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Top 10 React Native Animation Libraries & UI Components

Krunal Shah

Dec 27, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

React Native animation libraries

Blog Summary: Is creating a highly engaging mobile app your end goal? Then you must explore React Native animation and UI libraries to do it with ease. Here’s a complete list to make your task easier and help you beat the competition.

“To the user, the interface is the product.” and the user experience majorly depends on how appealing your product’s UI is. Undoubtedly, animation has a great role to play in it.

The good news for React Native developers is that - they can explore a range of animation libraries and UI components to bring out the best in the mobile app UIs.

React Native development is already popular due to the exclusive perks like -

✅ Better code reusability

✅ Cost-effective

✅ Top-notch performance for mobile environments

✅ Live reloading

✅ Native look and feel

✅ UI-centric approach

To name a few.

And the availability of a wide variety of React Native Animation Libraries make it even more popular among the developers as well as the end-users.

In this blog, we will walk you through the top 10 React Native animation libraries and UI components that you can totally rely on while building an engaging app/product.

What Is the Main Purpose of React Components?

React components help you develop interactive and engaging application UI easily. You can use both isolated or multiple React components as well as combine React UI with Bit to be applied in several projects of your choice.

One of the most exclusive perks of React components is you can share and reuse them between apps which saves time and cost without compromising with the app quality. Now, let’s familiarize with the top React animation libraries and UI components to utilize them better.

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A Complete List of the Top 10 React Native Animation Libraries

Below are some of the most popular React Native animation libraries with diverse use cases.

1. React Native Reanimated

This is among the top three highest-rated React Native animation libraries that offers a compact low-level abstraction to build an animated library API.

✅ Offers high flexibility to build animations

✅ Suitable for gesture-based interactions

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 5k stars

👉Openbase Review: 4.3/5

React Native development

2. React Native Lottie Web

React Native Lottie Web is a mobile library that is compatible with iOS and web. It makes recreation of animation easier with its top-notch documentation and high performance capacity.

✅ Amalgamates Bodymovin that is exported as JSON with Adobe after-effects animations

✅ Easy to use

✅ Flexible to build competitive animations through recreations

👉Github Link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 24.1k stars

👉Open base Review: 4.7/5

3. React Native Flip Card

React Native Flip Card, one of the most-used React Native animation libraries, enables the flip motion on UI easily.

✅Animation library with a card component

✅Android and iOS compatible

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 281 stars

4. React Native Animatable

React Native Animatable enables the developers to configure innovative animations of their choice through pre-configured components. This reduces the tasks to rewrite components for animations and gives more space to experiment easily.

✅Variety of well-animated components to use

✅Offers standard easy-to-use animations for mobile apps

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 9k stars

👉Openbase Review: 4.7/5

5. React Native SVG Animations

React Native SVG Animations library is used to display scalable vector graphic images in animated forms. You can use the wrapper elements from the package to build the animation easily.

✅ Easy animation creation for scalable vectors

✅ Simple-to-change dynamic properties

👉Github link:

👉License: ISC License

👉GitHub Stars: 119 stars

6. React Navigation Transitions

This is one of the highly used React Native animation libraries that is suitable to manage the transitions of complex animations. It makes it easier to monitor or modify the transitions easily.

✅Easy handling of animation timing

✅Simple monitoring of multiple screens

✅Easy tracking of entry and exit screens of complex animations

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 447 stars

React Native development

7. React Native Sooji Animated Input

React Native Sooji Animated Input comes with a handful of useful animated components to be applied in mobile apps. You can easily edit its default props in Slider.js.

✅ Comes with PanResponder functions for better usability of animated components

✅ Easy slider importing

✅ Simple customization

👉Github link:

👉License: ISC License

👉GitHub Stars: Be the first to use and rate!

8. React Spring

It is a spring-physics-based animation library that caters to various UI animation requirements in React. Equipped with a broad range of creative tools, it makes it easier for the developers to experiment with innovative UI animations.

✅ Includes advanced animation tools

✅ Offers high flexibility

✅ Easy-to-use react motion

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 22.2K stars

9. React Native GL Model View

This is one of its kind of React Native animation library that is used to create 3D texture animations. It makes rotating and displaying transitions easier with Wavefront.OBJ 3D objects.

✅Suitable for scaling and translating 3D textured models

✅Launched with native jPCT-AE for Android

✅Launched with GLView for iOS

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT License

👉GitHub Stars: 338 stars

10. React Native Pose

React Native Pose is used extensively in spring animations. Also, it helps assist complex colors, strings, and numbers.

✅Highly portable in any JavaScript environment

✅Composable in diverse JS environments

👉Github link:

👉License: MIT

👉GitHub Stars: NA

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Top 10 React Native UI Component Libraries

To build a competitive and user-driven mobile app, you must know about these popular React Native UI component libraries.

1. UI Kitten

✅Offers high customization

✅Improved styling

✅Enhanced reusability

GitHub Stars: 8.9k

2. NativeBase

✅Offers simple-to-use UI component library

✅ Facilitates easy Native look implementation

GitHub Stars: 17k

3. Shoutem

✅Cross-platform library for Android and iOS

✅Composable components

✅Highly customizable

✅Suitable to develop complex styles

GitHub Stars: 504

4. Ignite CLI

✅Offers a range of standalone plugins

✅Suitable to be explored by beginners

✅Comes with boilerplate options

GitHub Stars: 13.4k

5. React Native Elements

✅Suitable for React Native projects built with JavaScript

✅Easily customizable

✅Compatible with diverse Android and iOS platforms

GitHub Stars: 20.6k

6. Nachos UI

✅Offers more than 30 tailored styles and components

✅Highly flexible to create engaging UIs

GitHub Stars: 2k

7. React Native Paper

✅Suitable for diverse material design guidelines

✅Easy to use for global theming support

✅Easy to build customized components

GitHub Stars: 8.8k

8. React Native Teaset

✅Offers over 20 JavaScript components

✅Ensures competitive display features

GitHub Stars: 2.8k

9. React Native Vector Icons

✅ Helps build engaging navigation bars, toolbars and tab bars

✅ Works well for Android and image sources

GitHub Stars: 15.5k

10. React Native Maps

✅ Comes with MapView and multiple child components

✅ Easy map animations to the preferred positions

GitHub Stars: 550

React Native development is garnering more popularity around the globe and the above information will give you a better insight on why.  Some of the famous React apps include -










And the list goes on.

No matter what type of app you are going to build in what sector - healthcare, edtech, finance, or any other, React Native development can be the best option for you to develop a competitive app with an engaging UI without making a hole in your pocket.

React Native development

Third Rock Techkno’s industry-grade React Native development solution can help you build a competitive mobile app that is suitable for the dynamic market and audience requirements. Check out our portfolio and contact us to get started.


Why Are React Native animation libraries used?

React components help you develop interactive and engaging application UI easily. You can use both isolated or multiple React components as well as combine React UI with Bit to be applied in several projects of your choice.

Some of the most popular React Native animation libraries are React Spring, React Native Flip Card, React Native Lottie Web, and React Native Animatable, to name a few.

What are some of the famous React Native UI libraries?

Some of the famous React Native UI libraries include React Native Teaset, Shoutem, Ignite CLI, and React Native Vector Icons, to name a few.

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