Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a ball park cost to create an application?

It totally depends on the features and complexity of the application. So it may be covered in the range starting from - $5, 000 USD.

Q. What would be the payment policy?

It depends on the model you finalize to with. If it’s a fixed cost model The payment policy would be defined in milestones. If you go with the hourly based model then the payment cycle should be weekly or 15 days.

Q. Do you follow an AGILE methodology?

Yes, We follow agile methodology. But in some cases depending on project size and the type of project we also follow the Waterfall method.

Q. How can I track the progress of my project?

We will give you the credentials of the project management tool we use and our team will also be in touch via emails or Skype calls. Also, we will have a stand-up meeting on a daily or weekly basis.

Q. Who will be the owner of the source code?

Once we receive the full payment of the project, you will be the owner of the complete source code.

Q. What technologies do you guys work on?

Our technology stack - Angularjs, Nodejs, Reactjs, AWS, Swift, Java, Python, Android, iOS, Ionic, React Native, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearable apps, Amazon Alexa, Google Actions. (We have also worked on other technologies like Wordpress, Magento and more).

Q. What should be the minimum size of a team, I have to hire?

There is no restriction on hiring resources.You can hire one or a team of developers based on your requirements.

Q. Is it possible for us to hire a developer on a weekly basis?

Yes - It's totally upon you, you can go for weekly as well as monthly basis.

Q. Do you have your own development center, or do you work on subcontract?

We have our development office at Ahmedabad, India. We strictly oppose the subcontracting process.

Q. Do you have in house design team?

Yes, we have in -house designing team along with the QA team and the developers who follow the motto - Eat - Sleep - Code.

Q. What business models do you offer?

We offer 3 types of business models - Fix costs models, Hiring a team and on an hourly basis.

Q. Would you help us in providing the consultation before starting the project?

Yes, for sure. We can also help you in giving ideas and suggestions before we start working on a project with a very minimal charge.

Q. When a developer starts working after finishing the commercial process?

It takes a day or two to start working on your task so that a developer gets a complete understanding about the work he has been assigned to.

Q. What is your team strength?

We are a team of 30 + TechXperts / Techies.

Q. What is your experience in terms of project completion?

We have successfully completed over 50 + smaller as well as bigger projects with more than 40 + smiling faces of our clients.

Q. Do you face any limitations with different time zones of clients?

Never! Our team is highly dedicated towards the work they do. We have worked with clients all over the world and have done the job without any complaints. We have always adjusted ourselves whether its any of the timezone.

Q. How many years you have spent in industry?

Third Rock Techkno has have over 4 + years of experience and our journey started on 1st April 2014 by the 3 Master Minds while having a Cup of coffee together at CCD.

Q. Will you replace my developer if I am not satisfied with the performance?

Yes. We will definitely replace your developer if we see that there is performance issue on the developer’s end.

Q. How is reporting arranged? How often will I be updated?

Hired developers send the reports on a daily basis via email and slack. If the client wants any other update then that also can be arranged on mutual understanding.

Q. Would you take care of my application once it gets live?

Yes, we provide free support for a limited period once the app goes live. We provide paid support at very nominal rates.