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15 Web App Ideas That Can Be Shaped Into Successful Startups

Krunal Shah

Dec 30, 2020

8 min readLast Updated Dec 06, 2022

web app ideas for successful startups

The global economy was heavily hit by the pandemic but entrepreneurs are super excited to start a business in 2021. It’s not surprising considering how the world has been favorable to great startup ideas. Every year, startups are able to raise more money collectively than the previous ones. Are you too a startup enthusiast looking for a great idea to start your own business? Here are the best web app ideas that you can work on to launch a successful startup in 2020.

1. A web app that alerts about a potential disease outbreak

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 taught everyone around the globe, it’s the importance of timely alerts of a disease outbreak.

Millions of COVID-19 cases could have been prevented if scientists and experts had suspected that the first few cases would lead to a pandemic. So a web app that tracks the cases of known diseases or sends out an alert for a new kind of disease can potentially help prevent a pandemic in the future.

You can leverage machine learning and AI to help hospitals, governments, and health experts gather all the relevant data. The app could also help in detecting the difference between people who have other illnesses like flu and those who have serious symptoms of more risky diseases..

2. An app to help users access their security systems instantly

Today, several security devices are being used by people at their homes and commercial establishments.

A web app that can control various security systems like CCTV cameras, intruder detection systems, and lockers can prove to be handy to a large number of users.

Using this app, the owners can answer people at their door, view suspicious CCTV footage, and see who has been around lockers and safes through the convenience of their smartphones.

3. A web app for people to share and compete with their selfies

We, humans, are an extremely narcissistic species. We love our selfies and the popularity of social media apps like Instagram is proof of this. People would love an app that allows them to compete against their friends in a selfie competition. It may not seem so but it’s one of the best web app ideas to explore in 2021.

You could include a leader board feature that allows people to enter a selfie tournament in which they upload their selfies and try to win the competition. The winner will gain certain points which will allow them to unlock new features that will help them in handling their selfies.

4. Making invitations more convenient

There is a very positive relationship between consumer preferences and convenience. A great web app idea could be to minimize the hassle of creating and sending out custom invitation cards to people for various occasions.

The user could select the contact details of invitees manually or send the invitations in bulk through social media. You could also use the push notification feature in your app to send reminders to your guests for the event.

5. An app that suggests recipes based on the availability of ingredients

A common dilemma that all of us face every day is, “what to cook today?". A recipe suggestion app can prove to be a lifesaver here. Just like other cooking apps, the recipe suggestion app will suggest the best recipe for a particular dish.

But what makes recipe suggestion one of the most viable web app ideas? Well, the app first asks the users about all the available ingredients in their kitchen. It will then decide the best dishes that could be made with those ingredients.

This could be a breakthrough web app idea for the ever-expanding food industry. The users have always wanted to ease the pains of cooking. Getting easy recipes at their fingertip would be likely preferred much more than ordering junk food.

6. Build a YouTube playlist assistant

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. Millions of users rely on YouTube for consuming high-quality video content. Every day the viewers consume around 1 billion hours of content in various different niches.

But because of such a vast variety of options, users would love it if they could get customized recommendations for their playlist. Even though YouTube does that already, it’s not very effective. The suggestions are often repetitive in nature.

So a web app with an AI assistant would certainly be very helpful to the users. The app could personalize video content from YouTube according to user preferences and their viewing history.

7. An app for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts

A web app dedicated only to entrepreneurs, investors, and startup enthusiasts is a low hanging fruit for you. However, the catch here is that you really have to understand your audience and give them concrete value. Your web app should offer them something that all the social media groups haven’t been able to do.

The app will prove to be a one-stop solution for companies looking to hire, individuals looking for a job in a startup, investors looking to invest in a startup, and startups looking for funding.

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8. A web app to have all the family interactions in one place

Family is an important part of life for each one of us. Naturally, a lot of energy and time goes into managing family meetups, reminding important days like birthdays and anniversaries, and other family tasks. An integrated communication app for families can help in managing all these tasks quite conveniently.

