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A Complete Guide to E-Education App Development

Krunal Shah

Jun 09, 2022

12 min readLast Updated Sep 08, 2023

E-education app has been gaining traction over the past decade with the growing inclination towards learning from home. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has further normalized the online learning culture that has resulted in a growing demand for an e-education app and e-learning app development company.

Not only is the e-learning sector expanding fast, but the startups are adopting e-education app creation as a lucrative business opportunity. As per a recent market report, the global e-learning industry is set to reach $1 trillion by 2028 paving new paths for the e-learning market players.

As the adoption of the new normal and the impact of digitization tend to remain prominent even in the coming years, e-education app development is expected to remain a lucrative business idea in this sector. If you are planning to build an e-education app or are getting started or are searching for an e e-learning app development company, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will guide you through all you need to know about e-education app development. So, let’s get started!

Types of E-Education App

Before we delve deeper into the e-education app development, let’s know about the different types of e-education apps.

Course-Based E-Education App

This is one of the most popular types of e-education apps. A course-based e-education app is focused on various courses in various domains, areas or topics. This type of e-education app is suitable for students taking academic or other side courses as well as the professionals interested in full-fledged courses.

E-Education App on Specific Subjects

The E-education app on specific subjects is high in demand as it lets the users learn the specific subjects as per their requirements. Such learning apps mainly focus on academic subjects, knowledge-based subjects, professional subject areas, and others to offer specific subject-based learning solutions to the learners.

Memorization E-Education App

Memorization e-education app helps you in brainstorming and improves your memorization capacity. Such apps contain relevant content based on scientific approaches and methods to improve the memorization capacity of the end-users.

Language Learning E-Education App

Language learning e-education app offers language-specific eLearning solutions for the end-users. Based on the language learning app, can offer a few languages or a broad range of language-based content to its end users.

E-Education App for Quizzes

An E-education app for quizzes refers to an app that offers various quizzes on various topics to assess various skills, learning, and progress of the end-users. This type of e-education app is important to assess and improve the students’ learning and progress.

E-Education App for Skills Development

An education app for skills development implies an app that offers skills-based content. A quality skill-based e-education app can contain a diverse range of skill development content/materials including programming skills, marketing skills, other corporate or professional skills, and others.

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Advantages of E-Education App

An e-education app has various advantages that make it highly popular around the globe. Here’s a list of the top advantages of an e-education app you must know before you proceed with an e-education app development or opt for an e-learning app development company.

Growing Demand

One of the top advantages of developing an e-education app is the growing demand for it. The requirement for various online learning solutions is surging high due to various reasons such as flexible learning options, cost-effectiveness, suitability for the students as well as professionals, minimum constraints, better access, and others. As the trend and demand for online learning are about to rise further, it is a good idea to start an e-education app development now.

High Scalability

Developing an e-education app is a great business idea as it offers one of the most sought-after scopes - high scalability. You can easily target the majority of the audience around the globe while adopting the mass production of online content. As there are no constraints related to the end users’ geographical locations, time zones, and others, it becomes much easier to expand your business and your audience base for higher profit.

Lucrative Growth Scope

The global e-learning market was worth $120 billion in 2021 and is set to grow at 20% CAGR through 2028. Not only the regional markets but the global market is subject to the significant growth that will create even more opportunities for the eLearning market players.

The demand for various types of learning apps such as for language, skills, and others is rising fast as the trend of learning from home is getting even more popular. Furthermore, the technological advancements, availability of proper tools, and others are set to cater to the growth of the eLearning sector as well as the e-education apps around the world.

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The Top Features of an E-Education App

You must outline and define your whole e-education app plan to ensure high-quality e-education app development. You should be specific about your whole app interface, design, features, functionalities, and other important factors.

An e-education app idea doesn’t just mean a rough sketch of your e-education app but a detailed outline of the core features, solutions, and functionalities expected from your e-education app. Here’s a list of top features/solutions for your e-education app -

Dedicated Teacher, Student, and Content Partner Panels

It is a must-have feature for any e-education app. It should have separate portals for teachers, students, and content partners and each of the portals should follow a different process flow to serve the purpose.

For instance, the onboarding process of the teacher portal will require the details of the teacher’s educational background, experience, professional expertise, and other relevant information. The onboarding process for the students, on the other hand, will need their educational background, current requirements, learning goals, and others.

