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Third Rock Techkno is a well-known name in ReactJS development. ReactJS allows our dedicated developers to efficiently build mobile and web applications that drive business growth. Cost-effective and time-saving, are the strong points that made ReactJS is a popular framework for web app development.

ReactJS was introduced by Facebook as an open-source JavaScript library for web development. It is characterized by user-friendliness as well as developers’ convenience. It is a high-speed framework helpful in developing dynamic and user-responsive web pages. Being an open-source framework, our developers have full and free access to it.

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Very good communication at all stages. Always prompt to reply. Excellent quality of work. The team at Third Rock Techkno was communicative, responsive, and accommodating as they produced high-quality work.

Jonathan Wood, Smoovr


It was a pleasure working with the TRT team. Prior to contracting this group, I had a system created that was absolutely terrible and poorly developed. I also worked with a few freelancers that couldnt cut it either. TRT was actually able to execute on our concept and have built a truly solid system for our company.

Karl Pierre, Ontime

Benefits Of ReactJS Development

Open Source

The open-source feature of ReactJS is beneficial for developers. Firstly, developers have full and free access. Secondly, the ReactJS library is constantly evolving and improving with inputs from developers all over the world. Thus ReactJS comprises the latest technological developments.

Stable Code

ReactJS allows systematic data binding. This ensures that any modifications in the child structures do not affect the parent structures. This feature simplifies the developer’s job, saving time and costs.

No Dependencies

ReactJS has a set of tools which make developer’s work quick and efficient including visualizing and debugging, editing states and properties.

Ability to Reuse Code

Developers need not develop a brand new code every time. ReactJS allows developers to reuse various code components at any given time.

Virtual DOM

An upgrade from the more time-consuming traditional DOM, Virtual DOM in ReactJS makes for a smooth UX and speeds up the developer’s work so that you can complete projects well in time.

