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How to Find a Tech Co-Founder? A Complete Guide

Krunal Shah

Nov 23, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

How to find a tech co-founder

Blog Summary: A Technical co-founder is needed for technical expertise and also as your long-term business partner. There are several technical experts in the market and you need to have proper knowledge before hiring them for your company. In this blog, we will guide you through what a technical co-founder is, their importance, roles, how to find a tech co-founder, and more.

Ideas are popping out in your mind. You sketch it and make plans to develop your idea into a product. You’ve created a road map too. But you’re stopping yourself, as you're lacking technical skills. Here comes the mandatory need for a technical co-founder to turn your ideas into reality! But how to find a tech co-founder? Or, what’s the importance? Read on to know!

Tech-industry is filled with a vast number of technical experts. It is an often difficult decision to find a tech co-founder who is the right fit and aligns with the vision of your company. There are several factors to consider before you find a tech co-founder. And in this blog we will guide you through it all.

What Is a Technical Co-Founder?

A Technical co-founder is a partner who is well-versed in technical skills, helps you in developing the product from scratch and aligns with the vision of your company. This person will be an added advantage as the chances for your company to hit the market are much higher with a co-founder.

This fully dedicated person can play a vital role in the early stage of your company by assisting in selecting the appropriate technology and monitoring the IT infrastructure required for the development of the product. They assist in developing, executing, monitoring, and scaling your product. They could manage the development team as well as the business team, thus reducing the burden on your company. In addition, this person can help you in finding other talented technical specialists from the market.

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Importance of Having a Technical Co-Founder

Having a technical co-founder in your company is always an asset. There are several reasons why to have a technical co-founder alongside you to reach the vision of your company.

1. Assists in Creating Your Product

Having an idea is great. However, in a scenario where you lack technical skills; you will be facing obstacles to executing it. During this process, you will waste a lot of money and time, thus keeping your business at risk.

Therefore, you need a dedicated and motivated technical co-founder who is well-versed in technical skills to help in creating your product. Make sure your idea is original and attractive to the technical co-founder as they feel they invest more time and energy as much as you do.

2. No Need to Manage Freelancers and External Agencies

Hiring freelancers requires a lot of time and energy. Moreover, most freelancers or external agencies are not very passionate towards the work as they invest less time. They keep on rushing for projects from plenty of companies and thus don’t focus much on your projects. Having a technical co-founder alongside creates a clear pathway and strategy to understand your product and help in executing it.

3. Serves a Long-Term Pattern

As this person works with you from scratch in developing the product, they are fully involved and will have a clear understanding of your product. They know the different stages of your product, which feature is to be launched first, and what the ultimate target is.

They know how your product works in a real-world scenario. They can assist you with the required research and make sure the product is tested and validated before the final product development. When both of you collaborate and work together, it will be a win-win situation.

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Top Skills to Look for in a Technical Co-Founder

Here are some of the top skills that a technical co-founder must have. And you need to ensure it while hiring a tech co-founder which explains well why you need to hire a technical co-founder for your business.

How to find a tech co-founder
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1. Tech-Savvy

It is very natural to look for technical skills in a technical co-founder. Technical skills play a crucial role, especially in a technology-based company. Having immense technical knowledge is much needed to succeed in the market. They will have much more technical knowledge than you which is required for your product. This tech-savviness makes your idea come to reality.

2. Passion and Commitment

For any company to run successfully, passion and commitment are required from all the team members. A technical co-founder who has an interest in your idea and is most anticipated to turn it into reality is a blessing to your company. They have the same passion as the founder.

They can work with several departments and assist them in technical aspects of the project to head towards product development with a holistic approach from the early stage. Make sure, the technical co-founder is not committed to the projects outside of your company. This will ensure dedication, a balance of work, and equal motivation to achieve business success.

3. Communication Skills and Validating the Idea

It is often found that communication between a non-technical skilled person and a tech-savvy person doesn't go easy. Therefore, it is very important to collaborate with a technical co-founder who has good communication skills in making you and your team members understand the technical aspects required for the project.

The more they communicate, the more development can be ensured in your project. A technical co-founder with good communication skills can more easily understand your idea, and assist in testing and validating it. Without validation from technical experts, your project can’t be moved forward.

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How to Find a Tech Co-Founder?

Most companies think hiring a technical co-founder is simple. However, it is often challenging to find a technical co-founder as you need to find the right person with skills and experience. While hiring a technical co-founder, you need to thoroughly examine their educational qualifications, related work experience background, portfolios, and letters of recommendation. Below are a few options where you can find the best talent.

How to find a tech co-founder

1. Online Networking Platforms

To find the best technical co-founder, it is recommended to have a recruiting specialist who can pick up the best from the industry. Technical skills along with soft skills are important which you need in the candidate and examine while interviewing.

The recruiting specialist can publish the job opening on your company website, job search, and social media websites. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Naukri, and Indeed are some of the most popular websites for posting job advertisements. You can post the requirement and tell your network to spread the word or can directly reach out to your business contacts. If everything goes well, it will reach the right person.

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2. Hackathons, Seminars, and Conferences

These events run for a short period. However, you can make the best use of it. You will get the opportunity to meet like-minded people and network with them. You can discuss your idea in person which gives a more accurate understanding and thus improves the chances of collaborating.

3. Business Incubators

As this place gathers different types of companies together, it is the best option to find a technical co-founder who can align with the vision of your company. Discuss your idea and attract the person to believe in it to collaborate. If things go well, you can collaborate with them to reach your business success.

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