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5 Things To Consider When Building Large-Scale Web Applications

Krunal Shah

Nov 23, 2021

6 min readLast Updated Dec 15, 2022

5 Things To Consider When Building Large-Scale Web Applications

In today’s world connected and run by data, developing competent web applications becomes very important. Moreover, if you are looking to develop large-scale web applications, their reliability and scalability become crucial.

Large scale web application development require immense effort, as its complexity can make or break the development process. Therefore, as a business owner, it is essential to take things in your stride before beginning the development process. Moreover, we know that with the expansion in technology, the customers' needs are also constantly evolving.

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How To Build Large Scale Web Applications

To build a large-scale web application, business houses have to consider some significant factors. In this blog, we will discuss 6 of the top essential things while building a large-scale web application.

1. Test-driven development

Why Test Driven Development | Large Scale Application

Test-Driven Development is also known as TDD. Moreover, it's a challenging task  to decide for a project where TDD should be used in it or not. The organization should understand the complexity of their web application before deciding to include TDD.

Including TDD becomes highly effective when a new developer joins a project and begins to code. The testing process will ensure that they don’t break the continuity of the application. Moreover, TDD makes the process of building a large-scale application easier for the newbie developer.

Test Driven Development requires a lot of groundwork and patience from the developers’ end. Some of the top testing frameworks are:

  • RSpec
  • Istanbul
  • Chai
  • Mocha
  • Jest
  • Moq

2. Overall performance of the website

If the overall performance of a website is not up to the mark, it will create havoc in the long run. Thus, it becomes necessary for web developers to check and include certain things. They are:

Server-side rendering: It is highly useful in building large-scale web applications with high traffic public-facing sites. Moreover, here the sites have content from a CMS in the form of  cache, used to store rendered pages.

Loading time: The developers here must use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to significantly reduce page loading time. Moreover, they can use infinite scrolling and lazy-loading sections.

Database queries: Database queries with long response times can choke web apps and affect their performance. Thus, it is wiser to improve it by indexing tables, refactoring the code, or reducing iterations.

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3. Importance of persistence

Persistence could be mentioned as a subcategory to app architecture. But, it has a plethora of other things that are worth a mention, it deserves its own section. Business owners should know that the patterns related to persistence are the same for all languages. Moreover, below is the list that the developers must know as they are related to data storage.

Seeders: At the beginning, the developer might need to test the data. Therefore, seeders are needed to initialize the database with the dummy data.

Object Relational Mapping(ORM): ORM is the library that allows web app developers to work with the database without writing any queries. Moreover, ORM also creates an abstraction layer above the type of storage

Migrations: If you wish to build a database for a large-scale web application from scratch, migrations can come handy. When the developers apply any changes to the database architecture, they are reapplied from the beginning. And this is how migration assists in rebuilding the database from the initial state.

3. Web app architecture

A high traffic web application architecture must involve the techniques that ensure application build. While the architecture patterns relate to the design part, things related to web app development are different. There must be a defined app framework, programming language, APIs and integration. The businesses must choose the things mentioned above, if they fit their business goals. If the integration is not according to the web apps, the web architecture can get distorted.

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4. Web app security

One of the prime things to consider while building a large-scale web application is that it is quite vulnerable to hacking. We all know that the internet is still not the most secure place. Moreover, especially in today’s world where web app data is the most important thing, its security has to be airtight. IT business owners must put in a lot of thought while designing the web app security. They can include the below-mentioned top practices:

JSON Web Token: This  standard measure allows secured communication between the client and the server. Here, the server has to give a JWT token while making the signing process.

Session Expiry: The JSON Web Token is often stored in the cookies with an expiry date. Therefore, every query made to the server sends the cookies for verification and user-authentication.

Password Hashing: Since no one wants their passwords and codes to be seen by other people, password hashing becomes important. The passwords would be salted when stored so that no one can decipher it.

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5. Continuous Integration

When you are building a large-scale web application, Continuous Integration (CI) is essential for every project, delivered on a timely basis. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI & CD) simplify the tedious tasks, giving the developers lesser headaches. Moreover, it allows the developers to sway away from mundane tasks and build state-of-the-art features. CI and CD have done the same for the software industry as what assembly lines did for the manufacturing industry. Automation has enhanced the overall rate of productivity of web apps and has made them futuristic.

Why Consider Third Rock Techkno for Large-scale Web Apps

Scalability is essential for building a large-scale web application. No matter how many features are there in applications, it is of no use if it doesn’t give ample performance. Amalgamation of all these factors is another important thing essential to make a good web app. Therefore, always look to hire a leading web app development company for building a large-scale web application.

At Third Rock Techkno, our expert developers have 12+ years of experience and expertise in developing scalable, secure, and robust web applications. Your small business needs and preferences are always kept in mind while delivering web app projects. Hiring a web app developer can provide you immense opportunities to choose a technology stack that fits your goals and budget. Further, you can always talk to an expert consultant for proper guidance on building a web app.

Krunal Shah

Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket.

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