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Top Mobile App Ideas for Your Travel and Tourism Businesses

Krunal Shah

Sep 29, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

Travel apps

There is no doubt that the travel industry is going great guns. The travel industry that was badly affected due to Covid-19 has grown at a rapid pace. According to UNWTO’s latest World Tourism Barometer, international tourism has spiked by a whopping 182% in the first three months of 2022, way more than compared in 2021.

Mobile apps have disrupted the travel industry like any other sector. Whether brimming a creative idea to proper planning to implementation, having a competent mobile app plays a prominent role. Therefore, travel startups looking to make it big in the industry must look for fresh mobile app ideas and newer concepts to scale ahead of their competitors.

Travel apps

In this blog, we will discuss the top travel app ideas that will assist budding entrepreneurs to develop path-breaking mobile apps. In addition, we will look at how mobile apps can help travel businesses to render more customized services to the users.

Travel apps
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1. App For Flight Booking

Users can find flights to the destinations they would really like to explore with the use of a flight booking app. The app assists in finding all scheduled flights, flight prices, and seat availability to particular locations.

Additionally, the travel app would allow users to track flights by itinerary, airport, or number on a map on their phone. Furthermore, the travel app users can look up details about current delays, the weather, the time it is to land, when to board, and when to take off.

2. City Guide App with Augmented Reality

There is a solid reason why city guide applications are highly regarded. They're a fantastic way to discover new places. What if you could go one step further, though? What if you could navigate the city using augmented reality?

Yes, this is possible because of modern advances in mobile app development. The app development organization may use an app like this to point the phone at a building and obtain real-time information about it. Additionally, one may learn where the top bars and restaurants are.

It's the ideal method for discovering a new city. Besides, one can entertain a sizable community with such travel app ideas.

3. Mobile App For Local Assistance and Translators

It is often beneficial to have a translator with you when exploring a strange country. But what if you don't have access to a translator? What if you are unable to speak the language? You'll then require language assistance and a translation app.

For travelers, this kind of travel app would be invaluable. It would provide real-time text translation between languages for users. One may ask an app developer to build this app with AI and machine learning. As a result, the software will develop its intelligence over time and improve its text translation capabilities. Moreover, as AI and ML are involved, it is advised to choose only experienced mobile app development partners for developing such kinds of travel apps.

4. Mobile Apps For Accessing Local Transport

Finding your way around the city's public transportation can be difficult when you move there. Which bus should you board and where should you get off? This is where a local public transportation access travel app might well be useful and also give you an edge over your competitors:

  • The travel app would offer details on the many kinds of public transportation offered in the city. The app developers can add different elements for user benefits such as:
  • A map indicating the location of the closest train station or bus stop
  • The schedule for several buses or trains
  • The cost of the ticket
  • Travelers would really benefit from such an app, which would make navigating a city much easier.

5. Mobile Travel App for Money Saving

Money crunches are perhaps the biggest reason why people cancel or postpone their travel plans. Moreover,  poor money management is the root cause of many problems that may occur during the course of travel as well. In this situation, a new travel app that suggests a budget-friendly route can be highly beneficial for the users.

This mobile app would make recommendations for travel routes that save time and money as well as affordable lodging. Travel aficionados can therefore arrange their trips without concern for their money.

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6. Mobile Apps for Gauging Weather Forecast

It takes more than just having fun to create a travel app. People have to consider weather conditions and devise the schedule of their travel. Moreover, for packing purposes, the traveler must be aware of the weather conditions in their trip. Therefore, a travel app that gives a complete indication of the weather condition would act as a competent assistant to the travelers along their journey.

A weather forecast app would be an excellent idea as the user would get access to forecasts for various locations and would make the necessary changes in their travel schedule accordingly. The travel app would show:

  • Temp. at this moment
  • An upcoming couple of days' outlook
  • circumstances of the weather
  • Travelers would find this idea for a travel app to be a helpful tool and it would prevent unpleasant shocks.

Having such basic information would bring a lot of relief for the travelers especially when they are traveling off-road, in forests, or in hilly areas.

7. Hotel Booking and Reservation App

A travel app for booking hotels aids travelers in locating and reserving lodging. In accordance with the destinations they intend to visit, it provides access to hotel accommodations. Customers can use this app to look for lodging options including homestays, couch surfing, or hotel rooms.

Because there are numerous options available on this app, consumers can pick a property that meets their needs. They can utilize filters like pricing, amenities, and customer ratings to choose a hotel using the app's search function. An app for hotel accommodation benefits both travelers and tour operators.

8. Social Media Apps for Travelers

On various travel platforms, people enjoy engaging, asking questions, and exchanging helpful information about their travels. Additionally, they frequently upload travel-related content on social media. Develop a social networking site just for travelers if you wish to develop this idea further.

A social media travel app that is specifically designed for travelers would enable users to interact with one another, share and discuss their travel experiences, provide information such as itineraries, reviews, and photos, and pose queries. Similar travel apps could already be available in the Play Store. So, attempt to focus on a certain travel market.

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What are the benefits of Travel Apps?

Travelers use mobile applications as they help in simplifying their vacations, from preparation to arrival. There is no doubt about the fact that mobile travel apps are essential to ensure a smooth stay. Let us have a look at the prime benefits that travel apps provide:

Travel apps
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Real Images for Travel Destinations

While arranging a trip, customers like to look through photographs of potential destinations. They become more eager for their journey as a result. Therefore, it is advantageous for mobile app developers to include real images to show possible views of the destinations so that consumers can acquire a sense of them before going.

Travel apps

Information Sharing and Networking

It is easier for people to travel alone to places because of competent travel apps. These apps have various social media integrations that allow travelers to explore newer, unseen places and also stay connected with their near and dear ones. In addition, they can effortlessly and conveniently share their memorable travel experiences with their loved ones through these web portals and also social media platforms.

Easy Hotel and Ticket Booking

Some travel-related smartphone apps assist you in finding hotels and provide information such as the travel time to your location, the cost, and more. Additionally, using a travel mobile app to book a hotel or other lodging gives you the chance to take advantage of exclusive savings. The greatest accommodation and ticket prices can be found with these applications.

Better Sales and Customer Loyalty

It becomes easier for travel startups and business organizations to increase their sales with the aid of your travel app. This is due to the fact that it offers customers a practical approach to booking their travel. Through your app, they can do everything from plan trips to reserve hotels and flights.

Customers will be more likely to continue with your business if you create a good and engaging travel app. This is due to the fact that your app will make their travel planning more convenient and accessible. They'll be more inclined to tell their friends about your app as a result.

24*7 Availability and Great Offers For the Customers

Because of their capabilities, travel apps are vital. They constantly provide timely and practical information to travelers. These apps are available 24/7 so you may access any information from anywhere at any time.

People enjoy getting discounts when they use a service frequently. If there are customer incentives, discounts, and other freebies in the travel app, it will increase customer engagement and would compel them to use the app more. Some travel apps offer free hotel stays, reduced airline tickets, and other perks.

The realm of travel apps is bound to increase in the coming future as more and more people will be inclined to use them during their travels. Therefore, business startups looking to develop an app on a similar idea must hire a trustworthy and experienced mobile app development partner so as to render them amazing benefits.

Travel apps

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