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10 Small Business Technology Tools in 2022

Krunal Shah

Oct 17, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Sep 28, 2023

Adopting the right tech tools helps take your business to a whole new level in terms of multiple factors such as business functionality, customer experience, revenue generation, brand recognition, and many others. Starting from start-ups to small and even medium and big businesses are opting for small business technology tools to secure their positions in this competitive market.

Be it improving your communication with the customers or analyzing your sales funnel - small business technology can help you improve multiple areas to let you accommodate your business requirements and reach your targets easily. As stated in a recent market report, the global business software and services market is set to grow at 11.7% CAGR during the forecast period of 2022 to 2030 from its benchmark of $429.59 billion in  2021 and the small business technology tools have a significant contribution to it.

small business technology

No matter whether you are running a small business, or are planning to start one, it is crucial to have a clear knowledge on the top small business technology tools to choose from. And so, here we will walk you through the top 10 small business technology tools in 2022 and beyond.

Benefits of Using Small Business Technology Tools

Small business technology tools not only help you in automating certain business areas but also let you gain a lot of competitive advantages to stand tall in this competitive market. Let’s walk you through the top benefits of using small business technology tools -

1. Higher Business Agility

Opting for the right small business technology tools helps you make your business more agile and enable your business to be more responsive and adaptive to the dynamic market changes.

Be it facilitating simple and fast integration with the required tech leads or strengthening team collaborations - such tools can give you a complete solution to make your business more agile, productive, and competitive for the present market.

2. Automated and Streamlined Workflows

Most of the small businesses have already opted for automation for their main business activities and areas starting from customer relationship management to billing cycles. And unless you streamline your business workflows, operations, and functionalities, it can be difficult to pace up in this competitive market. Small business technology tools help you with that and let you focus on other crucial business areas.

3. Reduced Errors

One of the main advantages of opting for small business technology tools is they let you reduce errors in the relevant activities - be it billing the customers, recommending them the suitable products/solutions on your app/website, or addressing customer queries. This in turn improves your overall business functionalities, and prevents the issues like revenue leakage or discrepancies in your business analytics and insights.

4. Improved Security

No matter which business you are running, there is always a lot of data involved like your customer information, behavioral and other sensitive data, data related to your business etc. And you need to maintain optimum security to prevent any possible data breaches, threats or cyber attacks which is next to impossible to achieve unless you opt for the suitable small business technology tool that lets you adhere to the security compliances and maintain robust security in all the required business areas.

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Top 10 Small Business Technology Tools: A Complete List

If you are wondering what type of small business technology tools you need to opt for, it depends on the business areas you want to improve. Here we have listed out the top 10 small business technology tools that you can opt for your business.

1. Customer Relationship Management Tools

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool lets you easily manage communication and interactions with your customers, track leads and opportunities, keep track of customer service issues, and manage sales and marketing campaigns, to name a few.

small business technology

It is crucial to opt for a customer relationship management tool to improve your customer relationship, customer experience, and hence boost the related KPIs of your business such as customer lifecycle value, customer retention rate, and others. While the readymade CRM tools like Zoho, Nimble, Pipedrive, or Salesforce work well for many businesses, the best option will be to opt for a custom CRM tool that can meet your exact business requirements and lets you align with your business goals efficiently. Here’s the key advantages of a CRM tool in a glimpse -

  • Improved communication with your customers
  • Better team productivity
  • Automation of the key relevant tasks
  • Improved data analytics & reporting
  • Better customer relationship and issue resolving
  • Improved customer experience
  • Aids in word-of-mouth promotion

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2. Email Marketing Tools

An email marketing tool is used to streamline, automate and improve all the activities related to creating, sending, testing, conducting and analyzing email marketing campaigns. Such tools let you easily target your audience or existing customers, plan and craft the relevant email marketing campaigns as per the goals set like - acquiring new customers, boosting sales, gaining new prospects etc.

