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Top 7 Web Application Development Trends to Look in 2021

Krunal Shah

Jul 15, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

Web application development trends

Table of Contents

Chatbots and Voice Search

Websites are such an integral part of our life. Even that would be such an understatement.

As of January 2021, the digital realm already has 1.8 billion websites!

Even that number sounds a bit less.

You might wonder, are websites really that popular in the world where there’s an app for every single thing today? The answer is yes. Mobile applications are excellent, easy, and accessible anywhere; and Third Rock Techkno totally agrees with it. But some things are just better to view on the web.

The ways to connect, discover, shop, and entertain witnessed a paradigm shift in the web development trends, no doubt. However, the foundation of all these apps still remains the same – a website. Think of it as an address from where an app extends to you. Ultimately, it will redirect you to its home only.

Where the Crowd Actually Is?

Apps are a warm host who welcomes you to grand parties. However, the actual party happens at the website. And it keeps getting grander whenever web development trends change. In the digital world, it’s called connecting with your customers. So, apps are an accessible tool to draw you in by building an image. They attract you by giving you some “space” before you make a decision to be with them for the long haul.

Did you start thinking yet? We’ll wait while you ponder upon making that decision

Before we start explaining PWAs, our first web development trend in the list – here’s a detailed explanation of why PWAs took the app development industry by storm.

Subsequently, let us prove to you why web apps are light bearers on the road to digital transformation.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. A PWA is a web app that mimics the experience of a native app in many ways. It works on any platform, comes pre-installed with all the important users, and has a normal desktop UI and not just an app window. If you are a little confused about how a PWA works, we can simplify it. We developed a PWA called Carjasoos for one of our clients. With a responsive layout across all devices, we used React and Angular for an interactive UI. It is very similar to Uber or MakeMyTrip.

You got an idea why PWAs will be dominating the web application development trends in 2021? The biggest advantage of a PWA for brands is they replace the need for a smartphone. And that’s because users can access it either from their desktop or a mobile device. And it doesn’t affect the user experience. What’s even more interesting is, users can even use it offline.

Which Framework is Best for PWAs?

It is worth noting that today, it just takes a user only 3 SECONDS to close a website!

Hence, even if you have a great business, people are not going to use it if it's not fast and experiential. React and Vue.js works like magic when developing a PWA. And when you have the option to hire a dedicated Vue.js developer, you can get customized web apps at competitive rates.

Pros and Cons of PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and Mobile Apps

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Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Single page applications

Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook – all of these web apps are single-page applications. Single-page applications can easily open in a browser without the need to reload. Did you have any idea your daily apps are basically web apps? Okay, even if you knew, you wouldn’t know which particular SPA inspired the origins of some of the biggest web development frameworks of React, Node, and Angular, would you?

Stuart Morris’s in 2002 was the world’s first SPA. It basically led the trend to evolve to the current frameworks that can work on any browser. Therefore, cross-browser compatibility became one of the key aspects of web development trends.

Which Framework is Best for SPAs?

Angular is a JavaScript framework with MVC architecture, best for building rich SPAs. It brings together material design components into a single programming model. You can build single-page applications without the need of a back-end. A highly stable and credible platform, hiring Angular developers from TRT provides maximum benefits with transparent tracking.

Tip: Angular translates static HTML into dynamic content with ease. Consequently, developers consider, We listed down some of the best reasons why Angular is a top choice for building SPAs.

Single-Page Apps vs Multi-Page Apps: What To Choose For Web Development

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chatbots and voice search

Let’s understand what a Chatbot really is. Facebook Messenger is a bot that pops up and tells you that you can now connect with a friend.

Here’s an interesting stat – Your website has just 0.5 seconds to help a user form an opinion about you!

Henceforth, Chatbots help users with their needs without involving any human, making it one of the most useful web application development trends. Another example would be ordering websites where users can interact with online assistance. The biggest benefit of a Chatbot is businesses can provide services without humans and carry on with other operations too.

Voice search enables websites by using natural language for optimization. It can also increase your Domain Authority (DA) ranking by eliminating duplicate content. With a Web Speech API, you can now hire an Alexa Skill developer also to enable voice products on your website.

Moreover, almost 74% of users would want to interact with Chatbots for answers to their simple queries. Combine these Chatbots with voice-enabled search, and you’ve got yourself a solid deal. Voice search is one of the most evolving web development trends lately. It saves valuable time for businesses and is extremely helpful for analyzing customers’ behavior.

