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9 Amazing App Ideas Using React Native Technology

Krunal Shah

Aug 18, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Sep 29, 2023

app ideas using react native

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Consumers today are hungry for innovation and businesses today are ready for change. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were forced to make some tough decisions. They say there is sunshine after a storm. While some businesses struggle to cope with the challenges of the situation, others made the best out of it and pivoted towards growth and advancement.

When people across the world we're stuck at home, they resorted to their smartphones for survival. Future-ready businesses realized the potential of a strong mobile presence and quickly ventured into the mobile development arena to give their customers exactly what they needed.

But it’s not as easy as its sounds. Entering into the app development world requires thorough research, market analysis, understanding consumer needs and preferences, rigorous brainstorming sessions, and above all the dedication and commitment to developing something truly valuable. The current landscape shows a million people jumping into mobile app development. So how will you stand out from the competition? Here’s what you need - an amazing app idea that needs to be transformed into a solid solution using leading technology.

When speaking of leading technologies, React Native surely comes to mind. React Native technology is not entirely a new thing, it’s been around for quite some time and has made its mark in the mobile app development industry owing to its superior features and innumerable benefits that makes developing an application easy, fast, and efficient.

In this article, we’ll uncover the benefits of choosing React Native technology and also discuss the best React Native app ideas for you to consider.

Why Use React Native?

React Native

As an organization that has decided to go ahead and develop a mobile application of its own, you may be faced with two critical decisions: Whether you should build apps that give a great user experience or whether you should build apps that can be developed faster along with its ability to run on multiple platform and devices. This is where React Native wins the lottery.

React Native allows you to build hybrid mobile apps that work on multiple platforms, thanks to its ability to reuse code.

Benefits of using react native technology

React Native has time and again been proved to be the leading technology when it comes to mobile app development. Let’s walk through the benefits of using React Native technology.

  • React Native is the best option when you’re looking to build hybrid apps. Its large community support from Facebook and Github also makes it very easy to bank on.
  • React Native’s code reusability multi-folds the development speed, increases the developer’s efficiency, and results in faster app delivery.
  • React Native enables cross-platform development and is supported by both iOS and Android platforms.
  • React Native makes ideal use of its graphics processing unit which helps streamline the app development process and contributes towards enhanced performance.
  • React Native’s Hot Reloading feature is a game-changing element that reduces project completion time along with the cost of development.
  • The transition between native app development and react-native app development is seamless and can be easily done anytime.
  • React Native provides a simplified UI library that aids in the creation of attractive mobile apps with a dynamic UI and responsive UX leading to fast-loading apps.
  • React Native facilitates easy conversion between web and mobile applications. It also allows integrating external modules for native libraries.
  • React Native provides support for modular architecture that helps increase team productivity and doubles their potential to perform well.

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Top App Built Using React Native Technology

It’s pretty evident how React Native has made its mark in the app development industry, from being a developer’s delight to being a preferred choice from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Here are some examples of world-famous apps built with React Native to show how the technology has proved its mettle.

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Instead of simply listing down the top apps developed using React Native, let’s segregate them and break them down into categories for a better understanding.

Popular apps built with react native

You must be thinking about the reason behind categorizing each of these famous apps under different industry heads. Well, there surely is one! Right here is a pool of React Native app ideas that you can use for developing your own business application. The success stories of these apps carefully listed under each category show how React Native supports app development across major industries. Need some inspiration? There’s no need to look further.

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9 Amazing React Native App Ideas

Social Media App

Social media app built using react native technology

Source - Dribble

First on the React Native app ideas bouquet are social media apps. Welcome to the year 2021 in the 21st century, where social media apps are all the rage and for the right reasons. Their ability to bring people together and connect loved ones across time zones and geographic boundaries is truly epic. If you’re looking to build a social media app, React Native is undoubtedly the technology to go forward with.

App integrations using React Native platform can include social networks, social plugins, chat interface, user location integrations, app integrations, maps, and so on. The features you can implement in your app are logins and registrations through Google and Facebook, finding nearby friends through maps, chat screens, and recommendations to discover new friends.

Chat App

Chat app built using react native technology

Source - Dribble

While going through trending React Native app ideas, it would be a sin to not mention a chat app. We’re pretty sure chat apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram need no introduction. The best way to get started with a chat app is by going with an MVP, that easily satisfies early adopters and requires less budget.