Here’s the top advantages you can get from this type of small business technology tools -

  • Easy email campaigns planning
  • Customized email content creation
  • Driving higher traffic to your website/app/certain pages
  • Boosting leads and sales
  • Automating email campaigns
  • Improved email marketing analysis and insights
  • Better optimization of email marketing campaigns
small business technology

3. Project Management Tools

A project management tool helps you plan, build, execute, analyze and improve your projects. Not only does it help you automate the majority of the workflows related to your projects but also helps you deploy competitive projects while ensuring the outputs that fit the present market.

small business technology

The top advantages of a project management tool are as listed below -

  • Improved project planning
  • Streamlined project workflows
  • Better project resource management
  • Enhanced pipeline forecasting
  • Better team collaborations
  • In-depth analytics and insights
  • Better project budget management

4. Accounting Tools

An accounting tool is crucial to automate and improve your business’s daily accounting activities like tracking and recording transactions, keeping track of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, and others.

Not only does it help in streamlining all the relevant activities but helps reduce errors and lets you optimize the accounting KPIs to drive the profitability of your business. Some of the key advantages of using this type of small business technology tools are as listed below -

  • Streamlined accounting activities
  • Better assets and liability management’
  • Improved bank reconciliation
  • Automated inventory management
  • Timely analysis and report generation
  • Improved tax compliance
  • Timesheets and project management

5. Billing Tools

A billing tool is dedicated to manage and automate all the billing and payment related activities such as invoice generation, billing cycles tracking and management, giving payment reminders, delayed payment management, and others. Let’s have a look at the top advantages of this type of small business technology tools -

  • Automated billing cycles management
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced billing errors
  • Saves time and resources
  • Multiple payment gateways set up and management
  • Multiple payment options and multilingual currencies set up and management

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6. Workflow Management Tools

This type of small business technology tools are highly sought-after among the businesses for streamlining, and automating various business activities. Be it improving the workflow for project management or standardizing diverse business activities, a workflow management tool helps simplify everything resulting in improved business functionalities. Here’s some of the top advantages of this type of small business technology tools -

  • Reduced errors in business workflows
  • Time and resources optimization
  • Improved team communication and collaborations
  • Reduced requirement for micromanagement
  • Higher team productivity
  • Improved issue tracking
  • Better transparency and team efficiency

7. E-Signature Tools

An electronic signature tool or e-signature tool helps you electronically sign electronic documents and plays a crucial role in verifying documents online. It simplifies the signing process for digital content and lets one sign digitally over any device like computer or laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. through a few button clicks. Here’s a list of the top advantages of this type of small business technology tools -

  • Highly reliable way to sign and verify digital documents
  • Saves time and paper
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to implement
  • Doesn’t require scanning
  • Independent of time and place

8. Document Collaboration Tools

A document collaboration tool, as the name suggests, lets multiple persons work together on a single file or document. This in turn helps a business take collaborative efforts and work together without risking any ambiguities. Below are some of its top advantages that makes it a highly sought-after small business technology tool among the businesses -

  • Improved team collaboration for a centralized workspace
  • Better team control over editing and updating
  • Increased productivity
  • Time and cost effective
  • Easy and reliable remote collaboration
  • Breaks the barriers of differential time zones and locations

9. ERP Tools

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool helps a business plan and manage diverse core business processes related to value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, finance, and others. Improving accuracy in all these processes to drive productivity - this type of small business technology tools helps a business in several ways.

small business technology

Below are some of the key advantages of this small business technology tool -

  • Improved management performance
  • Improved availability and accuracy of information
  • Better coordination
  • Enhanced market-driven planning
  • Caters to business scalability and flexibility
  • Better customer service

10. HR Management Tools

An HR management tool helps streamline, automate and improve various HR processes such as performance management, employee onboarding, compensation & benefits, and other activities. Automating human capital management systems to streamline core HR activities - an HR management tool helps improve all. Here are some of the top advantages of an HR management tool -

  • Improved employee self-service
  • Streamlined HR routine tasks
  • Enhanced employee management
  • Improved KPI optimization
  • Improved data security, tracking, and management

Small business technology tools are crucial to improve diverse business functionalities and the above list will help you choose the right ones for your business. While there are plenty of ready-made tools in the market to opt from, it is recommended to get your custom small business technology tools to accommodate your specific business requirements and reach the business milestones easily.

small business technology

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