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Hiring a React Developer: React Developer Salary, Skills and More

Krunal Shah

Nov 30, 2022

8 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

hire a react developer

Blog Summary: A React developer is a software professional who works with React libraries. There are several React developers in the market and you need to have proper knowledge before hiring them for your company. In this blog, we will guide you through what is a React developer, their importance, roles, where to find them, React developer salary and more.

Tech-industry is filled with a vast number of React developers. It is an often difficult decision how to find a React developer in India at affordable rates who is the right fit and aligns with the vision of your company. Read on to know more about how to find a React developer for your company, React developer salary, and more.

What Is Meant By a React Developer?

A React developer is a software professional who works on open-source technology named React to build User Interfaces. They are well-versed in programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They serve as JavaScript developers as well as front-end developers.

React developers manage and monitor web applications or browsers to ensure an absolute experience for users. A React developer works with software testing specialists to validate the code before the web application goes live.

Voice recognition, menu buttons, graphic icons, and online forms are a few of the impressive things that they do. React developer salary depends on the expertise, exact project and more.

React development solution

What Does a React Developer Do?

Before we delve deeper into React developer salary for React developer in India and more, let’s start from the basics. A React developer plays a vital role in all stages of user interface development. They use React Native to build mobile applications on the client side of product development.

It is quite easy for them to navigate through this process as they have a strong knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Below are the important responsibilities carried out by a React developer,

  • Writing codes: A React developer works with HTML tags and CSS selectors. They convert wireframes into code.
  • Testing software: Before the web application goes live, a React developer tests and validates it. They are involved in all stages of the development of web applications.
  • Creating responsive interactive technology: They make your web application or browser dynamic by adding gesture-driven actions, graphic icons, menu buttons, etc. They also ensure that the application runs efficiently on different browsers and devices.
  • Aligning with the vision of the client: They clearly understand the vision of the client and ensure it reflects on their web application.
  • Collaboration with back-end developers: A React developer works together with them to ensure the user interface runs without errors.
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Top Skills Required from React Developers

It is very important to keep in mind that React developers have a strong working knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and also with the React Library. Before hiring React developers, you need to outline their skills, both hard and soft skills. Also, React developer salary depends on it.

To hire potential React developers, you need to examine their set of technical skills:

  • Strong knowledge of React Library, JavaScript ES6, HTML5, and CSS3 coding
  • Understanding the React framework and its principles
  • Experience in writing codes using the CSS preprocessors like JavaScript features, Stylesheets, SASS, and LESS
  • Developing exciting user interface components using the ReactJS toolkit
  • Creating high-quality user interface codes using wireframes and mock designs
  • Ability to monitor the code regularly to increase the performance of the web applications
  • Checking the quality assurance process ranges that includes unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing
  • Creating asynchronous application programming interface (API) calls while monitoring the functional libraries of web applications
  • Working knowledge of React.JS workflows like Redux APIs and Context to gather computed data from the application’s state
  • Relevant educational qualifications and certificates

Another way to determine the technical skills of the developers is by conducting interviews. Moreover, it is recommended to conduct a live coding test on the most popular trusted third-party platforms like Codility, TestGorilla, iMocha, and CodeSignal. The scores obtained after the test helps you determine potential candidates. Along with technical skills, the candidates should have soft skills like communication skills, dedication to work, time management, and networking to fit into your company.

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Guide to Hire React.JS Developers

It is often challenging to hire React.JS developers as you need to find the right person with skills and experience. The hiring of React.JS developers completely depends on the requirement, available budget, and team size of the company.

You have three options to hire namely a freelance developer, an in-house React.JS developer, or a React.JS agency. While hiring a freelance developer or an in-house React.JS developer, you need to thoroughly examine all the CVs and resumes received. Check their educational qualifications, related work experience background, and letter of recommendation from previous employers. Certificates proving the skills acquired to be a React.JS developer would be an added advantage.

Hire ReactJS developers
Steps to hiring ReactJS developers - Source

1. Hiring In-House React.JS Developer

If you are getting a flow of big projects or tasks, then the best idea is to hire an in-house React.JS developer. To hire the best in-house developer, it is recommended to have a recruiting specialist who can pick up the best from the industry.