Recent ReactJS Development Blogs

06 Feb 2021 | 9 Min Read
Reactjs vs React Native: Key Differences, Pros, and Cons

Reactjs and React Native - the two incredibly popular technologies in the app development industry. Both these tools have similar names, are launched by Facebook, and have maintained their fan bases since their launch. However, many in the ecosystem are still not clear about the clear differences between Reactjs and React Native. Of course, it’s clear that one is a web framework while the other is a mobile framework. But apart from that, how are they different? In this article, I take a bird’s eye view of the business advantages and limitations of both platforms and outline the key differences when it comes to choosing between Reactjs vs React Native. Table of Content * Reactjs vs React Native - A Quick Overview [] * Business Benefits of Using Reactjs For Web Development [] * Business Benefits of React Native [] * Where Reactjs Lags Behind [] * Where React Native Lags Behind [] * Reactjs vs React Native: Key Differences [] * Reactjs vs React Native: Conclusion [] Reactjs vs React Native - A Quick Overview Before getting into the details of Reactjs vs React Native, let us have a quick overview of both technologies. What is Reactjs? Reactjs [] is a JavaScript library specifically designed for developing the view layer of web and mobile apps. It uses reusable components to create a stronger structure for its applications. Facebook made the library publicly available in 2011. Since then, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. What is React Native? React Native [] is an open-source framework developed by Facebook to meet its growing mobile needs. React Native is super useful to develop native mobile applications with reusable components. Notably, React Native uses Reactjs for base abstraction, only the library components are different. Despite being similar at the core, the difference between Reactjs and React Native is significant. However, both the tools are a leader in their respective genre. Business Benefits of Using Reactjs For Web Development Faster development with reusable components One of the more prominent Reactjs’ advantages is its ability to reuse components. With reusable codes, developers don’t need to write different codes for similar app components. This facilitates faster development with lower costs. Moreover, the component-based architecture in Reactjs eliminates the need for frequent debugging. If you edit one part of the app, it doesn’t affect other parts. Thus, Reactjs saves a lot of testing and debugging time as well. High performance because of virtual DOM You need something more than just HTML when you receive only data from the server. Reactjs uses Javascript to generate HTML. The advantages of this approach are way stronger than its disadvantages. With prominent Reactjs’ features for front-end development [] , developers can use Javascript to write HTML. Reactjs uses the tree reconciliation process [] to render HTML virtually. This process makes the web application function faster as there is no need to update the entries of the whole DOM time and again. Code stability with unidirectional data flow Reactjs uses one-way data binding to ensure that the changes made in the child components do not have any impact on the parent components. So each component becomes self-contained. Changes in smaller parts only require updates in the data model, not the entire state. This leaves a huge part of the app unchanged whenever a new edit is introduced. As a result, Reactjs applications are much easier to maintain as their code is highly stable. SEO boost to the web pages Reactjs facilitates faster rendering of the web pages. Thanks to it, the page loading time in Reactjs app is quite low. As a result, the bounce rate of Reactjs web pages is lower too. These factors have a significant bearing on the SEP performance of a web application. So to conclude, Reactjs makes web apps SEO-friendly. Moreover, developers can use tools like React Helmet [] and React Router [] to develop SEO friendly websites easily. Business Benefits of Using React For Frontend Development Read More [] Business Benefits of React Native More than 25000 apps across the globe use React Native and reap rich benefits from it. So let’s dive deep and understand the business benefits of the React Native framework. Ideal enterprise mobility solution React Native is a free and open-source. So a large community of developers is always working to improve the framework. Moreover, Facebook has promised to maintain the React Native platform to ensure the best experience to the developers. React Native has all the ingredients to ensure an excellent start if you incorporate it into your mobile app. React Native’s features are one of the prominent reasons why it is the top choice for enterprise mobility solutions. Extensive community support React Native is one of the most loved technology according to Stack Overflow survey 2020. [] 58% of the respondents chose React Native over any other platform. Over 60% developers root for its usability, the internet is full of queries and their solutions provided by the large React Native developer community. Since the community is so large, the developers can stay updated to the changing trends through React Native’s official channels. So, one of the biggest React Native advantages is that if during the development process the developers face any challenge, it can be easily solved with the help of the global developer community. JavaScript as the scripting language Because of the advanced Javascript V8 Engine, the developers don’t have to work on compiling the code to the browser. Moreover, Javascript is a simple scripting language, thus its learning curve is not steep and it is easy to work with as well. Javascript is one of the most commonly used scripting languages. Therefore, even if the developers have an issue while working with it, they can switch to the large developer community for further guidance. Cost-effective MVP with React Native Code reusability is one of the important features of React Native as it a cross-platform app development framework. Thus, if you are building your MVP with React Native [] , you can save a lot of development time as the developers don’t need to write separate codes for iOS and Android platforms. Apart from saving time, the cost of app maintenance is also reduced as there is only one code base for both platforms. Why These 8 Global Companies Are Using React Native in Their Apps Read More [] Where Reactjs Lags Behind After looking at the Reactjs’ advantages, let us have a look at the junctions where Reactjs lags behind. Quickly evolving If the pace of development is high, it has its own sets of benefits and shortcomings. