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Hire offshore ReactJs developers from the best reactjs development company. Our dedicated developers excel in building reactjs web applications for every industry. Any offshore Reactjs developer you pick from our company will build for you a highly responsive application at competitive rates. We provide offshore React development with flexible work schedules, systematic reporting and progress tracking.

Hire React JS Developer

What Will Drive Value Addition?

Minimum cost for high ROI

Responsive UI Across Multiple Devices

Agile & lean development approach

Experts in UI/UX

Measurable work insight

Test driven development

Focus on high value activities

Active support even post launch

Why Choose Developer From Thirdrock Techkno?

  • 1. Dedicated Resource on demand
  • 2. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • 3. Direct communication with developers
  • 4. Uninterrupted support with no extra cost

How To Hire A Developer From Third Rock Techkno?

We follow a very simple hiring process

  • First, you share your technical requirements with us.
  • Then, based on your requirements, our business team will share the resumes of suitable candidates with you.
  • Next, your technical team shortlist the candidates and interviews them.
  • The candidate clears the interview and immediately that angular developer is added to your team.
  • The successful candidate starts working on your project immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using ReactJS for my project?

ReactJS is incredible for building fast, interactive and scalable web applications. With an exhaustive library of UI components, it helps develop engaging and dynamic interfaces in a very efficient manner.

Will I get a dedicated Reactjs developer for my project in my local timezone?

Yes. You can hire dedicated ReactJS developers from Third Rock Techkno who will work for at least 8 hours a day in your local time zone.

What are some best web apps developed with ReactJS?

ReactJS for enterprise applications is extremely beneficial. That is why, some of the largest apps of all time including Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix etc. have used ReactJS for web application development.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated ReactJS developer?

The cost of hiring dedicated ReactJS developers depends on the scale and required functionalities of your ReactJS application. We offer flexible engagement models that will maximize your ROI. Contact Us to discuss your ReactJS project requirements and get free cost estimates.

Why should I hire ReactJS developers from Third Rock Techkno?

Advantages of hiring ReactJS developers from Third Rock Techkno include:
High ROI with minimum cost
Excellent quality standards
Agile and lean development approach
Active post development support
Direct communication with dedicated ReactJS developers

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Our business consultants and industry strategists will devise just the right scoping document to meet your unique project needs.

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