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React Native is a prominent open-source project of Facebook. It is ideal for developing mobile apps by using the popular and fast-growing React library. React Native development has transformed the mobile app development with higher speed and performance.

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Very good communication at all stages. Always prompt to reply. Excellent quality of work. The team at Third Rock Techkno was communicative, responsive, and accommodating as they produced high-quality work.

Jonathan Wood, Smoovr


It was a pleasure working with the TRT team. Prior to contracting this group, I had a system created that was absolutely terrible and poorly developed. I also worked with a few freelancers that couldnt cut it either. TRT was actually able to execute on our concept and have built a truly solid system for our company.

Karl Pierre, Ontime

Main Features of React Native

Speed & Performance

React framework uses unique techniques to economize DOM operations required to update the UI. React 15.4.0. It also introduced a new performance timeline feature which allows the developers to see exactly when the components get updated, mounted and unmounted.


React is a component-based framework. With each component designed with specific logic, we can create a user interface of the web application. The logic is written in JavaScript instead of templates, so developers can easily pass the data throughout the application and keep the state out of the DOM.

Server-Side Communication

The library of React Native empowers developers by giving them lifecycle hooks to enable the server requests. This feature makes it easy to understand the mechanism of XHR requests and easily updates the library to use them.

Asynchronous Functions

One of the significant reasons for the immense use of React Native app development is the asynchronous function and generators offered by ES6.