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the changes take place at a rapid rate at a high pace of development environment, so some developers might not find it easier to relearn newer ways of doing things regularly. They might find it difficult to adapt to all the changes taking place and might not be able to update their skills as per requirement. Library support Although external libraries can enable the developers to use both CSS and HTML to the core and build it into JSX, it has its own set of complexities. Despite Reactjs supporting a plethora of third-party libraries or external libraries, native libraries for Reactjs are numbered. It becomes very difficult to understand the complexities of CSS and HTML because the learning curve for Reactjs is more. Feeble documentation Due to the high pace of development, there is less time to make proper documentation of the updates done in Reactjs. Thus, developers are forced to create their own documentation which eventually results in poor execution. The own documentation done by the developers is for specific tools. Increased cost and time overheads One of the major shortcomings of Reactjs is that it becomes necessary to down unwanted react-enabled library which shoots up the cost and the time overheads. For example, the developer has to download Carbon components with React in order to use the Carbon framework for UI experience. [] Top 9 React Development Tools For Faster Application Development Read More [] Where React Native Lags Behind Some of the significant places where React Native lags behind are: Haphazard abstraction layer The framework in which programmers can find stylesheets like CSS and tags like HTML along with code from Javascript are pretty loosely held. While this gives freedom to developers, it poses challenges like it doesn’t enforce any rules or parameters unlike Java and Swift Languages. There are high chances of occurrence of a clash of the logic situation which will not be the case with either Java or Swift. Compatibility issues React Native is still in its beta version despite being used by top tech players. The developers might come across various debugging and compatibility issues. Therefore, if the developers are not skilled enough in working with React Native, it can hamper the overall development process as much time will get wasted in troubleshooting. Patenting and licensing One should always keep in mind that Facebook controls React Native. So if there are any issues related to patenting or licensing, they aren’t getting solved soon. Although React Native now has version 2 with a grant from Facebook for patent right, in 2017, when Facebook updated its open-source licensing for React Native it stated it if Facebook doesn’t like your method, it has the right to stop the developer from working on the platform. Limited native libraries Since React Native has limited native libraries, it might be difficult to run the app in case of heavy functionalities. For making more complex calculations simultaneously, Java, Objective-C, and Swift are preferred over React Native. Flutter vs React Native: What To Choose in 2021 Read More [] Reactjs vs React Native: Key Differences Reactjs vs React Native is no less than the clash of the titans when it comes to leading frameworks going around in the tech realm. We will now look at some of the key differences below. 1. One of the key differences between Reactjs and React Native is that Reactjs can be executed on all platforms while React Native is not platform-independent. The developer typically has to put in more efforts in order to execute React Native on all platforms 2. With Reactjs, the developer has the facility to create high performing and engaging UI layer as it is a Javascript library. On the other hand, the entire framework of React Native is built for cross-platform apps be it iOS, Android or web. 3. Reactjs provides higher levels of security. The security standards are low in React Native. 4. High levels of animations are possible in Reactjs by using CSS just like the developers do in web development. On the other side, you have to use an API in React Native for animation. Reactjs vs React Native: Conclusion After going through every nook and corner of the frameworks in detail, a question must be striking in your mind, Reactjs or React Native, which is better? One must first understand the fact that both Reactjs and React Native are significant focal points for both web and app development. Moreover, due to their flexible functionalities, both platforms are gaining momentum with each passing day. Every framework or technology has its set of merits and shortcomings. For example, React Native is optimal to give a native feel to the mobile apps. When we look at Reactjs, it can be used to develop apps used for complex calculations and high functionality. Another question that might strike your mind-  can you reuse Reactjs code in React Native? The answer to this is, yes it is possible as React Native under a horizon uses the same codes which are used for the web. Thus, it is advisable for the business to do thorough research and map the pros and cons of the framework they are willing to use in the future. Once, they know what they can expect from the framework, they can set their priorities accordingly. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire React Developers [] '.

