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10 Best Websites to Hire Freelance Web Developers & FAQs

Krunal Shah

Oct 27, 2022

8 min readLast Updated Dec 05, 2023

Freelance Websites

Quick Summary: The realm of software development has expanded at a rate of knots, and companies are looking to work with a larger talent pool. Find the best websites to hire freelance developers and expand your business horizon.

With the constant expansion of the tech business, established and budding companies would require many talented professionals who would be crucial for their business expansion plans.

Now with people looking to work remotely, it has become inevitable for firms to hire dedicated developers. Moreover, they must know about their experience, work expertise, skillset, and previous work while engaging them. Hiring freelance developers from reputed platforms is advised because the process is remote. Hiring from well-known freelance portals will help business organizations to get the best talent available and be safe from any forgery or duplication.

Therefore, we have created a list of the ten best websites that are well-suited to hire freelance developers. We believe these are the best online platforms to help rectify the shortage problem for your work. Additionally, we will provide a set of FAQs that a business organization can ask the freelancer during the hiring process.

Leading Freelance Websites to Hire Developers

In-house or remote employees are the key to a company's success. However, the hiring process is even more crucial when it comes to hiring freelance developers. Look at the top 10 online platforms that will help businesses simplify hiring.

1. Fiverr

Source From Fiverr

One of the well-known freelance sites is Fiverr, has many freelancers in over 200 categories. The reasonable pricing on Fiverr stands out; you can get a professional developer to do any service you need for as little as $5. If you're prepared to invest more and need the best quality, you can hire seasoned freelancers with excellent reviews.

You never have to be concerned about receiving a hefty final bill on Fiverr. Projects are compensated by job; thus, the total cost is decided upon when you employ the freelancer. Furthermore, you have the right to free project cancellation if you don't receive a response from the project within 24 hours of it starting.

Another aspect of Fiverr that we appreciate is how simple it is to determine whether hiring a freelancer is reliable and knowledgeable. All freelance websites offer reviews, but Fiverr's simpler to search for. The ranking system on Fiverr makes it simple to identify the hidden gems by taking delivery time, client satisfaction, and service quality into account.

2. Toptal

Toptal presents itself as a worldwide talent network to hire freelance developers. Additionally, the platform has five core freelancer categories—designers, developers, financial specialists, product managers, and project managers—. There are more than 200 different sorts of developers alone, which you may find by clicking through the talent directory.

There is an extensive screening procedure, and the finalization process could take up to five weeks. A freelancer can leave Toptal if they don't go past round one. So, a business organization can be sure you're receiving the best.

3. Upwork

One of the keys to getting the best work from freelancers is trust, which can be built only over time. So as a business organization, if you are looking to hire freelance developers for a more extended period, Upwork is the best platform.

A dynamic freelance marketplace with millions of active accounts is Upwork. You may quickly find your next favorite freelancer by submitting a task or looking through thousands of gigs.

Payment Protection from Upwork provides an additional measure of protection. Freelancers are encouraged to deliver precisely what they've promised because payment is not issued until clients approve the work.

Along with being one of the best places to hire freelance developers, Upwork is a great place to find freelance writers, IT support, data science, and graphic design professionals.


There are numerous options on to hire freelance developers who come from about 250 different countries. Although, it doesn't have the variety of freelancers that can be found on Upwork and Fiverr. We found this site to be more user-friendly even though it is comparable to other freelance sites in that you can either start a project or search for freelancers.

Here the businesses need to spend on the add-on features to hire freelance developers. Therefore, it is a costlier platform compared to Fiverr and Upwork. Additional costs are associated with including the project, making it private, using a recruiter, and requesting an NDA. However, it won't be a problem for you if the company doesn't plan to employ any of these add-ons.

5. YouTeam

With YouTeam, business organizations can browse the profiles of software engineers and conduct in-person interviews with them, just like Upwork and TopTal. Just like on TopTal, the developers go through a rigorous screening procedure.

The difference is that you would locate developers on YouTeam that aren't genuinely independent contractors. They are part of devoted teams employed full-time by nearby software companies. However, clients and developers work together directly without a project manager (Project Manager).