Recent React Native Development Blogs

16 Jun 2021 | 10 Min Read
How to Build an Efficient Mobile App Architecture In 2021

Mobile apps ever since their inception have brought in a paradigm change and they are here to stay. Be it business or our chores in daily life, mobile apps have become our lifelines. More so in today’s pandemic-ridden world, mobile apps were used extensively as the world was confined in their houses. Various stats also tell the same story. The rise of app development can be defined from various factors. One such factor is that the worldwide app revenue is expected to reach $935.2 billion by 2023 [] . However, the mobile app realm may seem all lucrative, one cannot deny the cut-throat competition in the modern day market. As far as the mobile app architecture is concerned, companies cannot become complacent about this. Because the modern business world is highly dynamic and is expanding rapidly. Thus, if you cannot keep pace with the changing trends, you will not get the desired results for your business. So to face the fierce competition heads-on, the business needs to be well-versed in mobile app architecture. Because if the architecture is not up to the mark, the entire app development [] process will go haywire. In this blog, we will understand the nuances about app architecture. Moreover, we will see the steps that help you build the right mobile app architecture in 2021. Table of Content * What is mobile app architecture? [] * Defining mobile app architecture diagram [] * iOS app architecture [] * Android mobile app architecture [] * Enterprise mobile app architecture [] * Ways to bring consistency to your mobile app architecture [] * Presentation Layer [] * Business Layer [] * Data Layer [] * Factors that will define the mobile app architecture [] * Defining the user interface [] * Selecting the app navigation [] * Finalizing the type of the device [] * The curious case of Bandwidth scenarios [] * How to choose mobile app architecture? [] * Customized mobile app development [] * Web Application [] * Native application [] * Cross platform application [] * Conclusion [] Thus, before getting into the thick of things, let us understand the meaning of efficient mobile app architecture. What is mobile app architecture? To put it in a straightforward manner, mobile app architecture is a set of techniques and patterns which need to be followed in order to build a full-fledged and feature-rich mobile application. Although the technique and the patterns can be changed and customized as per the requirement of the vendor. But, care should be taken that while making the changes, the industry standards are kept intact. Defining mobile app architecture diagram Image Line: A detailed description of the nuances of mobile app architecture diagram If the mobile app is independent of external resources, then mobile app architecture is correct in the true sense. Because of the independence, the efficiency of the mobile app will remain consistent irrespective of the mobile OS platform. Moreover, make sure that the mobile app architecture diagram is not exposed to the other OS. If the mobile app architecture diagram is not exposed, it can work regardless of the status of the program. iOS and Android mobile OS platforms are the major two operating systems in the app development realm. Keeping the requirements of the modern-day businesses in mind, mobile app architecture is divided in three major types: * iOS mobile app architecture * Android mobile app architecture * Enterprise app architecture iOS app architecture The tried and tested iOS mobile app architecture is majorly divided into four parts: Core services:  The core services do nothing but provide direct access to the database along with the file controls Interface level: The Interface Level is also known as Cocoa Touch. The level has a plethora of elements that are distinctly used for creating many interfaces. In addition, the cocoa touch also renders information to the layers that are coming from the users. Core OS: The Core OS is also known as the Kernel Level. The level directly works with the file system and also controls the validity of the certificates. These certificates belong to the apps. Moreover, the Kernel Level is also responsible for the security of the entire system. Media level: This level here contains all the tools that are related to process all media formats If you wish to have a high quality iOS mobile app architecture, you need to include an MVC and its prototypes. MVC (Massive View Controller) is difficult to be identified as a separate entity as it is so immersed in the view life cycle. In a nutshell, the main responsibility of the view is to send the actions directly to the controller. The iOS developers need to understand that the View Controller is a data source. In addition, it is a place to start and cancel the server requests. Android mobile app architecture In today’s high-profile app development world, it is always best to implement clean architecture for mobile app development. Transition between layers in android mobile app architecture is very important. The transition here is carried out through two different interfaces: * For request purpose * For answer purpose The two different layers are essential as then the inner layer will not be dependent on the outer layer. Moreover, if you wish to direct dependency towards the reverse flow data, you need to use the principle of dependency inversion. This in android mobile app architecture means that one should refrain from using the used cases. Because they are directly dependent on the interface in its layer instead of the presenter. Top Android App Development Trends in 2021 Read More [] Enterprise mobile app architecture Enterprise mobile apps make the communication process between clients and employees easier. Thus, it will become inevitable to have a solid enterprise mobile app architecture in 2021. The new-age businesses rely heavily on the strategic use of IT technology. And a prudent enterprise mobile app architecture will help them attain the much-needed edge over their peers. In order to make a good enterprise mobile app, businesses should make a balance between their IT and business requirements. This balance will help you sustain your app in the rapidly changing business world. You will not face general problems such as low speed, app scalability issues, maintenance problems, etc. A well thought out enterprise mobile app architecture is the ‘need of the hour’, especially in 2021. Source: IBM Mobile Architecture [] Now it is time to see the ways that will help in bringing consistency to the app architecture. Architecture Presentation Patterns: MVC vs MVP vs MVVM Read More [] Ways to bring consistency to your mobile app architecture It is an unwritten rule that consistency is the key to success in any field. The rule stands true for app architecture designing as well. Because if the designing process is not executed properly, it will not yield the desired results. Thus in order to achieve consistent flow in mobile app architecture, you need to take care of three layers: Presentation