22 Dec 2020 | 9 Min Read
Hiring A Reactjs Developer? Consider These Things First

App development has become an extremely crucial aspect of a business, it’s your business’ virtual identity. So it’s only natural that businesses are so cautious when it comes to hiring developers for their projects. Because of Reactjs popularity [] , there is a large pool of Reactjs developers available for hire. However, the decision of hiring a Reactjs developer isn’t an easy one because you can’t tell how good a developer will prove to be for you without serious considerations of certain aspects. In this blog, I talk about those important considerations and also throw some light on whether you should hire a freelance Reactjs developer or a Reactjs development company. What does a Reactjs developer do? To make an informed decision, here’s a quick run-through of what a Reactjs developer does: * Reactjs developers leverage the features of this exhaustive library [] to build intuitive UIs. These UIs are simpler to debug with more predictable views. * A Reactjs developer builds holistic components that can manage their own states. That’s because React is a component-based library that speeds up the front-end development process. * Reactjs developers utilize reusable components in React so they can use one code for all the similar features in the application. * Reactjs developers are responsible for creating a complete, bug-free application with high performance. They are also required to build any additional plug-ins and take care of the app maintenance. Top skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer Regardless of how versatile the Reactjs library is, it won’t develop an application by itself. It takes a highly skilled Reactjs developer to build an efficient React app. Following are the absolute must skills that you should look for while hiring a Reactjs developer: 1. HTML/CSS Reactjs is a library for front-end development. So, the very basic skills required in a Reactjs developer is HTML and CSS development. However, you don’t want to hire someone who knows just enough. Instead, hire Reactjs developers who can build interfaces that entice and engage. This requires an in-depth understanding of the design principles. Ideally, you should look for developers who are proficient in working with advanced HTML and CSS tools. 2. JSX and other Reactjs components To make the most out of this versatile front-end library, Reactjs developers must be comfortable working with JSX, virtual DOM, and component life-cycle. 3. Third-party tools to complement Reactjs libraries In addition to in-built libraries, Reactjs developers must also have excellent command over technologies like Redux, React Router, Create React App, Material Kit React, and more. 4. Best practices for clean code You may need to on-board other developers to work on your application. So it’s vital that the Reactjs developer who writes the original code ensures code clarity and cohesiveness. Soft skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer So to ensure you hire an offshore Reactjs developer [] who is smart enough to understand and share your vision, look for the following soft skills: Understanding and analyzing project requirements and deliverables When you hire a Reactjs developer [] , you should hire the one who is capable of translating your project requirements into technical and performative specifications. Developers who share the same vision of the deliverables as you are highly likely to build an application that your customers love to use! Planning tasks and sprints efficiently Regardless of whether the developer is going to work under your project management team, they should be able to plan their own tasks and stick to the time frame agreed upon. For that reason, it’s vital that you look for Reactjs developers who are expert in sprint planning. They should also be able to use the best task management software to share the progress reports of the sprints. Ability to take constructive criticism and implement it in their work Constructive criticism is an essential aspect of emotional intelligence that helps people work well with teams. While hiring a Reactjs developer, ask a few questions to gauge how well the candidate has been able to improve their work with the help of feedback in the past. In the absence of this skill, getting the desired work done by an offshore Reactjs developer becomes tedious. Problem-solving skills Software development is as much about solving the pain points of the user as much as building just software. So look for Reactjs developers who are great at problem-solving. Those skills are required at every stage of Reactjs development - from choosing the right tools and building an appealing UI to facilitating an intuitive user experience in the app. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire React Developers [] '. Offshore Reactjs developer salaries across the globe One of the major reasons businesses hire dedicated Reactjs developers is because it’s budget-friendly, especially for startups. Thus, developer salaries are an important consideration when you get started with your search for the right person. The cost of hiring from local markets is often high for businesses in developed countries like the US and the UK. A simple reason is that the cost of living in these countries is high. Conversely, if you look at markets in developing countries like India, you have access to a larger talent pool with considerably lower rates. As a leading Reactjs development company [] , we keep ourselves updated with the average Reactjs developer salaries globally. Our team has analyzed data from platforms like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and more to come up with accurate estimates. Average Reactjs developer hourly rates The average hourly rate of Reactjs developers is the highest in the US and Canada. On the other hand, Asian countries like India and Japan have much lower rates for the same quality of software development. India is currently the most viable destination for hiring offshore Reactjs developers Global tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Ford Motor Company, and many more have found a reliable outsourcing partner in the Indian outsourcing companies. Most Indian companies are relied upon by tech giants to fulfill the growing demands of the software engineers, including Reactjs developers. Consistently providing top-quality services at competitive prices, India has become a support system for most of the global software companies. India’s reputation as the most favored outsourcing destination is confirmed by its #1 position on the Global Services Location Index [] . But what makes India such an appealing destination for hiring a Reactjs developer? Lower rates