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Top 20 Popular React Websites of 2023

Krunal Shah

Jun 09, 2021

18 min readLast Updated Apr 25, 2023

In recent years, React has become a popular choice among top companies for building websites, with examples including GitHub, Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, Salesforce, BBC, and Reddit. This wide range of companies using React demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness.

React offers many features, such as helping in creating reusable UI components and using virtual DOM for faster rendering. Its ability to deliver high-performance and user-friendly websites is one of the main reasons for its widespread adoption.

Its ability to deliver high-performance and user-friendly websites is one of the main reasons for its widespread adoption. Additionally, its component-based structure enables developers to easily reuse and manage code, improving development time and maintenance. With its extensive ecosystem and community support, React has become a go-to choice for building robust and scalable web applications.

The positive impact of ReactJS is reinstated in Q1 of Facebook of 2021. The monthly active users of the social media giant have soared a whopping 2.95 billion in Q3 of 2022!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best React website templates in 2021 and what makes ReactJs such a promising framework amongst the others.

What Makes Reactjs a Leading Website Development Framework Technology?

React.js surpassed jQuery as the most commonly used web framework: Stack Overflow

ReactJS is a widely-used and versatile JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Its popularity among leading companies and its wide range of use cases is a testament to its effectiveness in creating high-performance and engaging websites. The key reasons behind React's success are its flexibility, efficient performance, and community support.

Be it news and media, technology, e-commerce, or art and entertainment, React can be used to create engaging and dynamic user interfaces. It allows developers to build reusable components that can be used across different parts of the application, making it easy to manage and scale the codebase.

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If we say that ReactJS is ubiquitous, it will not be an overstatement. Modern-day audiences have varied interests when it comes to websites built with React. The most followed category is news and media closely followed by tech websites, art and entertainment, and many more. Due to its flexible nature, React websites can be molded into any type or category. Here are a few of the top reasons why ReactJs, React JS web and React web pages are so popular.

1. Reusable UI and high development speed

ReactJS uses the JavaScript framework. Be it ReactJS for a mobile website or desktop website, its entire codebase contains separate modules. These modules have specific purposes which thereby increase the web development speed. Particularly, the use of JSX class and JSX editor for code in React makes it joyfully easier to read and write thereby increasing speed.

Also, the developers don’t need to rewrite the codes if they are introducing any new version of the website. The debugging process in React web pages, or in websites built with React is fairly simple and straightforward.

2. Better performance

Unlike the Document Object Model (DOM) hierarchy, ReactJS uses Virtual DOM. Its virtual DOM system optimizes the way updates are made to the user interface, resulting in fast rendering and improving the overall performance of the React JS website. This makes it particularly suitable for building high-traffic and data-intensive applications.

3. Developing SEO-friendly websites

It’s an unwritten rule that no matter how good a website is, if it doesn’t have visitors, it is of no use. A React website is accessible and SEO friendly as they have server-side rendering features. Hence, React websites have a better chance of getting higher SEO rankings in comparison to websites with client-side rendering.

4. Community support

React has an active and supportive community, which is continuously developing and releasing new features, tools, and libraries. This makes it easy for developers to access a wealth of resources and find solutions to common issues.

Furthermore, there are a large number of developers who are well-versed in React, making it easy to find development talent or third-party libraries to extend the capabilities of the application.

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20 Best React Websites in 2023

ReactJS has some impeccable features that have made it a ‘darling’ of newer and even established websites. Here’s a list of the top websites built with React.

1. Airbnb



Airbnb is a popular online marketplace for booking unique accommodations around the world. The platform allows individuals to list their homes, apartments, or other properties for short-term rental, giving travelers the opportunity to stay in a local's home or in a unique location while on vacation

.From a technical perspective, the Airbnb website is built using React that allows the website to efficiently render and update the large amounts of data displayed on the site, such as lists of available rentals and user reviews.

One of the key features of the Airbnb website is the search functionality, which allows users to filter through a large number of listings based on a variety of criteria. React's component-based architecture is particularly well-suited for this feature, as it allows for the easy reuse of code for different parts of the search interface, such as the form for entering search criteria and the list of results.

Another important feature of the Airbnb website is the user reviews system. Reviews are a crucial aspect of the platform, as they allow potential guests to see what others have experienced when staying at a particular rental. React's efficient rendering capabilities allow the website to quickly display a large number of reviews for a particular listing, and to update the display in real-time as new reviews are added.

React's Virtual DOM is also utilized to optimize the performance of the website. The virtual DOM is a lightweight in-memory representation of the actual DOM, and it allows React to efficiently update the website when the underlying data changes. For example, if a user changes the search criteria or filters, React can quickly update the display of the search results without having to re-render the entire page.

