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How To Create E-Learning Platforms Like Udemy Or Coursera

Krunal Shah

Sep 09, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Sep 08, 2023

The extreme rise in the usage and popularity of e-learning platforms has taken the education industry by storm. It would be safe enough to say that e-learning platforms have become a solid alternative to college education as they render high-quality studies at minimal costs. In addition, during Covid-19 in 2020, it was the various e-learning platforms that helped students and professionals in those challenging times and assisted them in upskilling themselves while still being indoors.

With its increased usability, e-learning platforms have also become a lucrative place to earn money for organizations. Many companies such as Udemy and Coursera have made their mark in this field due to their unique teaching methods, interactive UI, and effective courses for the students.

There are certain factors that business organizations must keep in mind if they have to make a website like Udemy. Here, we will discuss the crucial steps that will help business organizations to create emphatic e-learning platforms such as Coursera and Udemy.

How to Build an E-Learning Website Like Udemy?

The global transition in the education realm has brought in a significant rise in the demand for online education. According to a study done by Statista, the worldwide e-learning platform will reach a whopping $370 billion by 2026. Therefore, to sustain and flourish in this ever-evolving world, business organizations can follow these steps and make a website like Udemy. Here we go:

1.   In-depth Research About the Niche

It is necessary to analyze whether the problem is worth solving before beginning the product development process of an e-learning platform. Therefore, a business organization can develop their business idea by asking themselves a few simple questions like:

  • What are the actual challenges faced by the students in education?
  • How can your e-learning platform address this solution?
  • If you are concentrating on a niche, what is the scope of improvement in it?
  • What good are the competitors doing?
  • What are the areas where your competitors have a shortcoming?

Great research about its niche is one of the USPs of Udemy as it renders a lot of resources in its coursework that is available in more than 80 languages.

2.   Make a Solid Framework for the Solution

After doing comprehensive research about making a website like Udemy, it is now time to gather that information and get the idea into shape. Understand thoroughly what are the must-have features that satisfy the users such as:

  • Constant Evaluation
  • User-friendly UI/UX design
  • High-quality learning resources
  • Timely tracking and reports

Having a clear mindset about the crucial requirements of the e-learning platform, it becomes easier to work on the app’s functionality.

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3.  Select the Right Software Development Partner

Now here comes the biggest catch. The business organization has to be very specific while hiring their app development partner if they want to make a website like Udemy. The process of software development requires wireframe creation, information gathering, app testing, product release, app maintenance, and more. Therefore, if you hire a firm that has prior experience in educational software development solutions, they will render you the best product at cost-effective rates without compromising on the quality.

Moreover, while selecting an app development service partner, it becomes necessary to have a close look at their previous work. It helps the organization in gauging the actual worth of the app development company so that they get the desired result after the completion of the software development process.

4. Regular Testing on Real Users

Another brilliant advantage of Udemy is that it has notes-taking and closed captioning features along with on-demand courses. These factors make the e-learning platform different from its peers and allow it to gain more attention from the users. This user-centric nature of the app is the result of regular testing e-learning platform on real users.

Therefore, organizations that look to make a website like Udemy must implement a regular testing process. This will not only help the e-learning platform to perform better by getting authentic user feedback. Moreover, this will also help the business firm to solve specific user problems and make necessary changes in the roadmap of development if needed.

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Different Types of E-Learning Websites

With the proliferation of technology, there has been a rapid rise in the types of e-learning platforms as well. Let us have a look at the most popular types of e-learning platforms that are rendering high-quality education to the students.

1.  Video-Based Learning

The video-based e-learning platform has been gaining unprecedented popularity as it is effective, streamlined, and drives consistency between both the tutors and the students. Man researches have shown that the human brain processes images and videos faster than texts and therefore video-based e-learning platforms are gaining momentum.

These video-based e-learning platforms create their own interactive space that allows the students to explore and digest newer concepts through visual examples. Udemy along with Coursera have been two of the most promising platforms that are delivering great learning content through videos.

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Advantages of Video-Based Learning Platform

A few of the great benefits of video-based learning platforms are:

  • It reduces the learning cost and time substantially
  • Provides a more interactive platform between the learner and the tutor
  • Creates an effective environment that helps students to grasp things easily

2.  Group Online Learning

Collaborative learning has its own benefits as it allows the students to interact with their fellows and understand complicated problems with teamwork. Moreover, group online learning will also create an atmosphere for the students as they are sitting in a physical classroom. Also, this process is a cost-effective method for other learners as they can share the cost of the tutors and at the same time have personalized attention during the class.

Advantages of Group Online Learning

The leading perks of group online learning are:

  • Increases team-building skills among the students and encourages them to have a more analytical mindset.
  • The learners can also learn from the skill-set of other students and implement the teachings given by the tutors.

3.  Online Employee Training Platforms

These online e-learning platforms help business organizations to upskill their employees to help them cope with the industry changes. The online corporate training platform delivers essential training materials for the skill development of the employees and schedules comprehensive training sessions for the staff members.

The interactive sessions delivered by employee online training platforms such as UpGrad and Kitaboo Insight are specifically focused on a certain skill of an employee. Also, these targeted sessions can be delivered on multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Advantages of Online Employee Training Platforms

There is a plethora of high-flying advantages of online employee training platform, we have listed a few of them below:

  • The strategized training content helps the business organization to keep their employee on the same page as the company along with upscaling their overall work abilities.
  • Online training platforms are designed in such a way that it allows each employee to learn at their own pace and according to their requirements.

4.  Open Online Learning Courses

The e-learning platforms that provide a wide variety of online learning courses to students for free (largely) are known as Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Moreover, these platforms charge a nominal fee if the student wants a certification after the completion of the course.

The leading MOOC platforms are Coursera. Therefore, if an organization is about to make a website like Udemy or Coursera, it must also focus on including different courses from different fields in its platform. The learning environment of MOOCs is self-paced and also they have pre-recorded lectures, videos, and webinars that the students can access as per their requirements.

Advantages of MOOCs

Since the pandemic, the demand for MOOCs has increased considerably and this is because they render a myriad of advantages to students. We have listed a few of them below, have a look:

  • These platforms are open and available for everyone in the languages of their choice.
  • The course completion deadlines are flexible so the students can study freely without any pressure.
  • Some courses also provide free certificates to the student so that they can showcase them in their portfolio.

Concluding Thoughts

To make a website like Udemy, it is necessary to implement a simple and consistent process. Moreover, the business organization has to select an app development partner that focuses on the visual design of the app, develops an easy-to-navigate website, and has a multi-language approach as well. In addition, to make a website like Udemy, it is necessary to employ the right technology stack for different requirements such as front and back end, framework, database, payment gateway, and cloud storage.

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