because of a larger talent pool As the second-largest English-speaking country [] with over 2.5 million STEM grads every year [], India surely boasts of a massive talent pool of software engineers. Naturally then, the competition for employment is fierce and that affects the control over the pricing. The country offers top-notch development services at a lower than the global average rate if you can source the right candidate for your business application. Strong government support for global businesses The IT industry is at the heart of the Indian services sector and employs a majority of the organized workshop. Consequently, the Indian government has designed its policies so as to promote ease of business in the country. Furthermore, the government also contributes by developing various industrial parks and infrastructure facilities to promote the IT sector. Finding The Right Software Outsourcing Partner in India: 5 Useful Tips Read More [] Should you hire a freelance Reactjs developer or a software development company? Pros of hiring a Reactjs development agency Software development companies are more reliable Working with a software development company is a lot more professional association compared to working with a freelancer. Companies usually have efficient processes set up for every stage of the association, right from sharing the idea to the final deliverables. When you hire a Reactjs development company, you can rest assured of confidentiality, post-development support, and the entire communication process. A software development company takes care of the entire development cycle When you outsource Reactjs app development to a freelance developer, you only get the application development services. On the other hand, Reactjs development services offered by software houses are inclusive of all the additional services. For example, the company not only builds your app but also tests it extensively. It has various departments like UX/UI design, development, QA, etc with teams that specialize in those tasks. Naturally, the final deliverables are highly likely to be much more superior in quality. There is a lot more flexibility while working with a software development company Many a time, changing business trends have an influence on the on-going app development process. Or you can simply choose to tweak your idea a bit based on how the app is turning out to be. In such a situation, scaling your app or modifying the development process is easy. A company always has a pool of diverse human resources in addition to the one you have hired for your project. Software development companies always aim to form long term relationships In the case of a freelance developer, it’s difficult to get them on board again when the app requires an upgrade. Even for bugs that arise in the future, it’s a time-consuming process to get in touch with the developer again. Software development companies provide holistic services with the intention to form a long-term relationship with the client. Even after the final deliverables are handed over, a company will consistently be in touch with you for future updates or bug fixes. Cons of hiring a Reactjs development company High costs The fact that so many freelance developers are hired proves that most businesses feel the costs of hiring development agencies are much higher. Hiring freelance Reactjs developers will cost you less because they don’t put in as much time and expertise in devising a holistic, market-ready solution as a software development company does. Pros of hiring a freelance Reactjs developer Lower costs Hourly rates of freelance Reactjs developers are usually lower than the ones you hire through a software development company. Marketplaces like Upwork and AngelList can put you in touch with thousands of Reactjs developers instantly available for hire. Easy availability and flexible schedules Freelance developers don’t usually have as tight a schedule as a software development company. They can adjust their working hours and take care of urgent requirements as and when they arise. Cons of hiring a freelance Reactjs developer The need to on-board other specialists for holistic app development Regardless of how experienced a Reactjs developer is, they are not sufficient by themselves to handle the entire app development process. You need to hire other specialists in areas like app UX/UI design, database architecture, back-end developers, etc to get the job done. Lack of reliable quality assurance When you hire a freelance Reactjs developer, the same person is responsible for writing as well as testing the code. This practice may not lead to very reliable quality assurance. It’s always better to have the app tested by someone who was not involved in the coding process. The need to take care of entire project management When you hire a software development company, there are specialists to plan the project and supervise how things are going. On the contrary, you have to be actively involved in project planning as well as tracking if you hire a freelance developer. No post-development support In most cases, your association with the freelance developer ends after they hand you the deliverables. However, no software is perfect and every software is subject to post-development maintenance. After a freelancer has handed you the Reactjs app, you will have to look for other specialists to fix bugs that appear later. It will be a tedious task to maintain the app by someone who has not developed it originally. Third Rock Techkno is a one-stop solution for all your offshore Reactjs development needs It’s evident that hiring a Reactjs developer from an established company is a better choice if your budget isn’t too tight. In fact, even if the cost of hiring a freelancer is low, you will have to spend money on taking care of other aspects like app design and testing. So take the decision keeping in mind the long-term requirements of your business app. Headquartered in CA, USA, with an offshore office in India, Third Rock Techkno [] is a dynamic team of expert software developers with an unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and complete transparency. With industry expertise gained over a decade and constantly updated insights, we develop robust mobile and web applications to provide users with a remarkably smooth experience. While working on both fixed cost and dedicated resource models [], we formulate strategic solutions that help our clients’ businesses to thrive in the volatile market. Build World-Class Reactjs App at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our business consultants in the US and development teams in India work together to ensure your business needs are met with maximum ROI. Get Free Estimation For Your Project []

