Industry-Grade DevOps Consulting & Development Services

Optimize your IT operations with our curated DevOps development services

Pick up from a broad range of DevOps development & consulting services for efficient workload management, competitive Agile development, improved operations, and enhanced automated testing from one of its kind of DevOps service provider. Accelerate your company growth by consulting an all-in-one DevOps consulting company.

Industry-Grade DevOps Consulting & Development Services

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Our DevOps Development Services

A range of domain-specific devops services that escalate growth.

DevOps Consulting

We offer end-to-end DevOps consulting services that are curated for your particular requirements, and help you comply with your product quality and functional criteria

CI/CD implementation and management

Our fully managed CI/CD implementation solution improves every stage of the software development building to testing while optimizing the key areas - starting from fault isolation to backlogs reduction.

Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

We offer an extensive range of infrastructure management and monitoring solutions that enhances functionalities, reduces costs to maintain and improves the uptime.

Infrastructure as a Code

Be it improving system configuration or improving modification, our advanced infrastructure as a code solution optimizes your system efficiency, reduces data threats, and simplifies configuration mechanisms by manyfold.

The Key Highlights of Our DevOps Development Services

Competitive DevOps Solutions

Avail a compact DevOps solution that accommodates your every business requirement. Be it automated code quality testing or deploying enterprise-grade cloud-based infrastructure, adopt only the best DevOps solutions from one of the best devops services provider

Advanced Cloud Servers Deployment

Choose from a wide range of cloud servers deployment services from one of the top-notch DevOps consulting companies. Unleash the power of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, and many more through simple and fast web-scaling and performance optimization by one of the top DevOps consulting firms.

Market-Driven Development

Opt from our extensive range of DevOps development services that facilitates improved collaborations between your IT and operations team, streamlines and optimize the relevant workflows, and facilitates market-driven product development.

Fast & Secure Project Recovery

Ensure fast and secure project recovery from an enterprise grade DevOps services provider. We offer simple solutions to scan and fix issues and bugs in testing and operations. Starting from strengthening collaborations among teams to dealing with technical loopholes or bridging the knowledge gaps to use the correct DevOps tools, our all-in-one solution ensures fast and secure project recovery and delivery without compromising with the product quality.

Why Choose Us For Your Devops Services

Equipped with DevOps professionals with years-long expertise and market exposure, Third Rock Techkno offers top-notch DevOps services and solutions that are customized to be used in your specific use case to optimize the result and resources invested at the same time. Not only do we hold real-time experience in diverse DevOps services and solutions, but it's inbuilt in our culture and operational approaches that help your business get additional competitive advantages.

Highly Flexible & Scalable Team

Our industry-driven Agile methodologies are the building blocks of our compact DevOps solutions that help implement the industry’s best practices to develop feature-packed competitive products. High quality product development, optimum customer satisfaction, minimizing risks, and enhancing user control are some of the key focus areas of our Agile development approach that ensure highly competitive product development within your budget.

Advanced Cloud Servers Deployment

We are equipped with highly flexible teams with industry experts and professional developers that accommodate each of your product development requirements. Furthermore, our team holds high scalability to meet your dynamic product requirements to align with your key business goals.

Great Transparency

Our transparent and Agile work culture ensures there are no communication gaps or loopholes in any stage of development, testing, or maintenance. As a result, you can always remain updated with the 360 degree view of the progress and stay assured of your time, cost, and resources optimization.

Dedicated DevOps Expert

Our dedicated DevOps experts with market-driven strategies and approaches not just do mere DevOPs implementation, but offer a complete solution to build, grow, and excel while aiding in your key targets.

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