Layer The presentation layer in the app architecture consists of the UI process component and UI components. Thus, this layer mainly deals with the views and the controllers. Inside the presentation layer, the app development team needs to decide the actual presentation of the app. They need to zero down the way the app will present itself in front of the end users. Moreover, in this layer of mobile app architecture, the focus is on finalizing the location along with the features. In addition to the location and features, there is other stuff to look at as well. It includes defining the font size, the theme, etc. of the mobile application. Business Layer After finalizing the aesthetics portion of the mobile app development, the next step is to focus on the business aspect. The business layer as the name itself suggests is for all aspects related to the business front. In the business layer it is decided how the actual business will be presented by the mobile app. Since it is directly presented in front of the end users, everything should be pitch-perfect. The layer includes different things like business components, different workflows, etc. In addition, it has the entities of the domain model layer and service model layer. The above-mentioned domain layer is for showing knowledge and expertise to enhance the mobile for the future. On the other hand, the service layer is for defining the common set of applications in the mobile app architecture. Data Layer After the business layer comes the last stage which is known as the data layer. Here, data related to different factors are kept in mind. The data layer includes the data access to service agents. Along with that it includes data access to helpers and access components as well. While working on the three layers, businesses should know that they are three components of two subheads: * Network Layer * Persistent Layer Here the persistent layer in the mobile app architecture renders simplified access to the all-important data.  While the network layer takes care of all the networking calls. 12 Best Frameworks For Android Application Development in 2020 Read More [] Factors that will define the mobile app architecture There are several important factors that the business should consider while finalizing the mobile app architecture in 2021. For your benefit, we have listed few of the top factors below: Defining the user interface The user interface is one of the most important mobile app architecture properties. As mentioned in the presentation layer as well, UI is the final look of the mobile app. Thus, the developers should make sure that the UI is as simple as possible. A complex user interface is a huge turn off for the customers. A complicated UI will confuse the end-user and will also hamper their overall user experience. This confusion will compel them to leave the mobile app and never come back again. Thus make sure to design the UI keeping the needs and wants of the end-customer in mind. Selecting the app navigation If the navigation of the mobile app is improper, it will dampen the overall image of the app. Thus, during the course of mobile app development, the developers should pay keen interest while doing the app navigation. An ideal mobile app navigation has some empathic traits. It should be in such a manner that the users should reach their desired page without wasting much time. Moreover, there are a plethora of navigation methods for the benefit of the developers: * Single View * Stacked Navigation Bar * Scroll Views * Tab Controller * Modular Controller * Gesture-based Navigation Finalizing the type of the device There are a myriad of categories when it comes to new age tech devices. The categories include tablets, smartphones, watches and many more. Thus for a profound mobile app architecture, the businesses should be well aware of the device. Because of the mobile application architecture properties will differ from device to device. Thus, you need to keep in mind the resolution, the memory, screen size, storage capacity, etc. therefore, for different platforms, the selection of mobile app architecture becomes even more crucial. The curious case of Bandwidth scenarios You cannot neglect the scenario of bandwidth at any point. For example, if there are high bandwidth fluctuations in the area of your end users, it will dampen their spirits. Moreover, it will also create a negative image of your mobile app. Thus, while designing the mobile app architecture, keep a keen eye on the bandwidth scenario. Because if neglected, it can prove disastrous in the long run. Thus, the key here is to design the bandwidth by considering the worst possible internet scenario. How to choose mobile app architecture? Since there are different types of mobile apps according to their usage, the selection of app architecture can’t be uniform. Moreover, the budget of mobile app development plays a significant role in the selection process. Thus, according to different types of app development, we have curated a list to choose mobile app architecture. Customized mobile app development The app architecture in custom mobile app development is cost effective and can target a larger audience. You can use the app on both Android and iOS platforms or for specific audiences too. It would be cost-effective as the client has to pay only for the audience he/she is willing to target. Cost To Develop A Custom Application: A Complete Guide Read More [] Web Application Is your aim to achieve more customer engagement. Then you must always opt for the combination of a website app and native app. Here the mobile app architecture in the native app will give high-end user experience. On the other hand, the website application will increase the reach of your product. Native application If you do not have any budget constraint, Native app should be the option for you. You can build separate apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Native apps give higher performance and functionalities and enhance the user experience as well. Cross platform application In case your aim is to expand your user base but you also are tight on budget, opt for cross-platform application. Here, the developers just need to code once and this they can use anywhere as per requirement. Moreover, despite being cost-effective, here you might have to compromise with the quality of the app. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient application? 'Hire Dedicated Developers []'. Conclusion If the mobile app architecture is not in order, you cannot expect high results from the mobile app. Mobile app development has expanded by leaps and bounds but the base has still remained the same. Thus, in order to avail full advantage of the mobile app, you need to hire an experienced mobile app development company. [] Because if the company is not worth its salt, it will not benefit your business. Reduce your App development costs With the right technology and industry expertise, we build software products that maximize your ROI. Schedule a free consultation call [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! []