Similarly, the content partner portal may need information on the content partners’ expertise, subject knowledge, proven experience, and others. Always keep the end-to-end process workflows for all these three panels separate to ensure a neat and efficient e-education app development.

Easy Sign Up

Easy sign-up is what has a lot to do with your user experience. Keep your signup form to the point, brief and comprehensive. Unnecessarily long sign-up forms have a high chance to bounce back the users visiting your app for the first time.

You can keep the free trial from the shortest and can add a few more fields while they take a subscription. Also, keep the options of signing up with Google and other social media to ease the task of your end-users.

Content, Courses & Materials Library

It is important to have a dedicated library for the content, courses, and various study materials for the students as well as the teachers. It will help them organize the relevant materials, create lists and access, and modify or segregate them as and when required.

Smart Search Option

The smart search option is a must-have feature for any e-education app. It lets a user search and apply the advanced filters to find out the required content, courses, and others. Ensure that this feature supports as many filter options as possible to make it more effective for the users.

Online Assessment Portal

An online assessment portal of an e-education app lets the students assess their learning, and progress and lets them prepare better. On the other hand, it lets the teachers have a clear picture of their student's progress and take the necessary steps. Also, apart from the online tests, include quizzes, puzzles, Q/A contests, and others in this feature to make learning better and fun.

Doubt Solving Portal

A doubt-solving portal helps the students get the answers to their queries and solve any possible doubts. Either this feature can let them get their doubts solved through exchanging questions and answers or can offer a one-to-one doubt solving session or a general doubt solving session. This is an important feature that you must not skip while building an e-education app.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews on various online courses, tutoring solutions, and others help the students make the right decisions. Also, it makes the online learning courses as well as your whole e-education app seem more authentic.

Profile Enhancement

The profile enhancement feature lets an online tutor add or update their skills, experience, and other relevant information to enhance their profile. You can also offer relevant courses to them to sharpen their skills and offer badges to add to their profile upon the completion of certain courses.

Content Management System

Content management is often a common feature for most apps that deal with different types of content delivery. In the case of an e-education app, there is various content to be delivered to the users, on the other hand, the users need to manage the existing content, add/delete/modify them, or perform other operations. A robust content management system lets your users easily perform all these tasks without any ambiguities.

Analytics & Insights

It is another important feature of your e-education app. Not only does it let the learners get an analytical report on their learning, progress, achievement, milestones reached, and others, but lets the online educators or content partners track the relevant actions through periodical reports. Also, a quality e-education app should let you get an in-depth analytical report on the retention rate, recurring revenue, acquisition rate, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) for your e-education app business.

Referral Programs

This is a must-have feature for your e-education app to secure your position in this competitive eLearning market. This feature lets the users refer your app to their known ones to avail of additional benefits such as reward points, free access to certain materials, free student and teacher connections, and others.

Multiple Monetization Plans

It is pivotal for any e-education app to have this feature of multiple subscription plans to cater to the dynamic requirements of the users. It is recommended to incorporate multiple monetization plans such as monthly/quarterly/annual subscription plans, pay per course or material plans, bundle plans, ad-based subscription plans, and others. This will also help you maximize your profit.

Multi-language Support

Imagine a student bouncing back from your e-education app, because the menu is in some other language. No matter how good your app is, it won’t make any sense if there is no multi-language support for users from diverse demographics. Especially, if you have a global audience base or have the plan to target a wider audience base from different regions in the future.

LMS Integration

It is crucial for your e-education app to offer an easy solution for any type of LMS (Learning Management System) integration. You may probably want to integrate any LMS in the future to make learning more effective for your students. So, you must ensure that you can easily integrate them without much hassle.

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Steps to Build an E-Education App

Now that you have a better idea of the types of e-education apps and the e the education app advantages, let’s know the steps to build an e-education app.

Choose Your Niche

The first step to building an e-education app is deciding your niche. It is always a good idea to focus on your niche and expertise, as it helps you bring out the best in your e-education app. The following tips and pointers will help you with this step -

  • List out the areas of your expertise based on your educational background, professional experience, and exposure
  • Segregate the list of your areas of expertise into different categories such as skills, languages, programming languages, technical topics, and others
  • Assess the potential of these areas or subjects based on the present e-learning market, demand, future growth scope, and others
  • Have a clear idea about the depth of your expertise and knowledge and whether that will suffice for the e-education app content or not, whether you will need to have additional resources or hire to come up with quality content

The above-mentioned practices will help you have a crystal clear idea of your expertise and how to utilize it in the best way possible for your e-education app content.

