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What makes Python the Ultimate Choice for Start-ups?

Krunal Shah

Apr 26, 2022

6 min readLast Updated Dec 05, 2022

Selecting the right kind of programming language is necessary for startups. This is because, if enterprises falter at this, it could be disastrous for the business. But since there are a plethora of options available, selecting the right programming language is no child’s play.

Over the years, Python has emerged as one of the leading languages for startups. In fact, market leaders such as Netflix, Pixar, Facebook, Spotify, etc. have extensively shown how is python used in business. There are many reasons why companies use Python for their benefit. It makes complex processes easy, it is highly readable and building apps is easy on Python because of the understandable codes.

For Startups, a programming language can do a world of good in many ways, for example:

  • The right programming language will save money and will help in scaling the development team
  • It will be easier for the developers to add and implement new features
  • Great maintenance and support for the application after its release

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the factors that make Python the ultimate choice for startups. In addition, we will see the changes that companies that use Python have experienced.

What makes Python great for Startups?

Irrespective of their work, startups have to be minimalistic. And Python helps a great deal in making the startups run on bare minimum things without compromising on the quality. Here is the list of factors that makes a great language for startups:

It renders immaculate stability

Business organizations have to understand that a software’s development cycle doesn’t end with its deployment. It is necessary to upgrade the software to make it grow in the market. Thus, the software has to be scalable, and companies that use Python find it easier to scale it.

Python is flexible and relatively simpler. Moreover, if the developers use the Django framework, it makes the scaling process a ‘cakewalk’. Django is the most popular Python framework. It has a series of components that are detachable. Because of this reason, the components can be easily altered and removed as per requirement.

Helps in facing app complexity

Python is simple in nature and its simplicity comes with effectiveness. Therefore, it becomes the most preferred language for startups as it helps them to combat complexity. Python is ideal to handle medium to complex web solutions as it can easily overcome the complexities of integrated systems.

Moreover, companies that use Python programming make the app development process time-efficient, fast and easy.

It doesn’t require a bigger team

As mentioned earlier, startups, in their initial stage, have to be very cautious about their spending. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a leaner team and Python can help in that process. The programming language offers concise and easy code for app developers. Therefore, it is simpler for the developers to understand the whole development process. With this, the business enterprise does not have to hire a bigger team for a particular project.

Thus, along with being effective, the Python programming language is cost-efficient as well. In addition, it helps in rendering profound software development services for startups.

Highly user friendly and versatile

Python is governed by a set of core principles that helps it to perform well as a high-level programming language. The set of principles is the main reason behind the qualities for which Python is known. Some of the top principles are:

  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Simple is better than complex
  • The complex is better than complicated

Unlike its peers, Python uses the English language in the syntax and this makes the coding process easier. Therefore, it becomes possible for the coders to achieve functionality in fewer codes.

Companies using Python programming languages can work on multiple OS’ like macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. Therefore, along with being popular in building gaming, mobile, and web development frameworks, Python is extensively used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Since the syntax is simpler, the developers would take less time to code the software as compared to other languages.

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Highly preferred for faster MVP

In today’s highly competitive market, developing an MVP is very important. An MVP: Minimum Viable Product is a smaller version of the entire software that allows gathering information about the likes of the targeted audiences. For a start-up, it is inevitable to develop a perfect MVP as it will help them to cement their position in the market.

Python is popular for its accuracy and faster development speed and thus could be an asset in developing MVPs. Moreover, it has rich third-party libraries (over 137000) which make the programming language an ideal fit for MVPs.

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Large community support

During the software development process, especially for startups, the developers’ community is essential. This is because, during the course of development, there might be instances where the developers would face problems. Development hiccups are unavoidable but an active developers’ community can provide possible solutions and ease the process.

Thankfully, the Python programming language has an extensive developers’ community that guides during tough times. Moreover, the developers contribute to the advancement of the language as the community is very active.

It is a secured programming language

Because of frameworks like Django, Python is a more secure language than the popular ones like PHP. Therefore, companies that use Python programming do not have to worry about the safety of their data. Django comes in with many built-in security features and helps in guarding against different security threats.

Through Django, the developers can guide the direct viewing of the source code. This is done by dynamically producing website pages and setting templates to send the data to the web browser.

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It supports effective development

The startups are constantly in search of a programming language that has a disciplined coding structure. With Python, it is easier to get into a routine of testing, following clean-code principles, and writing comments. All this can be done in structural order for future references and streamlining the overall course of development.

These effective development strategies will guide the startup through tough times. Moreover, it also ensures that the enterprise is on the right track for future advancements.

List of leading big companies that use Python

After understanding the immaculate qualities, it's time to see what big companies use Python. There are a plethora of successful startups that made their mark in the market using Python. We have curated a list of you, let us have a look:


In the last decade or so, Uber has made its name as the world's leading business organization. The main aim of the Uber app is to allow users to book a taxi to reach their destination.

There is a myriad of Uber services that are powered by Python. And it will not be an overstatement if we say that Uber has shown the world how Python is used in businesses. Whether it is calculating the estimated time of arrival or ride fares, or geo-locations, etc. Python has assisted Uber big time. Moreover, the business conglomerate has seen superlative improvement in terms of concurrency through Python.


This is a well-known technology company, highly successful in countries such as Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, the US, etc. The main work of the app is to connect people with their neighborhood and encourage local business meets.

To expand its customer horizon, DoorDash chose Python and got some fantastic results. It made its end users communicate with each other without any kind of hindrance.


Tinder is a popular dating app that has countless interactions on its platform. To enhance the user-friendliness of the application, Tinder implemented Python as its programming language and the results were superb. It helped the developers of the app to develop a more attractive interface and increase the customer engagement rate.


The platform, now owned by Facebook (Meta) needs to be introduced. To increase the operational efficiency of the platform, the makers used Python and the results are to be seen by all.

Opting for Python programming language enhanced the reliability of the online photo and video sharing platform. The developers too were at the ease delivering fruitful results with Python as compared to PHP.

The Instagram management also felt that the principles of Python are rightly aligned with the philosophy of the company that says “do simple things first”.

Concluding thoughts

With its superlative success, there are no second thoughts that Python will become the programming language of the future. This language for startups is open source and has a rich library. Modern-day startups are data and customer-centric and Python with its machine learning abilities become the top choice for these companies.

The Python programming language is ubiquitous in nature and therefore has an edge over other languages. Moreover, if you are still finding the best Python development service providers, look no further than Third Rock Teckno. We have a team of experienced developers and our extensive knowledge of the market makes us a class apart from our peers. Take a look at our work portfolio and contact us to start today.

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