2. Atlassian



Atlassian is a company that provides a wide range of software development and collaboration tools for teams. One of their most popular products is Jira, a project management tool used by software development teams to track and plan their work. They also offer a number of other products, such as Confluence for collaboration and documentation, and Trello for task management.

One way to integrate these tools into a web application is by using React. React allows developers to create reusable components that can be easily incorporated into a web page, making it a great choice for building a website that integrates with Atlassian's tools.

For Jira, you can build a custom component that displays information from a Jira project, such as the status of open issues or the progress of ongoing tasks. This can be done by using the Jira REST API, which allows developers to access data from a Jira project and manipulate it as needed.

Another way to integrate Atlassian tools with a React website is by using the Atlassian Connect framework. This framework allows developers to create add-ons that can be installed on Atlassian's products, such as Jira, Confluence, and Trello. These add-ons can add new functionality to the product, or they can be used to create a seamless integration between the product and an external website or application.

By building a React website that integrates with Atlassian's tools, teams can benefit from having all of their work and communication in one place. For example, a team can use Confluence to document their progress and decisions, Jira to track the status of their tasks and issues, and Trello to manage their workflow. And if they build custom components or add-ons with React, they could even more easily integrate these tools together, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively.

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3. Dropbox



Dropbox, the popular cloud-based file storage and sharing service, has been built on React. React allows developers to build reusable components, which makes it a great choice for building large-scale and complex applications like Dropbox.

Built on React, Dropbox's web client provides users with the ability to access, upload, download, and share their files directly from the browser, it also allows users to preview, manage and collaborate on their files, folders, and documents.

Dropbox also uses React for building the web-based version of Paper, which is a tool for creating and collaborating on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. With Paper, team members can work together in real-time, commenting, editing, and discussing the documents. React makes it possible to build a complex and collaborative editor that can handle a large number of documents while keeping performance and usability in mind.

Another area where Dropbox uses React is in building integrations with other third-party apps. Dropbox allows third-party developers to build integrations using the Dropbox API and JavaScript libraries such as the Dropbox Chooser and Saver.

With the API, developers can access the files and metadata, and with the Chooser and Saver, developers can easily access and save files to the user's Dropbox account. By using React, developers can build custom components that seamlessly integrate with the Dropbox app, allowing users to easily share files between their Dropbox account and the website.

4. BBC



BBC is one of the top websites built with React. BBC offers a wide range of news, entertainment, and educational content to viewers around the world.

BBC's sports site is one of the prominent examples of React web pages. The sports site features live updates, scores, and statistics for a wide range of sports, as well as news and analysis. React allows developers to build custom components that can be easily updated in real-time with the latest scores and statistics, providing users with an engaging and dynamic user experience.

BBC is also using React for their iPlayer service. iPlayer is the online catch-up service of the BBC, it allows viewers to catch up on their favorite programs, live TV, and news. React's ability to handle large amounts of data and its efficient updating capabilities make it a great choice for building the iPlayer.

The use of React allows developers to easily create a customized, seamless user experience for iPlayer, helping to make it one of the most popular on-demand TV platforms in the UK.

5. Facebook



Facebook is one of the world's largest social networking platforms, and yes, it's built on React. One of the areas where React is heavily used in Facebook is in building the News Feed. The News Feed is one of the most important features of Facebook, and it's where users see updates from their friends and the pages they follow.

Also, Facebook's Instant Articles are a vivid example of React web pages. Instant Articles is a way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles that load quickly on Facebook. React allows Facebook to build lightweight and fast components that can handle large amounts of data and easily update the content, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

Furthermore, Facebook's mobile apps are built using React which allows it to reuse the codebase for web and mobile, providing a consistent look and feel across different platforms.

6. Instagram



Instagram is one of the top React js web applications. One of the key examples of React web pages is its news feed, where users can see the photos and videos posted by the people they follow.

Also, React is used in building Instagram's Stories feature. Stories allow users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, it's a highly engaging feature that has become a core part of the Instagram experience. React allows Instagram developers to build lightweight and fast components that can handle a large amount of data, and ensures a better user experience.

7. Netflix



Netflix is one of the best React sites and a prominent application of React's component-based architecture. One of the key areas where React is used in Netflix is in building the user interface for the Netflix app. Users can browse through various categories, search for content and even manage their profiles with a simple and intuitive interface.

Also, React is used in building its recommendation system that uses a variety of data points to recommend TV shows and movies to users. React allows Netflix developers to easily build and update the recommendation algorithm, providing users with a personalized experience.