A simple understanding of JavaScript and basic knowledge of Node.js can prove fruitful for such technologies. Python is also a great alternative for developing Chatbots and voice-enabled search features. The benefit of using these technologies is that developers don’t need to learn AI languages. They can easily work on these frameworks with great ease. Also, brands can hire a Node.js developer to build Google Actions and other voice skills.

How we created a chat bot for our customer support?

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Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are the next in the list of web development trends. An AMP accelerates the page loading time by compressing the content of an individual page. The technology works by creating a parallel JavaScript environment that uses JavaScript to download and cache relevant parts of pages.  This technology is very similar to the one offered by PWAs. The major difference is that AMP pages use a specific open-source plugin, whereas PWAs are developed entirely from scratch.

Companies want to invest in developing AMP-enabled sites to let users access faster services.

According to our research, mobile internet connections in the US rose to 39.6% last year from a low of 38% in 2017.

However, some brands focus on building mobile AMP experiences as part of their e-commerce sites. Consequently, users can experience apps at any speed.

Which Framework is Best for AMPs?

AMPs work faster with options for scalability. Therefore, scalability is an essential aspect of building AMPs. Enterprise apps need faster loading speed too. So, web development frameworks like Node.js, Flutter, and Ionic can prove to be highly beneficial for building AMPs. We covered some unbeatable reasons to use Node.js for enterprise apps to sort it out for you.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks

There are many JavaScript frameworks that emerged over the years. They make it easier to build apps and websites. In 2021, JavaScript frameworks will be the main development tool for web developers. They consist of a set of libraries that developers can use to create and customize applications. The most popular JS frameworks would be Vue.js, React, and Angular. And the idea of hiring a Vue.js developer immediately removes the worry of assembling an application from a bunch of libraries and plugins. As opposed to development tools like Ruby on Rails or CakePHP, JavaScript frameworks work on a plug-and-play approach.

New Tools in 2021 in JS Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks themselves have so many benefits. As a web application development trend in 2021, new versions replace the older ones with better functions. These versions include some new tools like HTML5 templates, custom-built applications, and data management tools. However, libraries still remain developer’s favorite building blocks to create attractive apps that run in all modern browsers.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Framework To Use In 2020?

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Mobile-first Development

Mobile-first development

Mobile-first would mean designing your product for mobile devices before you start developing the site. Screen size, productivity features, and physical buttons placement are major technological aspects. You can design a mobile-friendly site by hiring a mobile developer to integrate an efficient app seamlessly with an existing desktop site.

If mobile-first looks in vain to you, you should revisit your strategy. Smartphones totally transformed commerce and given consumers unprecedented access to information and services. Today's consumers are more easily reached by mobile than they were five years ago. They are also far more likely to abandon a purchase if the experience isn't right for them. Also, this is one of the crucial aspects of UI/UX design while developing an affordable mobile app. Hence, a minimalist, intuitive, and interactive product makes a brand more reachable.

In 2021, this is one of the web development trends, that will focus on delivering content. It wouldn’t incline towards decorative elements that serve no meaning. Developers would concentrate more on reducing page numbers and avoiding columns. And the triggers would have a mobile-oriented CTA approach. Using vivid colors, simple shapes, innovative color palettes would rule in 2021.

Serverless Architecture and API-first Development

Serverless Architecture and API first Development

Serverless technology is the future of computing because it greatly reduces the complexity of the IT infrastructure. Companies can use cloud-based computing resources to run applications with constantly changing servers. This helps in reducing maintenance costs and ensuring application uptime. With serverless computing, companies can increase utilization rates and save money by using less hardware in the long run. A serverless compute service like AWS Lambda is one of the most prominent architectures for such applications focusing on API development.

The year 2020 was marked by the great Covid-19 pandemic. That is why more and more people switched to SaaS solutions. SaaS also had a great role in the development of serverless architecture.

Flexera reports that the cloud market expansion led to almost 98% of enterprises using at least one public or private cloud.

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To Conclude

It's a new era for web development. As we came halfway down in 2021, it is inevitable that major browsers and new technologies will change the way websites look and work. However, technology made it easier than ever to deliver a great user experience. The Web has evolved to provide seamless interactivity that no longer requires you to click and wait for pages to load. Web apps have also been incorporated into websites so that customers can easily interact with them through a web browser.

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