/in/krunalhshah/]

29 Jul 2021 | 9 Min Read
Where Should You Use React for Web Development?

If you landed on this blog post, you definitely would want to use React.js for web development projects. However, the question is – is React a good choice for your next project? Now, that is an extremely important question. And if your mind is baffled with so many technologies around the corner, it's completely fine. Because, the truth is, there ARE a plethora of web development frameworks vying for your attention. Hence, it depends on you, the developer or an organization, to dig deep into the research. What’s even important is hiring the right development company. [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/hire-reactjs-developer/] The ball is in our court now, Third Rock Techkno; to convince you why should, you choose React.js for web development. And we would like to start with a simple statistic. Right now, over 92,00,000 websites on the web that use React.js for their development. Taking Inspirations from React Usage Cases An interesting thing, the most popular site – Netflix, is your biggest proof of the ease and interactivity React.js brings [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/services/web-development/reactjs-development/] . In 2015, Netflix brought a major transformation by using React for their front-end and re-evaluated their UI completely. And in their official post [https://netflixtechblog.com/netflix-likes-react-509675426db], they listed three main reasons for choosing React – high performance, modularity, and loading speed. Additionally, it’s a single-page application (SPA). That is a huge plus point if you want to choose to React for web app development. This brings us to our next segment. Choosing the right programming framework is as important as selecting it for a specific project. Which Specific Projects Need React.js? React has an extensive JavaScript library for building user interfaces. However, not every project requires or should use React. React is a very powerful tool when used in conjunction with flux architecture and Mobx for state management. Writing a front-end web app in JavaScript [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/top-front-end-javascript-frameworks-to-use-in-2021] would be the correct choice if the application is fairly simple. React.js for web development would be a great choice if your project has many elements that require different, often-changing states. These could be expanding/collapsing navigation items, open/close accordions, interactive elements like inputs and links, login, and access, and so on. If your project uses React for the user interface, you can save time by hiring a React.js web developer [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/hire-reactjs-developer/] to automate and simplify. It’s designed to help you build interfaces that are as predictable and reliable as the code that creates them. It allows you to define users of your app and structure it in a way that is easy to reason about. The result is an interface that can change the state at any given time based on all the various inputs.  It adapts to all the changes occurring in the system—without you having to write too much code. Hence, some of the most prominent sectors where you can use React.js for web development are: * E-learning websites * Blogs * Promotional websites * Job boards and forums * Media sharing platforms and galleries * Portfolios and Business Directories * Rating Websites, Auction sites, and Coupon sites Hiring A Reactjs Developer? Consider These Things First Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/hiring-a-reactjs-developer-consider-these-things-first/] The Things We Love About React for Web App Development The key value of React is the ease with which it enables a developer to build applications and deploy them to every platform. React is extremely fast and lightweight and because it uses a true component-oriented architecture, something we also care about. React Native Comes as a Bonus Using the React library also lands you an added bonus. With React.js, you can easily create mobile apps with React Native [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/services/mobile-development/react-native-development/] too. They both have a few differences. However, by compiling the JavaScript to native code, you can develop mobile apps that feel platform-intensive. Server-side Rendering Server-side Rendering means that your site will render client-side on all devices. It helps in extending their functionality and improving their performance across browser platforms. It creates the markup that is ready to render in a browser immediately after being sent to the server. It does not require any additional client-side processing or page rendering. This is important for speed and SEO. Extensive Components React is a library that allows you to build user interfaces by composing different kinds of widgets. Each of them, designed to perform a particular task. It provides functions that you can use to define the appearance and behavior of these widgets. This is the biggest reason why so many popular sites like Airbnb and Instagram use ReactJS for web development [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/top-10-famous-websites-built-with-react-js-in-2021] . You can change the appearance of individual components in your app by using these functions. This will help you create a complex app in a short span of time. React for web development embraces stateless, declarative, and efficient user interfaces. This means that developers are free to work on the same project without conflicts. Virtual DOM When you’re developing a new form, it’s crucial to consider performance. You might be surprised how much DOM manipulation can affect the response time of a web application. Updating the DOM can be one of the main performance bottlenecks for web applications. React solves this problem by rendering the view