Netflix also uses React in building their web-based player. The player is also built to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing an optimal viewing experience across different devices.




PayPal is an online payment platform built with React that allows individuals and businesses to easily send and receive payments. One of the key application areas of React in PayPal is its user interface. Users can navigate through the website, manage their accounts, and complete transactions with a simple and intuitive interface.

React allows PayPal developers to easily build and update the checkout feature, providing users with a secure and reliable way to complete transactions. Also, PayPal's mobile apps are built using React.

9. Reddit



Reddit is one of the top websites built with React. It is a social news and discussion website that allows users to share links, images, and text posts.

React's virtual DOM feature helps Reddit to improve the performance of its user interface. React is also used in building Reddit's recommendation system. The recommendation system is a key feature of Reddit, and it uses a variety of data points to recommend content to users. React allows Reddit developers to easily build and update the recommendation algorithm, providing users with a personalized experience.

10. Scribd



Scribd is an online document-sharing and publishing platform that is built on React. It allows users to upload and share their documents, books, and audiobooks.

React allows Scribd developers to create highly functional and fast components and an easy-to-use interface. Users can navigate through the website, manage their account, upload, and read documents with a simple and intuitive interface.

React is also used in building Scribd's search and recommendation feature. Search and recommendation is a critical component of the Scribd platform, and it allows users to easily find and discover new content. React allows Scribd developers to easily build and update the search and recommendation feature, providing users with a personalized experience.


Outlook’s React Website


The companies who manage to utilize all the services of ReactJS to its core reach at the helm of their genre. The success story of is no different. Outlook was first introduced by Microsoft in 2017 as a tool that manages personal information. The product is readily available in both mobile and desktop versions and has emails, contacts, task components. Etc.

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Microsoft talks very highly about the more responsive nature of ReactJS with the JavaScript framework. The responsive nature has helped the website to appear fresher for the audience. In addition, the upgraded search features and the modern conversation style has made a positive lasting impression on the end-users.

With the help of ReactJS framework, the website has implemented a new design which helps the users to see things speedily. Be it photos, attached files, or even a basic email, the accessibility of the React website has increased tremendously.

12. Codecademy

Codecademy’s React Website

Source: Codecademy

As the name itself suggests, Codecademy is a platform to provide coding classes. This React website serves the needs of over 25 million users with its impeccable user interface. The website has seamless transition between the pages and shows engaging graphics to make the students understand the content clearly.

The JavaScript framework assists the website to be high on performance and become highly user-oriented. But there is more that Codeacademy does for its users with the help of ReactJS.

The website has high-ended animations which helps the users to understand the content and implement it properly.

The neatly designed animations play an important role in enhancing the ‘positive word of mouth’ publicity of the website. Moreover, the rich ReactJS library will assist the designers to do their best job with respect to the website.

When you use ReactJS, you can implement engaging animations with minimal coding. Thus, ReactJS also reduces web development time without compromising on the quality. These features have made Codecademy a front running React website in 2023.

13. Asana

Asana’s React Website

Source: Asana

This website application works with an aim to increase the communication between teams. Thus, with the help of JavaScript framework, the collaboration, communication within the team improves which leads to better end-product.

Coordination is an important thing when it comes to teamwork. Asana with its highly intrigued UI and seamless features helps the teams get their work organized. On the platform you can easily add and assign tasks to the teams and track their work thoroughly.

Thus, it becomes easier for the team members to understand the task as they have a clear outline in front of them. This outline helps them to hit their deadlines consistently without any confusion or time overlap.

Moreover, all the team members can find their work in a shared workspace which increases transparency. Due to such innovative features, Asana has been one of the best React websites in 2023 and has delivered astounding results.

14. Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s React Website

Source: Cloudflare

Along with top quality performance, it is inevitable in the modern world to have a secure and reliable website. Cloudflare is a platform that renders top-notch security and guaranteed reliability to the website application.

With the flexible nature of ReactJS, Cloudflare has been capable of rendering its services to a wide range of companies. Be it gaming, ecommerce, entertainment, financial services and more, when it comes to security, Cloudflare is second to none.

Sites built with ReactJS are molded according to the usage and requirement. This is the prime reason why Cloudflare is on the rise in terms of performance and usability in 2023. It renders immaculate solutions related to mobile app and website protections and assists in the team-building process.

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Cloudflare also understands the ever-changing needs and demands of the customers. Thus, the React website is now readily available for production needs because of which it has become even easier for the users to deploy and collaborate faster sites.

