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Third Rock Techkno is a top-ranked IT services company. We are an organization that thrives on client success. We bring over 10 years of experience in voice, web and mobile app development supported by the latest technologies. As technology keeps evolving, we strive to stay abreast of the latest technology trends. Whatever your requirement, our dedicated team of developers are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to see your project to successful completion. Hire dedicated developers on a flexible basis to suit your budget and needs.

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Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Unlike in-house developers who work on projects of the same organization, dedicated developers are equipped with a more versatile skill set. Dedicated developers gain vast exposure to a variety of projects meant for a diverse pool of intended users. You can avail advantages of the expertise of our dedicated developers without incurring costs like monthly salaries and other perks for an in house team.

Hiring dedicated developers ensure top-notch development within the shortest possible time frame. We have multiple teams of developers who are proficient in many different technologies. If you hire our dedicated developers, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered with maximum efficiency. If a project needs urgent execution, dedicated developers are easily accessible.

We believe in hardcore project planning. When you hire dedicated developers for a project, the project is split into different stages with strict deadlines. Our developers are led by resourceful team leaders who motivate and guide them to perform efficiently and meet all their deadlines. With a proper system in place, we ensure that dedicated developers always work with maximum productivity.

The biggest benefit of hiring dedicated developers is that you are free from all the responsibilities of managing an in house team. Project management is a very detailed process and guiding a development team requires a lot of effort. If you hire dedicated developers, we will lead the team to deliver the highest quality software so that you have more time to focus on your business.

How To Hire A Developer From Third Rock Techkno?

We follow a very simple hiring process

  • First, you share your technical requirements with us.
  • Then, based on your requirements, our business team will share the resumes of suitable candidates with you.
  • Next, your technical team shortlist the candidates and interviews them.
  • The candidate clears the interview and immediately that angular developer is added to your team.
  • The successful candidate starts working on your project immediately.
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