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Web Development

Our team of dedicated developers is well-versed in web and software development. We provide state of the art frontend and backend services using the best technologies and frameworks in web development. With insights about the latest technology trends, knowledge and expertise in web development, our dedicated developers optimize your web applications for maximum benefit.

We create web applications for our clients to help their business grow by streamlining business processes, internal communication, organizational efficiency, increasing revenue growth and gaining an edge over competitors.

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Mobile App Development

With the right knowledge and skills about the latest technology in mobile app development, Third Rock Techkno creates mobile app solutions for our clients across sectors. Mobile apps have become a major point of attention for users given the huge leap in technology, internet speed, and access. Today, mobile apps are the main medium of digital interaction. Therefore, mobile app development is an important factor in consumer retention and business growth. Our expert mobile app development team has the expertise to develop globally popular Android and iOS apps so that you can scale and sustain your business.

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Voice Development

Third Rock Techkno is a leading company providing solutions in voice app development technology. Our expert team of developers possesses expertise in voice app development.

Research suggests that by 2020 about 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants. Hence voice technology has tremendous scope to grow your business. Incorporating voice technology into your business will help you progress in tandem with the latest business trends and maximize your business output. Third Rock Techkno can help you achieve that.

If you have a mind-blowing idea, then let us know. We will turn it into reality.

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Best Custom Software Development Company in India

Third Rock Techkno, one of the best custom software development companies in India, offers an extensive range of custom software development services and solutions such as healthcare software development, custom CRM development, educational software development, and others.

How much does custom software development cost? It is no more a puzzle to solve. Starting from providing a fully managed service for MVP in product management to helping you with hiring developers for startup - this custom software development company in India stands tall from the crowd due to having a budget-friendly custom software development hourly rate. We offer a compact solution for custom software development and consulting.

Hire ReactJS Developers

ReactJS is highly sought-after among the developers for multiple advantages like highly competent, great cross-platform support, UI-centric design, and others. To unleash its full potential, you must hire ReactJS developers with professional expertise and in-depth domain knowledge. We, at Third Rock Techkno, ensure optimum efficiency to bring out the best in your product development project by letting you hire ReactJS developers with years-long professional experience.

Hire Angular Developers

Angular development is popular for ensuring high speed, performance, productivity and compatibility. To utilize it in the right way you can hire Angular developers from Third Rock Techkno, who are highly skilled and have real-time expertise in handling professional Angular projects. You can hire Angular developers from our wide pool of talent in Third Rock Technko to ensure a strong market positioning of your final product.

Hire a React Native Developer

To leverage the unlimited opportunities and growth scope provided by React Native development, hire React Native developers with a strong portfolio and industry-grade knowledge from Third Rock Techkno. You can also explore unlimited opportunities by opting for a one of its kind ReactJS development company with high skills and diverse domain-specific experience. From competitive web development to mobile applications development with high compatibility, one can utilize the best of the talents by choosing from this ReactJS development company that strives to exceed your every expectation to hire a React Native developer or hire React developer.