Soft skills are as important as hard skills which you need in the candidate and examine while interviewing. The recruiting specialist can publish the job opening on your company website, social media, and job search websites. LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, and Glassdoor are some of the most popular websites for posting job advertisements.

To find out the potential candidates, you need a detailed job description mentioning the job summary, responsibilities, requirements, technical skills, desired skills, compensation, and link to the application form.

2. Hiring React.JS Development Agencies

You need to be extra cautious while hiring React.JS development agencies from the industry. As there are many agencies in the industry, you need to select agencies which have defined workflow. When developing a web application, a defined workflow is necessary to deliver the product in time without wasting money.

In addition, check if the development agencies make use of pre-built components and solutions. Thoroughly examine the projects completed by the agencies for a better understanding of the work. You can also search the ratings and reviews on the agencies from several platforms.

React development solution

Make sure the agencies have the top-performing developers to deliver the product. Finding agencies as the right partner becomes a win-win situation when the product is delivered at affordable prices in high quality within the time. Generally, top-performing agencies work on capacity building such as sharing knowledge for free on the internet and conducting workshops.

3. Hiring a Freelance Developer

With the popularity of the gig work culture, considering hiring a freelance developer has its advantages like flexible cooperation, affordable rates, and also it does not require much management.

Freelance developers are generally employed for small tasks. The hiring of freelance developers can be done directly through a contract or third-party platforms. You can post the requirement on popular freelance platforms like, Fiverr, and Upwork and decide React developer salary as per the budget.

The following recommendations can be carried out when picking up the best freelance developer:

  • Analyze the ratings and reviews of the freelance developer: Examine the profile of the freelance developer before hiring them. Check out the ratings, reviews submitted by previous clients, and previous projects worked upon.
  • Verification of mentioned technical skills: In most cases, freelancers mention the technical skills that they’re not aware of and just trying to fit in the market. Therefore, you need to verify their technical skills by carrying out a technical assessment of a short project or asking them to share related certificates. It is necessary to train your in-house developers on how to select freelance developers.
  • Interviewing shortlisted freelance developers: After coming up with the list of selected freelance developers, you need to conduct interviews. Examine their skills and ability to work in a team with challenging tasks. Find out their available time for work, payment timeline, and most importantly commitment to work.

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How Much Should You Pay to React.JS Developers?

As a company, you need to consider several factors to decide React developer salary. One of the most important factors in deciding the React developer salary is the experience level and right skills. If your company wants to build a big team, it is recommended to hire junior and mid-level developers. Junior-level developers are beginners with basic knowledge of front-end development, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS frameworks.

ReactJS developer salary
React Development Cost Over the Years - Source

Generally, junior-level developers should have at least one year of experience or their own completed project to be considered. Middle-level developers with at least 3 years of experience must have in-depth knowledge of the JavaScript framework and React.JS libraries. They must be capable of creating online stores or applications from the scratch and be able to mentor junior-level developers.

Meanwhile, senior-level developers possessing at least 5 years of experience in web development, in-depth knowledge of React.JS libraries, JavaScript along with programming languages, and could lead several teams. However, hiring highly skilled Vue.JS developers for your company will be necessary anyway.

As per the sources, the United States stands top in paying an average yearly salary of around $118k, followed by Canada paying $100k, the United Kingdom paying $80.5k, the Netherlands paying $66.5k, Spain paying $63.5k, France paying $58.5k, Ukraine paying $42k, and India paying $12.5k.

Converting the above-mentioned average yearly salary into an average hourly rate, we observe the United States paying $60 per hour, followed by Canada paying $50 per hour, the United Kingdom paying $40 per hour, the Netherlands paying $33 per hour, Spain paying $32 per hour, France paying $30 per hour, Ukraine paying $21 per hour, and India paying $7.5 per hour.

Compared to other countries, in India, you can hire React.JS developers at affordable rates and get the product delivered in high quality. Firstly, you can get high-quality work at a low cost. Moreover, Indian React.JS developers are committed, punctual, and ready-to-work attitude within a given time frame. They have excellent communication skills to keep in touch with the clients and deliver a high-quality product.

Hiring React.JS developers is a complex decision as it needs to consider several factors like quality of the product, compensation, React developer salary, cost-effectiveness, and skilled work. It is highly recommended to hire React.JS developers from India as the product gets delivered in high quality within the time frame at affordable rates. Be a part of the rapidly evolving framework!

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