as close to real-time as possible as one of its best features for choosing React for your next project [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/why-choose-reactjs-for-your-next-project-features-and-benefits] . Changes are diffed against the virtual DOM and then applied to the DOM. React only uses a small amount of memory and makes changes quickly while allowing the user to interact with the site without delay. Flux and Redux Let's talk about the architecture of flux architecture used in React.js for web app development. You can begin with the idea of unidirectional data flow. This means that if you have an array of items in your store, they are going to be updated depending on what happened in the dispatcher. Then you have a series of actions orchestrated by a central dispatcher. You can use these actions to update a set of stores. Then you go to the views and update them based on what happened in those stores. Dynamic Web Pages With the help of interactive elements and dynamic content, libraries can become more engaging and useful to the user. However, having a dynamic and interactive site is not as simple as implementing HTML and JS. Creating such a solution requires cutting-edge technology like ReactJS. The redrawing operation must be optimized for performance in order to maintain an engaging user experience. React doesn’t need to redraw from the scratch, it only draws the changed nodes. Consequently, the users get an immediate reaction to any manipulation. We hope we convinced you to choose React.js for a web development project. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and technicalities about the projects where you can use React.js. Why Choose Reactjs For Your Next Project: Features and Benefits Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/why-choose-reactjs-for-your-next-project-features-and-benefits/] The Best Projects Using React.js for Web App Development React’s ability to use the same code for both server-side and client-side is an extremely resource-intensive process. In cases like facing bad internet connection, React allows to exceed the normal UX speed curve of 2 seconds! Social Platforms Long-term maintenance is the biggest concern while developing a social platform. That’s why Facebook switched to a SPA after starting out as a dynamic website. Using server-side content injection can help respond to every user request. We developed a similar app for social clubbing called Maxwell [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/portfolio/maxwell/]. The app became integral in connecting private clubs with people and created its own brand. However, a static SPA (single page application) will only refresh the elements that have been changed. This process saves additional resources on the client browser, improving application performance. Server-side rendering boosts SEO and sharing A simple SPA renders on the client-side before the entire page loads. After rendering the JS code from the server, the client-side script renders the content of the page. When a user requests a preview, it doesn’t accept the JS code and generates a plain page preview. Websites can't load all the way if your SPA doesn't change. So, if you have a site that loads the same page over and over again, only the part of the page that changes when a user clicks a link will be loaded. Saving additional HTTP requests will improve application performance with React for web app development. Web sockets enhance the real-time processing A web app needs real-time notifications to be successful. The most effective is with Socket.io and React. Socket.io enables developers to create real-time applications that can communicate with each other in near-real-time. The server will be able to receive real-time data from the client over the same connection. One of the key features of this connection is to be able to broadcast data in real-time. This means there will always be a socket for each client. It will allow data to be passed back and forth between them and the server. Dashboards Without a doubt, dashboards and data visualization tools are ideal use-cases for React. They are essential for a user to be able to understand the data, and they often serve as a tool for BI and machine learning. However, many developers prefer to use some third-party tools. For a React-based dashboard, Ant. design and Airframe React are excellent tools. Reusable Components With React, you have the freedom to build reusable, cross-platform user interface components that can be used anywhere. This means you don't need to build these components from scratch every time. The ideas of modularity and reusability are the guiding principles. Quick UI Updates A dashboard or a data visualization screen should be constantly updated and updated to support the latest numbers. React for web development has a real-time update feature that allows you to render components as needed and ensure an immediate update of the UI. The Virtual DOM takes care of optimizing this process and ensures that your app will always be up-to-date. E-commerce Stores You can easily integrate React for UI in your eCommerce application. Adopting this design pattern allows you to build reusable components. React helps you incorporate its “Atomic Design" to create a solid foundation for all of your other elements. The principle works on assigning specific independence to each component. Easy Maintenance with Reusable Components Maintaining an e-commerce or retail store is easier with React for web app development. It allows the developer to build a component once and reuse it in the app numerous times. You don't have to write the code again, and reusability also saves money and time. This also helps in reducing the duplicate codes, resulting in longer maintenance. Higher Performance with State Management When building an e-commerce site with React.js, you need to make sure that the application is able to handle various actions. These actions include "what items are available?, "what items a user has on his wish list?" and "when a user adds a cart item." In order to handle those actions, you need to manage your application's state that allows you to keep track of data. How to Hire a ReactJS Developer and How Much They Cost? Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/how-to-hire-a-reactjs-developer-and-how-much-they-cost/] Cross-Platform Mobile Apps You've decided to use React for your project. After all, you've got the same code that you used on the web, and it already works great. But now you can easily make a mobile app using React Native [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/why-choose-reactjs-for-your-next-project-features-and-benefits] . The same code doesn't work on both platforms, but the same developer who wrote the code used for the web can write it again for the app platform. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire ReactJS Developers [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/hire-reactjs-developer/] '. Why Third Rock Techkno Should be your Preferred Choice for React Web Development? If you’re still not sure whether React is the right fit for your project, we’re happy to guide you. We can sit down and take you through the process of creating a requirements document and planning out the best solution for you. We’ve worked with React in projects ranging from single-page sites to large-scale CMS solutions. Hence, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. If you are more inclined towards developing a mobile app instead of a web app, we can sort it out for you. You can hire web developers for React.js [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/] and mobile app developers for React Native [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-mobile-app-developers/] from Third Rock Techkno. Let’s start a new project today! Build Your Dream Project With The Best in Class Team We specialise in developing software solutions that maximize ROI without compromising on the quality. Schedule a free consultation call [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/contact-us/] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! [https://www.linkedin.com/in/krunalhshah/]

23 Jun 2021 | 9 Min Read
10 Reasons To Use ReactJS For Enterprise App Development

Ever since its inception, the proliferation of ReactJS in the app development realm has been immense. And one of the main reasons behind its popularity is the versatility of the framework. ReactJS development is used to create efficient and potent content on the go for both web and mobile app development. ReactJS is preferred by enterprise owners as it is open-source and helps in building interactive UI for web, mobile apps. This is the reason why ReactJS development is one the most used framework [https://www.statista.com/statistics/1124699/worldwide-developer-survey-most-used-frameworks-web/] by web developers. In the modern-day business world, it has become almost inevitable to develop an enterprise app to increase overall productivity. Here ReactJS for enterprise application development comes to the rescue as it allows developers to tweak the source codes. A little modification in the source code helps in developing better-fit apps related to the project requirements. As far as scripting and markup languages are concerned, JavaScript is the most preferred one [https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2020#most-popular-technologies]. ReactJS along with being open source uses JavaScript for enterprise app development. Thus, it gives the framework an edge over its peers and results in better app development. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 reasons why ReactJS for Enterprise app development is a better choice. Moreover; we will also have a look at how ReactJS enhances the overall app development system. Therefore without further ado, let us begin. Table of Content * Top Reasons to use ReactJS for Enterprise app development [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#top-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development] * Supports hybrid app development [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#supports-hybrid-app-development] * Easy Learning Curve [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#easy-learning-curve] * Virtual DOM [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#virtual-dom] * Speedy enterprise development [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#speedy-enterprise-development] * High-end development requirements [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#high-end-development-requirements] * Flexible framework [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#flexible-framework] * SEO-friendly framework [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#seo-friendly-framework] * Enhances developers’ productivity [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#enhances-developers%E2%80%99-productivity] * Data flow [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#data-flow] * Best suited in the long run [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#best-suited-in-the-long-run] * Need to hire a ReactJS development company [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#need-to-hire-a-reactjs-development-company] * Conclusion [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-reactjs-for-enterprise-app-development/#conclusion] Top Reasons to use ReactJS for Enterprise app development Since its inception in 2013, ReactJS has been a one-stop destination for experience-optimizing and dynamic web and app pages. Moreover, as the framework renders speedy solutions, it has already become the ‘eye candy’ of the developers. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should opt for ReactJS for Enterprise app development. How to Hire a ReactJS Developer and How Much They Cost? Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/how-to-hire-a-reactjs-developer-and-how-much-they-cost/] Supports hybrid app development In order to cater to a larger number of audiences, companies need to develop cross-platform applications. Supporting hybrid app development is one of the high-flying benefits of using ReactJS. It is not easy for developers to maintain both iOS and Android apps using different frameworks. Moreover, as the codes are written in different languages, app maintenance becomes a tedious task. With the help of the ReactJS framework, the developers can build the app using one common platform. It also enables consistent user experience and makes the overall development easier. Thus, with the ReactJS framework, all you need is an expert JavaScript developer who has knowledge of Native UI and APIs. Moreover, since the cross-platform apps offer a consistent user experience, it enhances positive word-of-mouth publicity for the app as well. Easy Learning Curve ReactJS development does not have a steep learning curve as some of its peers. Here the developer just needs to have a basic knowledge about conventional JavaScript and you are good to go. Thus, ReactJS for Enterprise development becomes a feasible option as things are easy and transparent here. The tools in ReactJS do not have multiple components that become tough for the developers to comprehend and understand. Therefore, developers have more chances to give better output as they understand the tools easily. In addition, ReactJS with its easy learning curve gives equal chances to the experts as well as the apprentice. Thus, upcoming ReactJS developers too can find their feet easily while using the framework. Virtual DOM For all the components present in the framework, ReactJS only uses a virtual DOM. With virtual DOM, React developers can make changes in enterprise applications and it will be done in the virtual DOM. Moreover, the framework also uses React-DOM a great deal to create all the required changes. If the changes that are done in the virtual DOM are risk-free, then the React DOM will get updated. Thus, virtual DOM can be used for faster rendering of the enterprise applications and also to test the risk factors. The testing of the risk factors is vital before the final release of the enterprise application. In a nutshell, the React developers do responsive web development by inspecting and assessing the utility of different available elements. By analyzing the different elements, the developers can make various memory data structures as well. These data structures can either be used by the developers or they can define them according to the requirement. Along with the above-mentioned things, virtual DOM can also be used if you wish to develop a refined user interface. Reasons to choose ReactJS for Mobile App Development Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/how-to-develop-mobile-apps-with-react-js/] Speedy enterprise development The modern-day business world is all about speed with accuracy. Faster web and mobile application development can provide you a much-needed edge over your peers. Moreover, in the quest of obtaining speed, companies also do not want to cross their budget or deadlines. Here enterprise app development gets a huge boost from the ReactJS framework. Whether it is executing a complicated process to increase the speed or use advanced techniques, ReactJS has got you covered. The developers can use the framework without any fear. With ReactJS, the developers get a vast expanse of possibilities that assists them to develop faster. Moreover, it will not be an overstatement to say that ReactJS gives shapes to the quintessential iOS and Android codes. Without it, those are just line codes. Thus, ReactJS for enterprise app development is necessary to develop prolific web apps and mobile apps. But for this, you need to have an experienced web development company [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/] by your side. High-end development requirements ReactJS has a design kit that is more than capable of producing desired results for the companies. Thus ReactJS programming helps in developing finely detailed web and mobile applications. In addition, the framework has browser-specific tools that help in easy scaling of the hierarchy of the added components. The efficiency of ReactJS for enterprise application development can be addressed from the fact that it has been used by industry leaders. For better understanding, we have listed prominent users of ReactJS: Tesla The leading electric vehicle and clean energy company, Tesla has been using ReactJS for enterprise app development. The company renders a wide range of innovative tech solutions the world thus needs to have an advanced web and app development. Thus, the company uses the ReactJS framework for advanced projects. The framework helps in streamlining the performance according to the enterprise’s objective. Netflix The leading OTT (Overtop) platform in the world Netflix has also credited ReactJS programming for its success. Be it runtime performance or speed of execution, the ReactJS framework offers a stupendous service to turn the tide for Netflix. In addition, the framework decreases the initial loading period as well and offers facilities like Gibbon. Instagram The popular social media platform Instagram has also been made using the ReactJS framework. Be it the stories section, picture feed, and even the search bar, ReactJS has got all bases covered for Instagram. Moreover, to optimize the overall user experience, ReactJS has additional tools such as video sharing and progressive loading. Top 10 Famous Websites Built with React JS in 2021 Read More [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/blog/top-10-famous-websites-built-with-react-js-in-2021/] Flexible framework Being flexible is one of the other top-rated benefits of ReactJS. Since the very beginning, the prime focus of the framework has been to simplify the app development process. So