11 Dec 2020 | 8 Min Read
Why Reactjs For SaaS is The Next Big Thing in 2021

The SaaS (Software as a Service) has been replacing the traditional software licensing model for many businesses. No installations or one-time hefty pricing models. Just pay a monthly fee, download the cloud-based software and you are all set! This popularity of the SaaS model is at par with the most popular web development library - Reactjs. Many companies like Netflix and Dropbox have leveraged the library to boost the performance of their apps. Here’s why Reactjs for SaaS is the next big in 2021! What is Reactjs? Built by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, ReactJS [] is a popular JavaScript library widely used for web development. From startups to some of the biggest brands are using the library to build next-generation web and mobile apps. In 2019, Reactjs was the number one web development framework. However, in 2020, it came to a close second position in 2020 according to the StackOverflow survey [] . Reactjs is popular amongst the developers because it lets them create engaging web apps with minimal coding. Top Reactjs Features For Faster Web Application Development Developers across the world love Reactjs for how it simplest the web development process. Here are the four basic features of Reacjs for faster app development: 1. JSX Syntax Reactjs is a platform that believes in simplicity and so it uses JSX for templates []. A major benefit of JSX is that it applies HTML tag syntax to deliver the subcomponents. These subcomponents are then moved into JavaScript for a holistic React framework. 2. One-way data binding Reactjs uses single way data flow. This means a chunk of values is transported to the component's renderer in the form of HTML tags properties. Reactjs does not allow components to update or change any property directly. Nevertheless, it does help in the modification or up-gradation of properties by delivering a callback. 3. Component-based architecture The UI of Reactjs web apps includes multiple components with each component having its own specific set of logic. The benefit of using Reactjs for SaaS is that it allows Reactjs developers to pass the data throughout the application without affecting the DOM. It’s possible because the logic is written in JavaScript instead of templates. 4. React Native [] Reactjs allows developers access to native libraries. Developers mainly use these libraries to build a mobile app framework using JavaScript. The similarities between React Native and Reactjs ensure that the transition from web to mobile is a smooth one. Thus, Reactjs proves to be beneficial for SaaS applications in this mobile app dominated world. Building an MVP using React Native [] is great for SaaS companies to validate their app ideas. Top 14 React Libraries You Must Try in 2020 Read More [] Why Reactjs For SaaS Applications is A Great Choice The Reactjs features I mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. I have listed the major reasons why using Reactjs for SaaS is a good idea below: 1. Code reusability in React makes SaaS application development faster A major hurdle developers face is that of writing the code from scratch every time they start a new project. Reactjs has a feature called code reusability which helps Reactjs developers overcome this hassle. The beauty of Reactjs lies in its components, which are like small building blocks. When you hire Reactjs developers [] , they can mix and match these blocks to build a complex yet efficient application for your business in a short period. Every component has its own independent logic and is responsible for a separate set of actions. Moreover, these components in Reactjs are reusable. The code reusability function avoids the "domino effect" in which codes from different sections affect each other. As a result, SaaS application development is much easier using the Reactjs framework. Additionally, Reactjs in SaaS also makes app maintenance easier and less expensive. Top 6 React UI Component Libraries and Frameworks in 2020 Read More [] 2. Faster rendering in React leads to better performance in SaaS applications For SaaS apps, it is vital to carry out multiple functions simultaneously without much lag time. Time-saving re-rendering is one approach that helps to reduce the lag time and improving the SaaS user experience. The faster rendering feature of ReactJs acts as a nitro boost for Reactjs developers. How is it able to facilitate the boost? Reactjs uses Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which is an updated version of the original Real DOM. Using the virtual DOM, it is possible to logically track the components that require re-rendering [] according to the user's interaction. By deciding which components need re-rendering, the system can allocate the resources efficiently, leading to a much-reduced lag time. Virtual DOM in React also helps in boosting the performance and maintainability of SaaS applications. That’s because Reactjs targets only the components which require re-rendering on the client-side. 3. Reactjs in SaaS apps makes them more SEO friendly Being SEO friendly is one of the major requirements for a successful SaaS product. Rankings on Google and other search engines have the potential to make or break your saas app and you can ignore building an SEO friendly SaaS at your own peril. The loading speed of the websites has an overbearing effect on their SEO rankings. It’s natural, no user likes to wait too long. This is where Reactjs provides an advantage. Reactjs developers can easily build single-page applications using React Router [] and other Reactjs tools. These single-page applications are buttery smooth and lightning-fast to load, helping the website in improving the user experience by leaps and bounds. Reactjs is able to provide such performance because it uses distinct components. These components allow the site to function in a better way without doing round trips to fetch HTML data, allowing instant response between the tabs. The SaaS apps built using Reactjs are already loaded in the background so that when the user tries to access them online, the webpages are visible up to a certain degree. Once you have optimized the loading speed, then you can divert your attention to other SEO features like meta tags, headers, and titles. 