Your family communication web app could offer useful features like

  • A personal chatbox for private messaging with family members.
  • Family gallery for sharing and viewing pictures and videos.
  • To-do lists for different members for things like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc.
  • A family calendar where everyone can add their schedule for family meetups.

A dedicated web app for a family can help in bringing family members together.

9. A web app to help others from falling prey to criminal activities

A crime alert app is one of the most useful web app ideas you should seriously consider. It can help people in keeping a tab on the crimes happening in their neighborhood can prove to be a great web app idea.

Your crime alert app could function like any other social networking app. However, instead of social chit-chat, people can post updates about any crimes that have happened in their location.

You could also add a feature where people could discuss the crime event in groups based on location.

The app has the potential of preventing crimes by updating people and local police authorities promptly. By staying aware of recent crime updates, the users can keep themselves safe from such incidents.

10. An app idea for hobbyists

In our endeavor to collect as much money as possible, many times we leave our hobbies and passions behind.

Why should you wait until your retirement to learn how to play guitar or how to cook that Mexican dish?

A hobby connect web app can help people in reconnecting with their hobbies by letting them engage with others with similar passions. For example, a Guitarist can help other guitar enthusiasts in learning guitar by sharing music lessons on your hobby connect app.

You could also sell expert courses on the app for users to learn their favorite activities easily.

11. A web app for memes and gifs

memes and gifs web app idea

The meme culture is vibrant on the internet and social media is abuzz with gifs whenever something happens.

It would be a great idea to build a web app that acts as a one-stop solution for people looking for interesting and funny memes and gifs. Imagine if Giphy had memes in addition to the gifs!

You could add a feature where the users can also share their favorite memes and gifs from your app on their social media profiles.

Another interesting feature to add would be to add basic editing tools and let people create their memes and gifs easily through your app.


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12. A web app idea for enhancing tourism using Virtual Reality

Travel and hospitality have been one of the worst-hit industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With tighter budgets, the users are expected to become choosy while deciding their next holiday destination.

A virtual reality tourism app can prove to be a vital tool in helping the travel industry in attracting more travelers.

Your VR app could help in making the clients feel more comfortable and willing to travel by giving them a complete overview of the place and the hotel that they would be visiting.

Hotels, resorts, and other businesses could advertise on your app and tell you to create a VR video that would entice more customers to their hotels and resorts.

13. An Augmented Reality web app for smarter interior design

One of the major concerns while buying furniture or any other interior decoration item is whether it will suit the decor of your room.

How about an AR app that helps you style your room by allowing you to place 3D models of various items and furniture in your room? Look how well IKEA is doing that!

You could build a web app that enables users to drag and drop the articles on any place in the room that they wish. The furniture sellers could place their items on your app and if the users like the furniture, then they should be able to directly buy the furniture from your app, generating revenue for both furniture dealers as well as your business.

14. A web app idea for a healthy lifestyle

In the post-pandemic world, people have become more cautious about their health. You could build a holistic app that tracks the health of your users regularly. It could also make suggestions for nutrition and fitness based on your health condition every week.

The app could provide users with various healthy recipes. For example, if the user is a heart patient, then the app would recommend recipes that are healthy for the heart. As a potential revenue source, your app could connect the users with various professionals like yoga teachers, physiotherapists, and others and allow them to advertise on your platform.  

You could also partner with various groceries that deliver healthy food items.

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15. A web app to help foreigners navigate other countries easily

One of the major concerns of tourists traveling abroad is that they do not know the language of that country. Much confusion can be avoided if there is an app that can translate your voice into the local language on a real-time basis.

The app should be able to work both ways and translate the local language into your language as the locals speak.

The app can prove to be a great opportunity for local businesses targeting international travelers and these businesses would be more than happy to advertise on your platform.

Shape your web app idea into a profitable startup

In addition to the ones I shared above, there are tons of other web app ideas that can prove to be lucrative for a startup in 2021. However, the idea is only the tip of the iceberg. The success of your app idea depends on how well you are able to execute it.

As the first step, conduct thorough market research to validate your app idea. Then narrow down the features to one core functionality so you can build a quick MVP of your web app. Lastly, hire dedicated developers from countries like India to build an efficient MVP at lower costs.

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