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4 things to ponder when outsourcing to a Node JS development company

Krunal Shah

Oct 07, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Dec 12, 2022

Various factors play a role in your decision to outsource to a Node JS development company. Here are the important things you need to consider for right decision making.

Why are giant companies embracing Node.js for web development?

Walmart has recently adopted Node.js to serve the entire website traffic of NASA, too, switched from their old technology to Node.js to ensure secure access to data. Companies, such as Intel, PayPal, IBM, LinkedIn, Wall Street Journal, Capital One, along with many other giant companies, are embracing Node.js when it comes to website development.

JavaScript introduced various open-source technologies, and this time with Node.js, it is offering the vast ecosystem of open source libraries. A Node JS development company is providing services to build scalable network apps that work simultaneously with different OS threads.

Why is Node.js deemed better than others?

The lightweight and excellent solution structure of Node.js motivates businesses to choose Node.js for website development. Node.js is believed to reinvent the way websites are created. It empowers the developers to build complex functionality in days rather than weeks.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Google Chrome’s open-source JavaScript engine. It helps Node.js to execute data acceleration dynamically and effectively. It also makes the websites more responsive with improved security and no glitches. PayPal switched from Ruby on Rails to Node Js development services for secure and faster payment processing. Jeff Harrell, Director of Engineering at PayPal says that Node.js has empowered their team to accelerate the process to bring their designs to life.

Features of Node.js that are helping businesses

The advanced features of Node.js enable the developers to ensure high performance of a web application. Although these features are more helpful for the programmers, they offer good benefits to businesses by helping in quick, easier and cost-efficient application development. Some of the remarkable features of Node.js include:

  • Scalability

Node.js allows the programmers to scale an app in horizontal and vertical scales, thereby improving the performance of the application and preventing it from crashing.

  • Network application development

With built-in APIs of Node.js, a Node JS development company is empowered to build different types of chat server, web server and other network applications. The servers that can be developed include DNS Server, TCP Server, Jigsaw Server, HTTPS Server and more.

  • Non-blocking and event-driven I/O

The non-blocking features of Node.js enable an application to run seamlessly, without blocking or waiting for information inputs. It sends information and performs other tasks concurrently. It can fetch information as soon as it receives it from the server.

  • Easy testing

Node.js helps in unit testing, which is facilitated by many good testing libraries offered by the environment.

Core benefits offered by Node.js

  • Lightweight

Node.js website development process is accelerated by the V8 JavaScript engine without any compromise on quality and security. The I/O model of Node.js app works without blocking the thread, which makes the application scalable and lightweight.

  • Perfect for microservices

Node.js enables you to process your application while you are using it. A Node JS development company can help you scale only the selected and required parts of your application. In addition to this, you can eliminate the unwieldy modules. The option to separate the work facilitates execution of micro services on a Node.js application.

  • Efficient performance

Being single-threaded JavaScript runtime, Node.js works rapidly and flawlessly. It helps optimize the application data and reduces storage by making it work 20 times faster.

Node.js is constantly improvising at a fast pace. It is consistently launching new releases and enhancing its features and coding standards.

Understanding the benefits that the businesses are enjoying by adopting Node.js if you are also planning to build your business app using this JavaScript runtime, count on an experienced company for quality Node JS development services. Make sure that the company you choose can understand your needs and provide you with the right solutions that align with your business objectives.


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