Moreover, if the firm wants to hire freelance developers for short-term projects, YouTeam might not be the right platform. However, YouTeam is a fantastic option if the firm is seeking a front-end developer to join your back-end team and assist in creating the product interface over a few months. YouTeam may also be able to help if you need an app developer to make the entire app for your e-commerce website.

Development firms employ all developers and won't move on to other projects until the current one's scope is complete. The development staff solely focuses on your project, and all legal and financial matters are handled through a single, practical interface.

6. CodementorX

Businesses can hire independent programmers through CodementorX, which selects them from a pool of mentors. Like other platforms, the hiring procedure involves you stating your needs.

·    The CodementorX consultant contacts you and aids in your search for the ideal fit.

·    You are provided with a shortlist of 1-2 developers who can meet your needs.

·    You interview the shortlisted individuals after reviewing their profiles.

·    With the developer you've selected, start a test project.

The platform renders a relatively fast recruitment process that allows business organizations and freelance developers to start immediately. It has a risk-free trial period and a streamlined AI-powered matching process. On the other hand, if you wish to hire freelance developers for long-term projects, CodementorX might not be the right place.


7. MoonLightWork

Besides being a diverse place to hire freelance developers, MoonLightWork is a community where companies can find product designers and software developers. The business houses have the freedom to pay directly to the freelancers via MoonLightWork or hire them hourly.

The online platform is easy to use and has a safer payment method. Moreover, it is majorly automated and offers freelancers a free trial period. Although the screening process is not as stern as Toptal or Upwork, the options to hire freelance developers are also minimal. Start-ups looking to hire freelancers should keep MoonLightWork at bay as most developers here are based in the US, and their rates could be high.


As mentioned, the online platform is only for hiring freelance developers. This makes the hiring process faster as businesses explicitly looking for developers would come to this online platform. In addition, has a strict screening process; therefore, the talent one will find here would be nothing but the best.

Although the developers here are dedicated to one project, no client feedback is available. Moreover, the customer service is not streamlined, and the platform has a lengthy sign-up process.

9. Pilot

The Pilot is an online platform for recruiting that links customers from across the globe with vetted engineers and designers that handle the hiring procedures. The screening process is so strict that out of all the developers and designers going through, only 1% clear it. Also, the platform has a skill-based assessment. It means the Pilot verifies a programmer's claimed knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If the business organization is looking to hire freelance developers and designers on a long-term basis, Pilot might be a perfect choice. Although there are not many reviews available thus, it can become a little challenging to understand the developers' previous work.

10. Guru

The website functions similarly to other platforms, but we liked the Work Room functionality. Multiple freelancers can be added to a project, which is impossible on other websites. I also enjoy that I can assign roles and manage all the assignments, payments, and communications in one location.

It is easier to find freelancers for programming and development, and companies can look for designers and professionals in art, writing, and translation. Also, Guru's fees for hiring freelance developers are way higher than their peers, but companies get access to qualified freelancers.


Concluding Remarks

With the advent of technology, businesses are looking to work with a broader talent pool of developers. Therefore, opting for freelance hiring platforms becomes a better option as these platforms will deliver all services in one place. Although, firms must always look to hire freelance developers only from the top online platform to get the best quality and value for their money.

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FAQs to Hire Freelance Developers

After understanding the top platforms where business organizations can find top-quality freelancers, it is time to understand the answers to the top questions that will help businesses make better hiring decisions.

  1. What is the process for hiring the best freelance developers?

There are several choices, including going to freelancing sites like Upwork, Toptal, YouTeam, or dedicated software development companies or using your network, social media, development groups, and events.

2. What are the benefits of working with freelance developers?

Businesses would access a larger talent pool at cost-effective rates compared to an in-house team. Moreover, it would allow them to work beyond regular office time without giving any overtime and have a more productive output.

3. How much does it cost to hire a freelance developer?

It depends on the geographic location of the freelancer. Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia are among the offshore areas where people are most frequently hired. You may access our study on the rates of independent developers in each offshore nation here.

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