14 Jun 2021 | 8 Min Read
Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Dedicated Development Teams For Your Startup

The entire premise of a Start Ups is not without complications. Almost everything looks and sounds expensive and yet, you fall at the altar of quality even if it is expensive, because after all, you’re just starting out and if you don’t have what it takes to back your promises, then you’re not going to get anywhere. Of course, you’d go over calculations again and again in your head about where you can cover the costs and how you can continue to grow your business in the most cost efficient way. One of these areas of ‘cost cutting’ is hiring a development team. Table of Content * What is the working model of the Dedicated Development Team? [] * The risk and rewards of hiring dedicated development teams [] * Access to Global Talent [] * Quick turnaround time [] * No Additional Overheads [] * How to Hire a Dedicated Developer? [] * Create an Outline for your Requirements [] * Research [] * Provide Flexibility [] * Concluding Thoughts [] The ideal scenario would be for you to have an experienced and qualified team that works on your application right from the ideation stage to the execution and maintenance of the app, however, the truth can be slightly different. In order to ensure that you can get the best of digital and developmental services, the only option these days is to go for an outsourced dedicated development team. What is the working model of the Dedicated Development Team? So, the first thing that people think of when they hear the word “outsource” is a detached entity managing your online presence. However, things have changed over the course of the last decade and hiring dedicated development teams that work exclusively for you as your employees is a thing now! As we are ushered in an increasingly online dependent world, the service sector has improvised to find the best way to cater to your requirements and this process is just an example of the same. In this work model, a company that has the requirement outsources their various web and software management/ maintenance obligations to an IT company that puts together a team of development experts to work ‘dedicatedly’ on said project. This Startup that is looking to hire these resources can actually handpick who they want to work on their project from a list of profiles that the outsourcing company provides you. This outsourcing model is extensively used by companies all over the world who want quality services at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time operatives for their own company. Since start ups typically have nascent financial corpus and somewhat restricted infrastructure, hiring dedicated development teams can be extremely beneficial. Let’s assume that your startup is already underway with a fairly decent team size working through clients, projects, and so on and so forth, it might pose a challenge to scrape together enough financial capital to set up an entire development center in order to boost your existing set up. This is where; having a remote development team comes into picture. As you hire them, you are not only hiring their expertise but also do not have to bear the burden of setting up the infrastructure (including expensive technology stacks and software) in order to get your requirements met. The risk and rewards of hiring dedicated development teams Right at the outset, the biggest risk that presents itself when it comes to outsourcing your requirements to a third party is the trust factor. I mean, you are, quite literally handing your online identity to them. There are certain trade secrets, ideas, objectives that you don’t want them to mess up, much less share with your competitors. However, that doesn’t have to be. Associating with a reputable company can take this issue off the table entirely. You see, most established and reputed offshore development companies have a non disclosure agreement in place which is a mandatory step to begin any project. The breach of this agreement will lead to legal action preventing any and all parties from committing any malfeasance. So, now that we’ve covered the moderately scary part, let us please move on to the more pleasant aspects. There are many advantages to hiring dedicated development teams. But, in the interest of keeping things concise, we will stick to the best ones. A. Access to Global Talent One of the biggest benefits as we see it is to be able to tap into the infinite resource pool that is not limited by geography. With this outsourcing model, you can now ensure that you don’t have to settle for something that you aren’t a big fan of just because it is in close proximity to you. A simple online search can help you identify hundreds, if not thousands, of companies situated all over the world that offer niche services that you desire at a price point that you are comfortable with. B. Quick turnaround time Don’t we all want what we want when we want it? Having a dedicated development team makes sure that the people in charge of addressing your web and software requirements are working exclusively for you, thereby, making your