be it ReactJS for web or ReactJS for enterprise development, the hybrid development framework has given prominent results. The code of ReactJS is very straightforward. Thus, it helps to maintain the flexibility of the enterprise application. The flexible nature of the framework saves the company time and the cost of app development. In addition to complete flexibility, ReactJS app development also has varied libraries. This allows the developers to choose from a plethora of too and architecture for each development project. Businesses can customize the apps by choosing the relevant tools. Thus, ReactJS is widely used for custom app development along with enterprise app development. Since the available tools fulfill the exact business requirements of the companies, ReactJS for enterprise development is highly preferred. SEO-friendly framework In the present digital world where the end-users have a plethora of options for everything, SEO becomes very crucial. Thus, if the app development framework is not SEO-friendly, you will face bigger issues in the long run. ReactJS helps in reducing the page loading time which plays an important role in the enterprise app rank. In addition, the ReactJS framework performs exceedingly well on the server working with the node. Because of this, the enterprise application will get good SEO and a desirable ranking on the webpage. Thus, as compared to its peers, ReactJS for enterprise app development provides better SEO services. Enhances developers’ productivity Comprehending newer technologies is again one of the rich benefits of ReactJS. The framework has platform-specific tools which ease the pressure of doing frequent and monotonous updates. With tools like the Chrome development tool, observing component hierarchy becomes easier for the developers. Thus, now the developers can inspect the present state of props and components in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, ReactJS has a code reusability feature that guarantees complete command over the workflow to the developer. Not only that, it warrants a unidirectional data merging process as well. This process makes its way directly to the flux design. ReactJS development also enhances the productivity of the developers by breaking the chain of monotonous work as well. Data flow After understanding the point of code reusability, our next point of focus is unidirectional data flow. One-way data flow is another benefit of ReactJS as it plays a pivotal role in streamlining the data. Besides this, the developers can also change the value with HTML flags; transfer the data, etc easily. Since ReactJS works for complicated enterprise apps as well, it has to deal with a cluster of incomprehensible features. Thus for this, ReactJS development implements callback or rollback features which can fulfill the additional requirement as well. With the unidirectional data flow, the data transfer from the parent component to the child component happens in a hassle-free manner. In the same way, updates from the child to the parent component are smooth as well. Best suited in the long run With the rapidly changing business environment, innovation has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Thus, ReactJS development is a competent business solution that benefits the companies in the long run. ReactJS has become famous among developers as it renders ease of developing web and mobile applications for the ever-changing market. The framework has separate working protocols for the web apps as well. Thus, this gives ReactJS development an unmatched advantage over its peers. Therefore, ReactJS for enterprise app development is best for the long run. Along with the reliability, in the long run, the speed and agility of the ReactJS programming foster quick app development. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick launch, ReactJS development is perfect for you. Need to hire a ReactJS development company Businesses need to understand that like every app development framework, the ReactJS framework is not suitable for everything. Hiring a professional ReactJS development company [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/services/web-development/reactjs-development/] will allow the businesses to understand their requirements. For instance, JavaScript is mostly preferred for simple applications. While on the other hand is an advanced tool. Thus, your project must have the following requirements for you to go for ReactJS development: * nimble navigation * diverse components or states * robust buttons and inputs * open and closed sections If you have the above-mentioned requirements, then it becomes sensible to go for ReactJS development. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire ReactJS Developers [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/hire-us/hire-web-developer/hire-reactjs-developer/] '. Conclusion There is no doubt about the fact that ReactJS is a very comprehensive technology. The app development framework solely focuses on achieving your business goals by building world-class web and mobile apps. The services provided by ReactJS programming can take you far ahead of your peers and make you the leader of the group. In addition, the hybrid app development framework is a cost-effective solution as well. Thus, whether you are an established organization or a newbie, ReactJS is feasible for you. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that makes enterprise app development robust and seamless. Build World-Class Reactjs App at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our business consultants in the US and development teams in India work together to ensure your business needs are met with maximum ROI. Get Free Estimation For Your Project [https://www.thirdrocktechkno.com/contact-us/] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! [https://www.linkedin.com/in/krunalhshah/]

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