Infrastructure as a Code

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A range of differential DevOps infrastructure of code solutions to revolutionize your configuration mechanisms

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Top Highlights of Our DevOps Infrastructure as Code Solutions

Automated Infrastructure Management

Complete automation to manage your infrastructure by using the best infrastructure as code tools like AWS CloudFormation, Puppet, Terraform, Ansible, and Chef, to name a few.

DevOps Infrastructure as Code Solutions
Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring and Upgrading

Monitor, analyze, and upgrade your diverse infrastructure through our professional infrastructure as code solutions and competitive infrastructure as code DevOps tools like Azure Resource Manager, Crossplane, Vagrant, and many more.

Dynamic Multi-Cloud Deployments

Take the advantages of dynamic multi-cloud deployments through repeatable and automated configurations with our compatible infrastructure as code solutions.

Disaster Recovery & Secure Backups

Our infrastructure as code solutions come with robust disaster recovery and backup solutions through automated configuration, storage, and application recovery.

Infrastructure as Code Benefits

  • Minimized Risks
  • Reduced Costs
  • Resources Optimization
  • Reduced Errors
  • High Flexibility and Scalability
  • Higher Consistency for Configuration and Management
  • Smooth Maintenance and Upgrading
We hold years-long expertise and offer a wide range of DevOps services and solutions to exceed your expectations in every way. Want to have a customized infrastructure as code solution for your business infrastructure? Get in touch now.
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Why Choose Us Infrastructure as a Code
Why Choose Us Infrastructure as a Code

Why Choose Us For Your Infrastructure as a Code

  • 1. Professional DevOps experts with 10+ years experience
  • 2. Deep learning mechanisms to ensure in-depth knowledge for each of our DevOps development services providers team
  • 3. End-to-end DevOps services, solutions, and mechanisms to guarantee high-quality, consumer-centric fastest product delivery
  • 4. Dedicated DevOps assessment, planning, and process implementation teams
  • 5. Advanced pilot framework deployment by the domain-experts
  • 6. Tailor-made industry-specific DevOps development services to align with your every goal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as code is the process of managing and provisioning infrastructure through coding by creating configuration files. To simplify the configuration, modification, and distribution process. It bypasses the hassles of managing various infrastructure like operating system, servers, and others through tedious and lengthy manual processes.

What Is Infrastructure as Code in DevOps?

Infrastructure as code in DevOps implies efficient management of various relevant infrastructure such as storage, data center servers, networking and other infrastructure.

How Does Infrastructure as Code Help in Your Business?

Infrastructure as code simplifies the management of various infrastructure irrespective of your complexities and reduces the hassles and risks associated with the tedious manual processes.

Which Type of Infrastructure as Code Method Is Used by Third Rock Techkno?

We utilize both types of Infrastructure as Code methods - push and pull based on the configuration type, product and system requirements.

Why Is Choosing the Right Infrastructure as Code Tools Important?

It is crucial to choose the appropriate infrastructure as code tools to manage the intended infrastructure and ensure the right provisioning of it to produce the best possible result for your business.

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