work a priority. What’s more, at the time of signing your initial agreement, you will be proposed estimated timelines that you can go over and then begin the project with a mutual consent of the deadlines. The work is quick and there is no dillydallying about it. With excellent tools for task management [] , you can keep track of how well your team is working and have complete transparency about the stages of completion. Top 9 Best Task Management Software To Use in 2020 Read More [] C. No Additional Overheads Now, this one is perhaps the most important of all advantages. No startup wants to dilute its initial earnings in setting up an entirely new branch of operations. With an outsourcing option, you can not only hire a full fledged team of experienced developers to work for you exclusively, you also don’t have to pay for new systems, a new development centre, software, technology stack and any other infrastructural obligations. You hire an agency that offers a dedicated team with the expertise that you want at a price point that you like. Simple! How to Hire a Dedicated Developer? Although a quick Google search with the right keywords will present you with over a thousand options, it might get a little too confusing so as to which one is the right one for your particular requirements. So, here’s a blueprint to go about finding just the perfect match for you. A. Create an Outline for your Requirements The first and foremost thing to do is to create a sketch of exactly what you want. If you have a vision it is very important to have a clear picture of exactly what it is. This will help you filter your requirements such that you find only developers that have the kind of expertise or experience in materializing your ideas. In case you don’t have a clear vision, or need some assistance with respect to what their final project would look like, there are teams that assist in the ideation process as well. So, once you start working on your outline and you know you need ideas, you can search precisely for those companies that have resources that can help you with turnkey solutions. RFP for Software Development: How To Write an Effective Request For Proposal Read More [] B. Research Researching more about the company that you are planning to outsource is extremely important. You have to make sure that they have a proper non disclosure policy in place. If not, they are willing to sign an NDA with you for the duration of your project and for the intellectual property that belongs to you even after the project is over. You will also have to take a look at the work that they have done earlier on reputed ranking and reviews platforms [] and whether it is in line with what you expect them to do. When you hire a dedicated developer, it is important to have an open and clear conversation with him or her directly, so that you know if you will be able to work with him or her well. Also, take a look at the softwares that they work with and research about them because knowing the platform on which your web or app is to be developed is also important. Third Rock Techkno Named Among Top Software Developers 2021 in India Read More [] C. Provide Flexibility Sometimes, we think we know what we want, but that might not be in the best interest of our company. Therefore, trusting a developer who has worked on similar projects, who you have handpicked to work with, is critical. If more clients understood this, there would perhaps be fewer memes about the struggles of the development fraternity. If your developer has suggestions, hear them out. Take some time to think about why they would be suggesting what they are and whether it has some merit. Allow them a little bit of flexibility, because unhappy developers may be able to code, but the happy ones are really the ones that make miracles with application. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient application? 'Hire Dedicated Developers []'. Concluding Thoughts Hiring Dedicated Developers has many advantages but you must approach the subject with an open mind. Getting regular updates, being open to suggestions, drawing clear expectation outlines and staying in touch with your team or developer can make the process not only cost effective but also extremely fruitful. Going for a company of some repute that has already handled projects like the one that you have in mind might help. As a start up, you might want to focus on smaller companies because the big banner names may be reluctant to give up dedicated resources for small projects. Hiring Dedicated Developers works perfectly for long term projects, short term ones and even those that are only one time in nature. At Third Rock Techkno [] we ensure quality right from the first step. We not only have a pool of resources and profiles for you to handpick your team but we can assist right from the stage of ideation to execution. For more information, feel free to drop us a line right here []! Build Your Dream Project With The Best in Class Team We specialise in developing software solutions that maximize ROI without compromising on the quality. Hire Us [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! []

