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Let’s Recap The Last Year at Third Rock Techkno

Tapan Patel

Jan 13, 2023

6 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

As we look back on the past year at Third Rock Techkno, we're filled with pride and gratitude for the fantastic team that we have. Together, we've accomplished so much and are excited to share some of our highlights with you.

Welcomed New Members of the Family

As we reflect on the past year at Third Rock Techkno, one thing that stands out is the incredible team we have built. We are proud to say that in 2022, we onboarded eight skilled professionals in mobile development, 30 experts in web development, four QA specialists, six talented salespeople, one dedicated HR executive, and one efficient support executive.

These new members have not only brought their skills and expertise to the table but also their unique personalities and perspectives. They have helped to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that allows everyone to thrive.

We believe that a positive company culture is key to success, and we are constantly striving to create a work environment that is collaborative, supportive, and empowering. The new members have quickly integrated into the Third Rock Techkno family and have brought new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the table.

Third Rock Techkno Team

Their different backgrounds and experiences have helped to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that allows everyone to thrive. Our team is like a family, and we're always looking for ways to come together and have fun. We have regular team building activities, company-wide picnics, and milestone celebrations to keep the team motivated and productive.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our new team members and we're excited to see what we can accomplish together in the future. We look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service to our clients, and we believe that our team is the key to our success.

Celebrations at Third Rock Techkno

celebrations at third rock techkno

We had a number of celebrations throughout the year, including team building activities, company-wide picnics, and milestone celebrations to keep the morale high and the team spirit strong throughout the year!

👉In January, we kicked off the year with a company-wide retreat. We went on a weekend camping trip where we bonded over campfire stories and team-building activities.

👉February brought Valentine's Day celebrations, where we exchanged heartfelt messages and gifts with our colleagues.

👉In March, we celebrated the arrival of spring with a fun-filled picnic in the park. We played games, enjoyed delicious food and drinks, and even had a mini-talent show where we showcased our hidden talents.

👉April was all about Easter celebrations, where we had an Easter egg hunt and a potluck lunch.

👉May was a special month for Third Rock Techkno, as we celebrated our company's anniversary. We had a big bash to mark the occasion and even invited our family members to join in the celebrations.

👉June was a month of fun with our annual sports day event, where we competed in different sports and games and had a great time together.

👉July was a month of patriotism as we celebrated Independence Day with a parade and a BBQ party.

👉August was a month of relaxation and rejuvenation, as we organized a yoga day where we all participated in a yoga session and enjoyed a healthy lunch.

👉September was a month of giving back to the community, as we participated in a charity walk to raise funds for a local organization.

👉October was all about Halloween, where we had a costume contest and a pumpkin-carving competition.

👉November was a month of gratitude, as we organized a potluck Thanksgiving lunch where we shared our reasons to be thankful.

👉December was a month of holiday cheer, as we celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve with a big party, complete with music, food, and drinks.

It's been an amazing year of fun and celebration at Third Rock Techkno. I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful team, and I can't wait to see what new celebrations we'll come up with in the coming year.

Projects We Have Delivered in 2022

mobile apps developed in 2023

We delivered a number of exciting projects over the past year, including:

Secure identity platform

A platform that uses advanced bio-metrics and a private blockchain to perform identity-based authentication, securing online services from password-based attacks.

By verifying the identity of users as they log in, it authenticates or transacts into corporate networks, it helps regain control of IT services and revenue generating consumer digital services from anonymous users hiding behind compromised logins.

Top Features & Perks:

✅Advanced biometrics for secure identity-based authentication

✅Utilizes private blockchain technology for added security

✅Verifies user identity during login, authentication, and transactions

✅Regains control of IT services and revenue generating consumer digital services

✅Protects against compromised logins and anonymous users.


An app for kids where they can learn about Alphabets, basic shapes, Animals, birds and body shape. They can learn how to pronounce English, Hindi and Gujarati language easily through this app.

Top Features & Perks:

✅Learning tool for Alphabets, basic shapes, Animals, birds and body shape

✅Pronunciation in English, Hindi and Gujarati language

✅Engaging and interactive interface for kids

✅Educational and entertaining content

✅Suitable for children of different age groups and language backgrounds


A marketplace where sellers can sell things and buyers can buy. There was a separate app for delivery people as well.

Top Features & Perks:

✅Online marketplace for buying and selling products

✅Separate app for delivery persons

✅User-friendly interface for easy navigation

✅Secure payment options

✅Real-time tracking for buyers and sellers.


An app that scans a user's handwriting from paper and generates a digital font from it. The app also has a custom keyboard where the user's font is applied so the user can send a message with their own font.

Top Features & Perks:

  • Scans user's handwriting and generates a digital font
  • Custom keyboard with user's font for messaging
  • User-friendly interface for easy usage
  • Digital preservation of personal handwriting
  • Unique and personalized messaging experience.


An app for UK people to get the cheapest time frame where the electricity price is lowest. So that users can charge their Vehicle effectively.

Top Features & Perks:

✅Identifies cheapest time frame for electricity prices in UK

✅Help users to charge their vehicles in the most cost-effective way

✅Real-time updates on electricity prices

✅Saves money on electricity bills

✅User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.

Learning app for Kids

An app for kids where they can learn about emotions, logs, love puzzles, coloring activity, AR interactive games and much more.

Top Features & Perks

✅Interactive and educational activities for kids

✅Learning about emotions, logic, love, puzzle and more

✅AR interactive games for fun learning experience

✅Coloring activities for creativity

✅A wide range of educational topics for children of different ages.

What are our goals for 2023?

As a product development company, our goals for 2023 include:

  • Expanding our team in the mobile development and web development departments
  • Building more innovative and user-friendly products
  • Increasing our client base and revenue
  • Focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • Offering more training and development opportunities for our team members

We're excited to see what the future holds for Third Rock Techkno and we're grateful for the continued support of our team, clients, and partners. We're looking forward to another great year and we can't wait to see what we'll accomplish together.

Projects Completed till now.

Discover how we can help your business grow.

"Third Rock Techkno's work integrates complex frameworks and features to offer everything researchers need. They are open-minded and worked smoothly with the academic subject matter."

- Dr Daniel T. Michaels, NINS

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