4. Reactjs in SaaS apps eases the transition from web to mobile According to the World Advertising Research Center, around 72% of users will access the internet only via smartphones [] . Even today, for a majority of internet users, the first interaction with a brand is on the smartphone. Having a mobile app is an absolute necessity now, more so for SaaS applications. React Native facilitates a smooth transition from single page web applications to mobile apps. This transition is possible because like its cousin Reactjs, the React Native platform also uses the JSX syntax. As the foundations of both React Native and Reactjs are the same, the developers can easily implement the mobile-optimized JS components in the native version and continue to build on them. Thus, Reactjs has an edge over its competitors wherein developers require complex knowledge of different syntax to make the transition. Moreover, using Reactjs for SaaS app development can prove to be cost-effective. Because working with Reactjs is simpler, you don’t have to pay Reactjs developers as much as the developers specializing in more complex languages. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire React Developers []'. Popular SaaS Applications Built With Reactjs 1. Reactjs in Netflix app > “ReactJS has exceeded our requirements and enabled us to build a tremendous foundation on which to innovate the Netflix experience.”  Jordanna Kwok, Engineering Leader, Netflix For SaaS apps like Netflix that need to render high definition videos without lag, Reactjs proves to be a boon. Netflix is the second-highest bandwidth user worldwide. Such is the amount of data that Netflix has to process regularly without a glitch. Reactjs helps Netflix in achieving this mammoth feat due to its fast rendering feature. Netflix management is so impressed with Reactjs that their hiring policy is also skewed towards hiring talented Reactjs developers as opposed to hiring developers from other domains. Now you know why your Netflix is so fast! 2. Reactjs in Dropbox app Improved reliability, faster rendering, much better SEO capabilities were some of the primary reasons why the pioneer in drive saving systems, Dropbox switched to Reactjs sometime ago. Dropbox is a SaaS app that stores high-quality videos, photos, and other files of millions of users worldwide. Its USP is that the users can access their data immediately from any device. Reactjs’ fast performance and data efficiency fulfill this need efficiently. This is the reason that the file-sharing system that boasts of more than 600 million users and is handling 1.2 billion uploads on a daily basis chose to work with Reactjs. Thanks to the features like code components, the tech team at Dropbox can now increase the efficiency of their development process phenomenally. 3. Reactjs in Asana Asana is one of the most powerful and popular team management software out there. The SaaS app allows various team members in taking notes, assigning tasks, respecting deadlines, and so on. One of the most important features of react JS is its ability to allow developers in building a mobile app. It can easily scale down web apps to mobile apps. Thus, Reactjs in Asana makes team management possible on smartphones and other handheld devices. Users of Asana are able to open tasks and keep track of their ongoing campaigns via the mobile app. Considering how well Asana has leveraged the library, Reactjs for SaaS apps meant for project management is definitely a good choice. 4. Reactjs in Milanote [] Milanote is a brilliant tool for artists and other creative personnel to organize their projects into visually attractive boards. It is an effective tool for freelancers working in design as well as marketing spaces. It allows them to recreate the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio by using tactile and visual feedback. Milanote has a lot of built-in templates which help the users in building a wide variety of different projects easily. The fast re-rendering feature of Reactjs allows the artists to upload high definition images and access them faster. The artists can even share their work with their clients or other artists to get valuable feedback. The Bottom Line Some of the most important requisites for a SaaS application are a sleek UI and faster performance. Reactjs is a library that can easily facilitate these and many more qualities in SaaS applications. Reactjs for SaaS is soon going to be a major trend in 2021, although, big brands like Netflix and Dropbox have already vouched for it. Third Rock Techkno is a leading Reactjs development company in India and USA [] that specializes in building high performing SaaS applications. Our business consultants help our clients not just with app development but also with industry expertise to realize their business goals. 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