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Top 16 Flutter Apps Ruling the Market

Krunal Shah

Sep 04, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

Top 16 Flutter Apps Ruling the Market
Top 16 flutter apps in the market

The ability to develop apps for multiple platforms with just a few bare minimum changes in code; is no more a distant dream for developers. Flutter apps enabled developers to code for all platforms, right from iOS to Linux and Web to Fuchsia. For IT and Non-IT business owners, Flutter brought a drastic transformation in the world of cross-platform app development. It even managed to come head-to-head with React Native – earning itself a top position for best cross-platform SDK.

What Do Owners Have to Say About Flutter Framework?

Before we move ahead to talk about some of the most stunning apps designed by Flutter, let’s look at what some owners have to say about their adventures with Flutter.

Ronen Rabinovici is the Co-founder of Pairing, a social networking app for dating and finding matches. He termed his experience working with Flutter as the crème de la crème of native app development and React Native.

Jacob Kristensen is the Founder and CPO of one of the most popular Flutter apps – Reflectly. For him, the Hot Reload function did wonders for providing incredible power and productivity. Moreover, it took them a little over two and a half months to complete the entire design and addition of new features.

Bing Sun is a developer at the world’s biggest e-commerce store, Alibaba Group. For their app Xianyu, Flutter runs their most crucial ItemDetail page with the single codebase on Android and iOS. For them, Dart language and Hot Reload function are like a breeze, making them create elegant pages quickly.

What Makes Flutter Apps Highly Sought-after?

Apart from having a single codebase to create apps for different platforms, Flutter apps are based on the Dart programming language. Dart is a phenomenal language that makes apps look identical, whether developed for Android or iOS. The hot reload function is almost like a cherry on the top, enabling developers to see the changes on a real-time basis. The gorgeous and intuitive visuals and graphics are all because of Material Design widgets used by Flutter.

When Google launched the Flutter framework, it aimed for a lightning-fast performance of 120 FPS for a smooth sailing experience. The overall look, feel, experience, visuals, ease of use, flexibility, and logical architecture made Flutter an instant hit, especially among the business owners. The biggest reason business owners love working with Flutter is its impressive UI, which gives an almost native-like feeling. It is time and resource-saving because they can see the changes on a real-time basis.

Enough about what Flutter apps can do and achieve – let’s see it in action with some Flutter app examples.

Types Of Flutter Apps

Having one code base for all platforms to fast testing - flutter apps are often the first choice for the developers as discussed above. There are a lot of popular flutter apps in various categories and we are listing out some of the top ones below.

Flutter Apps for Social Networking

Flutter apps are widely used for social networking. Let's have a look -


Postmuse is an Instagram photo editing app that enables users to create professional images for posting on Instagram. With Postmuse, you can edit, view, and design a plethora of photos. If you don't feel satisfied with your pictures, Postmuse is there to take care of them. It also recommends the best images to give your Instagram profile an authentic look.


An intuitive dating social app, Pairing made it extremely easy and better to find dates as the links and matches are based on real-world communities of its users. Taking inspiration from another crazily popular dating app, Tinder, Pairing aimed to make it more sophisticated and user-friendly with easy scrolling. Without any targeted ads, it uses an advanced algorithm that helps find matches to single friends of the users. Users can also match with the people outside their social circle and even chat for free with potential interests.


One of the earliest social media apps built on the Flutter framework, KlasterMe is a content-sharing platform. Users can share anything from their pages, images, contests, blogs; with the world. A highly content-intensive platform, its elegant design features an intuitive platform to help users showcase their content and gain recognition in the community. However, it only uses and supports content from other KlasterMeers to simplify the posting process. KlasterMe released its pilot web version in Dec 2018. It released its Android version on 1st Jan 2019 and iOS version on 5th Jan 2019.

Health and lifestyle apps are some of the mostly used apps around the world. And here's some flutter apps related to health and lifestyle -


An AI-powered app, Reflectly, is a personal journaling application combining cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and meditation. It helps users take care of their mental health by coping with daily stress and resolving negative thoughts. It also includes detailed daily insights by leading self-help experts.

Reflectly was first created in React Native when the team decided to introduce it only for iOS. Later, when they tried to bring it to Android, they faced a problem. Reflectly was extremely popular which made them write the entire code again for Android. This time, they chose Flutter; and it took them only around two months to make it available for users. The Firebase Analytics and Sentry were instrumental in monitoring any underlying issues before the release.


Another Flutter app is Watermaniac – an app for monitoring water intake levels. It's an extremely lightweight app that assists its users in keeping a check and track their water consumption frequency. They can track their usage, set targets, and get notifications reminding them of their next scheduled water intake. Flutter made it extremely easy to upgrade its feature as and when developers like to do. Using mobile as a tracking device for water consumption, users can inculcate a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping and E-commerce Flutter Apps

Many famous shopping and e-commerce apps are actually flutter apps! Let's look at some of them -

Alibaba for Xianyu

Xianyu is an app created by the Alibaba Group for their top-rated e-commerce store. Developed with Flutter, Xianyu today has over 10 million active users. Flutter enabled the team to save a lot of time and resources with its single codebase. Eventually, it also made them maintain the release cycles. They already had an app for their store; however, they used Flutter for introducing the features incrementally and kept adding more functions.