11 Jun 2021 | 10 Min Read
Reasons to choose ReactJS for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are taking businesses to new heights and are opening new revenue opportunities for them. Their importance can be analysed from the fact that their usage is not limited to a certain company or industry. The proliferation of mobile apps has companies thinking of new technologies to keep up with the rising demand. React JS is one such mobile app development framework that has left its mark on the app development realm. React JS app development uses the script of Java as Java is one of the most robust languages among all. According to researchers, websites and mobile apps built with React JS generate high amount of traffic []. This is the reason why marketing leading companies like BBC, Yahoo, PayPal, Indeed, etc. use React JS. We all are aware of the fact that in the present digital age, all companies want is to render quick information to their users. Thus, ReactJS development is used extensively to create impeccable apps for both iOS and Android platforms. In this blog, we will understand why ReactJS for mobile development is smart choice. Moreover, we will also see what makes mobile applications in ReactJS a class apart from their peers. React JS without a doubt is enabling front end developers to develop apps like never before. That is why it has become a top-notch choice for mobile app development. Table of Content * Why is React JS the optimal choice for mobile app development? [] * It offers exquisite cross-platform development service [] * Has an easier learning curve [] * Faster rendering with Virtual DOM [] * ReactJS is beneficial for mobile app owners [] * Open source and code reusability [] * ReactJS apps give native experience [] * Easy maintenance and better SEO performance [] * Ideal for both web and mobile development [] * Concrete and solid community support [] * Preferred choice of many fortune 500 companies [] * Conclusion [] Without further ado, let us dive deep and understand things clearly. How to Hire a ReactJS Developer and How Much They Cost? Read More [] Why is React JS the optimal choice for mobile app development? Source: Stack Overflow [] Since its inception in 2013, ReactJS has always had all the ingredients to be a complete mobile app development framework. Thus, companies around the world didn’t take much time to realize the worth of the framework developed by Facebook. Today, where businesses are always looking to get ahead of their peers, ReactJS has become one of their important allies. Now, we are going to explore why ReactJS for mobile app development is the best choice. It offers exquisite cross-platform development service The formula to success is pretty simple in the modern-day business realm. The companies need to understand what their customers want and just look to expand their user base. Here cross-platform application development comes into picture. Cross platform app development allows you to use the same code for both iOS and Android platforms. By using ReactJS, the developers can make apps for both OS platforms without any additional changes. This changes the entire paradigm of the business altogether. Now you can have a mobile app related to your kind of business. Moreover, you can reach a larger audience without digging deep into your pocket. Also, the companies don’t need to use different languages such as C++, Swift, Java, etc. Thus, along with reducing the app development time, ReactJS allows you to work with minimal resources as well. ReactJS uses JavaScript that has a profound library and APIs required in hybrid app development. With all these qualities, ReactJS development services acts as a game changer in the realm of mobile app development. Has an easier learning curve Source: Infographic: Angular vs React vs Vue [] ReactJS framework is pretty straightforward and easier to understand as compared to other popular mobile app development frameworks. Unlike Vue or Angular, here the developers just need the basics of JavaScript. The easier learning curve is one of the main reasons why ReactJS is popular among the present-day mobile app developers. It also gives them the creative liberty to try out newer things besides helping in quick app development. In today’s cut-throat and competitive market scenario, timing becomes very important. For example, you and your business competitor have a similar app development idea. And if he is able to act on it and release the app before, he will get the ‘early-bird’ advantage. Thus, hiring an experienced ReactJs development company becomes very important. Since the app development framework is easier to learn, it boots productivity as well. In mobile apps with complex logic, change in a single component can create havoc. Thus, here ReactJS development services act as a framework that facilitates management. INFOGRAPHIC: Javascript Framework Faceoff - Angular vs React vs Vue Read More [] Faster rendering with Virtual DOM A definitive structuring is very important when it comes to high-load mobile applications. Moreover, developers need to ensure that the structure should not negatively impact the performance of the mobile application. ReactJS uses virtual DOM that ensures that changes done at the upper layer do not cause problems at the lower layer. DOM is nothing but a logical structure that is available in formats such as HTML, XML etc. With ReactJS, the developers have the liberty to first make changes in the virtual representation of the DOM. After that, they can skillfully do the required things that are needed for the DOM operations. After calculating the minimum scope, the developers can easily update the real DOM tree. This process ensures that the mobile apps have high performance levels. Moreover, the apps excel in rendering better user experience as well. ReactJS is beneficial for mobile app owners Along with the mobile app developers, mobile apps in ReactJS are highly beneficial for the mobile app owners as well. The framework has a plethora of benefits which includes smoother rendering process, better productivity, etc. Moreover, since it fosters cross platform mobile app development, it helps in developing better connections with the customers. Customer satisfaction is paramount irrespective of the business that we work in. Because, if the customers are not happy, your mobile app will not be successful. ReactJS allows the mobile app owners to understand the actual needs and wants of their end-users. Along with being easy on their pocket, ReactJS mobile app development allows them to include exquisite features. All the features are included by understanding the current market trend and customer requirement. Since the app development framework is quick, the mobile app owners can be swift in implementing timely changes and upgrades. In the present day business realm, mobile app development companies lose the plot when they stop understanding their customers. With ReactJS at work, you are never at risk of facing this situation. Hiring A Reactjs Developer? Consider These Things First Read More [] Open source and code