15. Trello

Trello’s React Website

Source: Trello

‘Change is the only constant’ and this aspect is applicable to everything in life as well as in website development. For almost a decade, this web-task management system ran on Coffeescript and the Backbone JS framework. But with the dynamic nature and the changing demands, it became time to opt for more vibrant stacks. For migration, they began by switching Backbone Views to React Components whilst taking care of challenges along the way.

Trello has been one of the best React websites when it comes to fantastic responsiveness. Moreover, React components cater to all the changing needs of the customers. Unlike the architecture that was built on Backbone JS, ReactJS enhances the capabilities of Trello. It also gives a clear caching procedure that is easier to follow.

Along with React, the website has Typescript and GraphQL as its primary tools. These tools help this modern React website to overcome all the rising issues and deliver the best service.

16. Grammarly

Grammarly’s React Website

Source: Grammarly

Grammarly has undoubtedly emerged as one of the leading digital writing assisting tools. This React website uses high end technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Through these technologies, the website is able to render the best services and has gone on to become a ‘crowd favorite’.

Along with AI and NLP, the website uses deep learning algorithms and machine learning as well. These tools assist the site with ReactJS to not only correct the sentence but also provide a better alternative. For example, if there is a grammatical error in the sentence, Grammarly will highlight it and provide a better form.  Thus, the user will not only be understanding its mistake but will also get the power to convey things properly.

With the help of JavaScript framework, the website offers different things like plagiarism detection, spelling check, grammar check, etc. Thus, the ‘X-factor’ in Grammarly has made it  one of the best React websites of 2023.

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17. Clearbit

Clearbit’s React Website

Source: Clearbit

Knowing and understanding the needs of the customers is very essential in the modern business world. Being a marketing data engine for customer interactions, Clearbit does a tremendous job.

It helps the businesses to understand the needs of their customers so that they can make better marketing strategies. The marketing strategies thus made would be sustainable and long lasting.  Clearbit also assists the companies to identify their future prospects and help them to expand their user base.

In addition to expansion of the user base, this React website plays a pivotal role in rendering personalized services. Since the businesses are able to understand the demands, they do not beat around the bush in terms of services. Thus as the services get highly personalized, it has a positive impact on the customer retention ratio as well.

18. Whereby

Whereby’s React Website

Source: Whereby

As we still live in a pandemic-ridden world, remote working has become the ‘need of the hour’. Whereby renders superlative services when it comes to video conferencing and making video meetings easy.  Whether you are looking for hassle-free video meetings or enhancing your customer experience, Whereby can serve as a one-stop destination.

This React website focuses on using simple APIs to embed all the meetings in either the mobile app for the website. The ease of usage has made Whereby as one of the leading platforms to conduct online professional meetings, etc.

Moreover, it has no complex maintenance and allows the users to create one-time meeting rooms thanks to ReactJS superlative features.

19. Revolut Business

Revolut’s React Website

Source: Revolut Business

This modern React website allows its user to create a prolific and borderless business account with all the personalized tools. Through the personalized tools, the React web pages give the businesses the ultimate control over their professional finances. As the companies become more aware about their finances, they are able to invest their money only in the needful things.

Today’s business environment is very dynamic. Thus, if you have a platform that manages everything under one umbrella, it gives you a much-needed edge over your peers. With Revolut business, the companies can keep away from the mundane and focus on what is more important. It also renders domestic and international business accounts to make payments easier.

20. Sanity

Sanity’s React Website)

Source: Sanity

We could unanimously agree to the fact that no matter how technically-advanced we become, content will always remain the king. Sanity is one of the fastest growing and flexible content delivery platforms. It helps in delivering the content to digital devices and products.

Sanity’s React website lets you treat any kind of content as a form of structured data. Thus it becomes easier to flow the data across the APIs and enhance the consumer experiences. In addition, the API will also allow you to access the data as per requirement.

It is a clear fact that the demand for React websites is growing at a rapid pace and it is here to stay. Thus, it is necessary to have a leading, experienced ReactJS development company like Third Rock Techkno as your ally during the web development process.

There is no doubt about the efficiency of the website development framework. Moreover, due to its versatility and flexible nature, ReactJS would be a leading technology of the future.


React websites are popular for their high speed, performance, and SEO-friendliness.

Some of the most well-known React websites are Whereby, Clearbit, Grammarly, and Trello, to name a few.

3. Why should you opt for React development?

There are unlimited advantages of React development such as reusable components, faster time to delivery, cost-effective development, clean abstraction, and an easier learning curve, to name a few.

4. What are the top use cases of React?

The top use cases of React include front UI development, highly interactive apps building, application development with reusable components, and apps that require extensive coding to develop.

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