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How to Hire a React Native Developer - A Complete Guide

Krunal Shah

Oct 06, 2021

6 min readLast Updated Dec 05, 2022

There is no doubt about the fact that React Native is a versatile and powerful technology used for app development. Moreover, hiring a React Native developer is budget-friendly as well for IT business owners. But as easy as it seems, hiring React Native developers is no child’s play.

To put it in simple words, hiring React Native developers is like walking on hot coals. If a CTO of a software company is ill-prepared during the hiring process, the results could be disastrous. To find a suitable React Native developer requires the company to follow certain rules.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the entire process of hiring React Native developers. Moreover, we will also see the roles and responsibilities and will also define the specific things that business organizations need to find out before finalizing the React Native developers.

Therefore, without further ado, let us get started.

Core features of React Native development

React Native is based on Facebook’s JavaScript library and is used for mobile app development. The JavaScript framework is equally capable of building native as well as cross-platform applications. It creatively renders mobile apps for Android and iOS. In addition, as the greater part of codes in React Native can be shared, it is suitable for cross-platform app development as well.

But the IT business owners should remember that React Native apps are not the same as web apps. This is because the React Native mobile apps (iOS or Android) can’t load over the browser. In addition, these apps are built-in JavaScript with native components. Therefore, none of them are hybrid applications.

As far as web apps are concerned, React Native uses a mixture of XML-Esque and JavaScript to trigger the native APIs.

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What are the must-have skills for React Native developers?

React Native developers Skills

To hire React Native developers in a profound way, the CTOs must be fully aware of the skillset of the developers. The required skills include both technical and interpersonal skills. Let us have a look:

Technical skills

Familiarity with JavaScript

Deep knowledge of JavaScript is a must for a React Native developer. The potential candidate must know to structure the application logic and services and build components. In addition, they must understand the flow of the app development process and for this, knowledge of JavaScript is required.

Android and iOS development

Since React Native is used for cross-platform development, the developer must be aware of the difference between iOS and Android development. Moreover, to map the work, knowledge of Objective C and Swift is a must as well.

Basic React Assumptions

The developers should understand the important concepts such as JSX, DOM, and component lifecycle. Besides this, they should always check the applicant’s understanding to ensure a smooth flow of the app development process.


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Writing clear codes

We cannot emphasize more the importance of writing clear codes for React Native development. The written codes should be readable, consistent, and well-documented for future references. Moreover, writing clear code will aid in the future when the app requires some advancements.

Soft skills

Basically, the arena of soft skills comprises the interpersonal attributes of a React Native developer. It includes aspects such as problem-solving abilities, communication skills, leadership qualities, decision-making strengths, etc.

Moreover, as the entire React Native development process is a team game, the hired developers must be team players. They must be curious, open to fair criticism, etc.

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When and how to hire a React Native development company?

hire a React Native development company

There are basically three ways to hire React Native developers for your project development services. It includes:

·         Hire freelance React Native developers

·         Hire an in-house team of React Native developers

·         Hire outsourcing React Native development company

Now out of all the three mentioned methods, hiring outsourcing React Native development company is the most competent. This is because freelancers and in-house teams have their own disadvantages. For example, hiring freelancers might be cheap, but there is no guarantee of the quality of work they provide. Hiring in-house teams can be costly and will give you access to a limited talent pool only.

This is the reason why IT business owners should look to outsource their React Native development projects.

Advantages of hiring outsourcing React Native development company

Outsourcing React Native Development Company

Hiring an outsourcing React Native development company is best for mid or large-sized projects. The biggest USP of having a software development company is that they take ownership of the entire project. Their experienced and professional developers will keep you on the same page throughout the development process. Thus, as a CTO, you don’t need to hire any other specialists to complete the app development project.

Moreover, outsourcing your React Native project will give access to a wide range of talented developers. You can hire them at affordable rates according to your project requirements. With specialists at work, the quality of the overall React Native development project is bound to rise.

With experts at work and guaranteed quality, the reliability of the product increases. Thus, this also enhances the chance of it doing well in the app market as well. In addition, the experienced developers bring more to the table than the CTOs can expect. With their in-depth market knowledge, they can share ideas that take the quality of the app to another level.

Besides being affordable, the outsourcing React Native development companies are flexible as well. Thus, as an IT business owner, you have all rights to change the size of the team as per the project requirement.

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Thus, if you are considering opting for an outsourcing React Native development company, find them on:

Reliable platforms are necessary as they will only have quality React Native outsourcing companies. Go through all the client feedback to have a clearer idea about the performance of the company.


To sum up, IT business owners should be aware of their project requirements before hiring React Native developers. Total awareness about the needs and requirements will enable them to make better business decisions. Moreover, if you have a long-term project in hand, opt for outsourcing React Native development companies as they are suitable and affordable.

Follow a systematic process and the results will take off.

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