Groupon already had two apps in place – one was customer-facing, and another was merchant-facing. The former one is comparatively larger, with almost 50 million downloads in the bank. The latter one only had somewhere around 500k downloads, which made it riskier for implementing new technology. Eventually, the team decided to use Flutter with an existing solution instead of writing the code from scratch.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is another of Flutter app examples that allow users to purchase and sell vehicles. It works on placing bids, adding offers, and post ads for the cars they are interested in. The engineering faced a shortage of time, with only a year to introduce the app in the market. This would include a smoother user experience and all the features their users already knew. Flutter made their journey extremely easy with no platform-specific coding and an impressive UI with fast programming.

Flutter Apps for Gaming

Some of the popular flutter apps for gaming are -


The legendary name in some of the most popular gaming and digital content that delivered games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Honor of Kings – Tencent has a Flutter background. Furthermore, it uses Flutter for many of its other applications like AITeacher, QiDian, DingDang. Tencent aimed to achieve a smoother and intuitive experience for its users in each segment they catered to – travel, education, work, among others. Flutter enabled them to hit multiple platforms with the same code and gave them the flexibility and availability they needed.

Dream 11

Dream 11 is a legendary India-based application that got fame through the Indian Premier League. This Flutter app allows users to create their own players' teams for games including Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Football. Users can create their own "dream team" of players through the platform and earn points based on their performances in real-world matches around leagues and series. As a gaming application, it has both free and paid features. The user pays an amount to join, with the possibility of winning some money back.

Flutter Apps for Movies and Entertainment

Entertainment is a significant category for apps with billions of users. And there are plenty of flutter apps that can be found under this category.

Hamilton Musical App

Hamilton Broadway Musical was such a massive hit that it got an app dedicated for its fans. GoPosse’s quest to develop an app for both Android and iOS found its answer through Flutter. According to the team, the Flutter framework made everything much more straightforward and comfortable. It enabled them to deliver a higher level of quality at a much faster level. Developing two independent apps, which would have never allowed them to ship the feature set they had. The primary benefit of it was they continued to grow the app by adding new features every week.


A project designed with Dart for multiple platforms, Inkino is a movie ticketing app for popular Finnkino cinemas. An app for Finnish movies, Inkino, is built on Flutter that enables its users to browse their favorite movies and book tickets superfast. Its intuitive interface and easy scrolling allow users to have an immersive booking experience. Flutter and web share almost 40% of its code, while Android and iOS use a single codebase. It also has a PWA under its hood, built with AngularDart.

Flutter Apps for Music

Below are some of the highly used flutter apps for music -


Topline is the perfect app for music artists who love recording their songs instantly and on the go. As soon as an idea clicks in mind – whether you are on the road or at your working desk – Topline can capture their musical ideas. Built with Flutter, this app lets users save a music idea as and when they need it. It took a record ten weeks to complete the app’s version for iOS, made with Flutter. Users can easily record themselves singing, add lyrics, use mixing capabilities, and sync files across the cloud for sharing.

Music Tutor

Another great Flutter app example, Music Tutor, lets users learn reading sheet music and increase their skills. Users can develop their speed and accuracy skills with its feature of identifying notes in a stipulated time. Sheet music and notes are not a pain anymore with this app. Built with Flutter, the app made it convenient to pick up an instrument and strike random notes. The app also has support for learning Solfège besides a sheet music reference for bass, treble, and alto clefs.

Flutter Apps for Finance

The demand for finance apps are always high. But do you know many of the well-known finance apps are flutter apps? Let's have a look -


Next on the list of monitoring and tracking apps is Cryptograph. The app built on Flutter tracks and monitors all the latest updates of the crypto world. It has a database of over 1600 global cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The smartphone app allows users to get real-time information related to exchange rates for helping them track how the market fairs. The app also allows users to select and add coins of the cryptocurrencies they want to invest in, with up-to-date reports.

Other Flutter Apps

BMW Connected Drive

In July 2020, BMW Group launched an app for connecting its vehicles seamlessly through BMW Connect. This leading car app designer and supplier was engineered with Flutter. An interface across their cars and smartphones, My BMW’s content now supports quick extension with its versatile programming architecture. It supports both Android and iOS versions.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers From Third Rock Techkno?

It won't be an overstatement if we say that cross-platform app development is the need of the hour for business owners. And Flutter is leading the way full-throttle with its exceptional capabilities to build apps using a single codebase. The framework contains many intuitive libraries besides Hot Reload and Instant Run to enable a seamless user experience. With Dart language, its learning curve is also pretty easy. The biggest question here is how to find the right software development partner for your flutter apps development requirements?

Third Rock Techkno advises all business owners to ask these questions before hiring a Flutter app developer:

  • What are your budgetary limitations?
  • What are your app development needs – simple or high-end?

Clarity is the most crucial thing before making any decision. Cross-platform apps are best when built with Flutter, so owners need to bank on technical skills, experience, and location. Nonetheless, you can always talk to a consultant at Third Rock Techkno who would guide you through the process.

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