Do Market Analysis

Once you decide your niche and generate the e-education app content idea, now it's time to do a thorough market analysis. As we have already discussed, the global, as well as the regional markets like North America, Europe, South Asia, and others, are highly potential to offer high growth scope and opportunities to the market players. But you also must have in-depth knowledge of the relevant market segments, competition, and others.

Here are a few pointers to help you nail it like a pro -

  • Based on your e-education app type and content, do complete research on a similar market segment. For instance, if you are going to launch an e-education app for skills, then you should have proper knowledge of the same market segment, similar apps, and other related factors
  • Do a complete competition analysis that includes all the relevant information on the leading e-education app companies, their market share, target audience, growth curve, and others
  • Have a clear idea of the marketing strategies of the key players
  • Do complete research on the target audience, their demand graph, the demand-supply patterns for your competitors, and the future trends
  • Decide your target market share and the related milestones to achieve in the next 5 years. This will help you develop a competitive e-education app that fits the best in the present market.

Outline Your E-Education App Idea

In this step, you need to define your whole e-education app idea, design, feature, etc. as well as plan the resources, budget, and other relevant things. Here are our tips to execute this step successfully.

  • List out the core and functional features and solutions of your e-education app.
  • List out the other non-functional features of your e-education app such as its speed, performance, safety, security, reliability, and others.
  • Chalk out your capital available, total budget, and available resources, whether you want to hire any content creators or want human resources not.
  • Decide the estimated timeline for app development and launching.
  • Your preferred tech stacks for app development.

This will not only give you a clear picture of where you stand and your further planning but will help you speed up the whole process.

Develop Your E-Education App

No doubt that it’s the most important step when you develop an e-education app. If you have in-depth knowledge in app development and the proper expertise in the required programming languages, tech stacks, project setup, and architectural approach, then you can build your own from scratch.

But point to be noted, you must have practical and in-field experience in the same type of app development. The eLearning sector is highly competitive, and no matter whether you are targeting the local or global market, you must build a good quality competitive app to sustain in the market and achieve your business goals.

To ensure that, the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way will be getting your app developed by expert professionals preferably from a top-notch e-learning app development company. It is recommended to opt for a reliable and well-established app development company with an extensive portfolio. This will ensure that your project is in expert hands who not only know about the product development but also, how to implement a strong market positioning.

Startups often get inclined to hire freelancers. But unless you have their proven work experience in the same field, it is better to find a professional team who gives you a fully managed solution - from developing to launching. No matter whether you are launching your app by an e-learning app development company or building on your own, you must have basic technical knowledge. Here’s an idea of the tech stacks used for e-education app development -

Front-End Technologies

For Android app: Java or Kotlin

For iOS app: Swift or Objective-C

Database: MySQL

Third-Party Services

Registration: Google Sign-In, Facebook SDK

Back-End Technologies:  PHP or Node.js

Mailing: Mailchimp

Payment Gateway: Square API, Braintree, Stripe

Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging

SMS: Twilio

Cloud: AWS, Azure

Test and Launch

Once the development phase is over, you need to test the product for any possible bugs or issues. Once those are fixed and the e-education app is ready and up, you can launch it in the market.

To optimize the time needed for the final launch as well as the resources, you can first develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and once it’s finalized, you can launch the final product. Also, don’t forget to start the marketing of your e-education app much before the launch to create the required hype and reach out to an even wider audience base.

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The Cost to Build an E-Education App

Coming to the point of cost, it highly depends on the location where your e-learning app development company is based in. On average the cost may vary from $75 per hour to as high as $250 per hour.

In the regions like North America, Europe, and others, the cost is quite on the high side. In South Asia, especially in countries like India, you will get the most budget-friendly app development services at the lowest cost. It is recommended to do a budget estimation and choose your e-learning app development company according to that.


The demand for e-education apps is rising fast. While this is creating more opportunities for e-education app businesses, it has also made it more challenging to excel in this field. To ensure a strong market positioning of your app, you need to ensure it is of high quality and competitive to let you get the targeted market share.

By choosing a top e-learning app development company, like Third Rock Techkno, you can ease this task. Our professional developer team with years-long experience offers you a budget-friendly, competitive e-education app development solution for the current and future market. Developing to launching - Third Rock Techkno offers an end-to-end solution to bring out the best in not only your e-education app but in any type of product development. Check out our portfolio and contact us to get started.

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