reusability One has to agree to the fact that an open source mobile app development [] framework has the charm of its own. ReactJS supports the application of single-page mobile applications as well. Since it uses JavaScript, it becomes easier for the developers to write components. Facebook has included an optional extension in JavaScript named JSX. JSX is used as an optional syntax extension. Moreover, in the quest of giving more power to the front-end developers, React has recently released Reapp. This mobile app development platform is specifically designed for high performance apps. Along with enhancing the productivity, Reapp has a well-optimized [] toolkit that helps the developers to build easily. Moreover, the code reusability feature of ReactJS renders great benefits to the app developers. They do not have to code separately for different functions thus can reduce the app development cycle drastically. Since the number of codes is less, there are minute chances of mistakes. Code reusability also helps in increasing the accuracy and speed of the mobile application. ReactJS apps give native experience With code reusability, we need no rocket science to understand that all codes are comparable in ReactJS. Be it iOS or Android platform, the codes can be compared across mobile OS platforms as well. Mobile applications in ReactJS give a native experience as all fundamental units are capable of serving any mobile gadget. Unlike the general native processors, ReactJS uses Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This unit makes it easier for the user interface to lay mounted. In addition, Mobile apps in ReactJS are highly agile and swift as compared to other frameworks. Thus, along with giving a native experience, ReactJS for mobile app development helps in faster execution as well. Since the building blocks of ReactJS apps are solid, they can perform in any given circumstances. Their consistency across platforms has put the ReactJS mobile apps in a league of their own. Thus, ReactJS apps leave no stone unturned in rendering an astounding native app experience. Top 10 Famous Websites Built with React JS in 2021 Read More [] Easy maintenance and better SEO performance Companies need to understand that mobile app development in general is an ongoing process. It is not completed as soon as you have launched your app in the market. With ReactJS, the mobile app owners face no problem in solving the issues of updates. This is the reason why ReactJS development services are greatly used in mobile apps with complex structure. Moreover, leading companies across the world irrespective of their genre recommend ReactJS app development. Since it is easier for the developers to re-use the system components, there is nothing ‘out of the ordinary’ for them. As they work in a known territory, their efficiency is bound to increase. The ReactJS framework has an added quality of expanding your business on the basis of accurate SEO. The framework efficiently deals with the search engine issues to read JavaScript of apps. Once the issue is addressed, the developers can run the app on the servers. While on the other hand the framework lets the browser work as a regular web page. This process plays a pivotal role in enhancing the app ranking and making it more visible. As the mobile applications in ReactJS are more SEO friendly, it helps in escalating growth of the business. Ideal for both web and mobile development Along with having cross-platform mobile applications, businesses should have other bases covered as well. ReactJS development assists in developing superlative web and mobile apps. The framework follows the same design pattern and allows smooth transition between web and mobile apps. With JavaScript, ReactJS has a pool of rich user interfaces that support the apps irrespective of the platform. In addition, ReactJS has real-time reloads. It allows the developers to see the results of the changes made into the system in real-time. It plays an important role in reducing the time taken for web and app development. Moreover, ReactJS development has a modular architecture and a generous ecosystem as well. Why Reactjs For SaaS is The Next Big Thing in 2021 Read More [] Concrete and solid community support ReactJS is developed by Facebook, thus has a strong community support. Thus, whenever the mobile app developers face difficulty during mobile app development, they can take assistance from the community. This ensures that the entire mobile app development process is completed in a hassle free manner. In addition to this, a strong community support gives the developers the confidence to work on tough projects as well. The React developers’ community is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. The developers are committed to make a better frontend framework with time. Currently, the cross-platform app development framework has 1331 contributors and 136,079 starts on Github. [] Along with the contributors, there are experts of the framework who are constantly sharing their knowledge. They are uploading free-tutorials on YouTube and boosting the community to a great extent. For instance, if you search for ‘ free react tutorials’, Google will bombard you with a plethora of results. Besides the above-mentioned platforms, there are ReactJS contributors on different sites like Quora and Stack overflow as well. There too, you can get reliable answers to all your queries. Preferred choice of many fortune 500 companies Are you still in doubt as far as the credibility of ReactJS development is concerned? Well, to address this fact further, mobile applications in ReactJS are preferred choices of many fortune 500 companies. The list includes the names of market leaders such as Walmart, Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent QQ and many more. Along with the mobile app, the React Native web framework is also quite popular. Top companies around the world such as PayPal, Netflix, Lyft, BBC, and the New York Times, etc. use React JS. And their success is a clear example of how amazing and credible ReactJS development is. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire ReactJS Developers [] '. Conclusion Mobile apps in ReactJS have all the ingredients of taking your business to places. But the key here lies in selecting the best ReactJS development company [] . Businesses need to understand that they cannot leverage the benefits of the framework if the app developer is not proper. Thus, companies need to sort their priorities first and understand what they actually want from the app. After that only they should look for suitable mobile app development partners. Build World-Class Reactjs App at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our business consultants in the US and development teams in India work together to ensure your business needs are met with maximum ROI. Get Free Estimation For Your Project [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krunal Shah Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket. | Let's connect! []

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