Must-have features for your chat app should include a real-time chat interface, with an easy, engaging, and interactive UI for new users to understand quickly and join the chat without any hassle. Adding end-to-end encryptions ensuring chat privacy should be on top of your priority list along with allowing users to share images, links, videos with other users on the chat.  

Books App

Source - Dribble

Mobile apps today have the capacity to encompass the world, and a book app happens to be one of the trendings React Native app ideas out there. E-books have been trendy for a while now, but the addition of audiobooks is what is has captured all eyeballs and should be a must-have feature integration in your book app. As human lives get busier and stressful with each passing day, turning to audiobooks as a form of therapy has become increasingly popular.

A book app powered by React Native technology should include features such as a search bar, using filters to segregate genres & categories, book details such as author name, publication synopsis, etc. There are several other innovative features you could integrate such as bookmarks, book reviews by other readers, a chance to interact with fellow bookworms, chatrooms to discuss theories, and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

News App with Audio

News app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

Wouldn’t it be great if we could also hear news instead of just reading it? A very similar concept to that of audiobooks, audible news app is a booming space that when captured will definitely make a solid impact and be worthy of the efforts. A simple news app fetches data from other sites and renders the news data pulled from different sites and portals into your news app.

The first step here would be to build the user interface, finalizing design elements for your app, integrating data as news which when clicked will navigate users to the page loading the site. But the addition of open-source audios to the news app will be as good as a cherry on top of your favorite chocolate cake. The features you could implement are text-to-speech recognition, RestAPI integration, a search bar, an option to filter news according to topics or headlines, reader plugins, and night mode for a better user experience.

Music App

Music app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

Our lives are incomplete without some tunes and music. One app idea that is sure to be a forever hit is a Radio music app.  A music app is one amongst the other React Native app ideas that can be developed within a quick time frame. Podcasts are also super-trendy and in demand these days. They are a different vibe altogether and would be an incredible integration to your music app.

But just a fancy UI will not be enough, the music app should have seamless functioning and easy React Native app navigation. Features you should definitely integrate are lists of songs based on albums, genres, movies, artists. Streaming songs along with play, pause, repeat mode, shuffle mode, etc. with song sharing on different social media platforms.

Shopping App

Shopping app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

There’s no better time than now to develop an online shopping app. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards online shopping. Research suggests that online sales increased 39% year over year in Q1 2021, nearly triple the 14% increase in Q1 2020, and faster than Q3 2020 and Q4 2020.

Online shopping apps have become the ultimate kind of convenience for customers catering to all their needs while keeping them safe. Key features to integrate should be options to switch seamlessly between different product categories, a separate cart page with a cancel button, payment gateway like Paypal, UPI, Razorpay, etc. Chat support window related to queries, cancellation/return of orders, etc.

Productivity App

Productivity app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

People around the world are extensively using productivity apps to map their days, plan their priorities and keep a track of their goals. A modern-day version of a to-do list or a planner diary, the productivity app definitely has to be one of the most sought-after React Native app ideas.

There is so much to experiment, add and integrate into the building of a productivity app. Features such as reminders, calendars, checklists, alarm clocks, to-do lists, and different dashboards for different activities or tasks should be present in the app.

Budget Tracking/ Expense Management App

Budget tracking or Expenses Management app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

Just imagine how convenient it would be to let an app keep track of your expenses and remind you to maintain your weekly/monthly/yearly budgets for you to save well and also meet your goals. An expense tracker is the need of the hour and developing such an app can prove to be very handy for a lot of people.

Features and functionalities you should integrate are firstly letting people set their budget and track their spendings and savings. The option to add account details for in-app spendings would be a great addition. Along with providing useful insights and tips for budgeting and investing for non-financial users to make the most of their money and use it wisely.

Mindfulness/Meditative App

Mindfulness or Meditative app built using react native technology

Source: Dribble

Last but not the least, here’s another awesome React Native app idea for you to consider. The goal of a health app should be to help users achieve the perfect balance of mental, physical, and nutritional health. But how can you elevate your health app from the million others already available? Calming meditative apps are getting increasingly popular and even more so amidst the pandemic.

When developing your mindfulness app, be sure to integrate daily self-affirmations to read and motivational quotes to be inspired by. Calming tones and music to relax, destress and achieve mental peace. Other important integrations can be breathing exercises to follow, meditation and exercise schedules, tracking sleep cycle and overall mental health.


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