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What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development

Krunal Shah

Aug 26, 2021

5 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

React Native the future of hybrid app development

React Native has rapidly become a favorite among businesses. Whether they are startups or fortune 500 companies, this open-source platform has become a goldmine of resources for app development. This platform was nothing short of a revolution. The mere fact that it made developing mobile apps possible for iOS and Android at the same time ensured it spread like a wildfire.

React Native is a JavaScript framework that helps users create a variety of mobile applications. To understand how React Native has become such a popular tool, we need to understand its beginnings.

What is React Native

React Native

The Facebook Ads platform till that point in time was using the stereotypical MVC approach to the process. With more functionalities being layered on, the complexity inevitably increased. It should come as no surprise even to those not in tech, that if you do not have a handle on an instrument, it becomes unwieldy even for experts.

Things got so bad that at one point developers were losing sight of where their updates were taking effect on the application, things needed to be simplified, fast. This lead to the creation of the React Framework in 2012. This came on the back of a discovery that allowed the creation of UI elements for iOS with JavaScript, this changed the game entirely.

The framework worked so well, that it was agreed that it should be made available to the community as a whole. So, after successfully decoupling from the FB Stack it in 2013, React was open-sourced.  Facebook officially released React Native in 2015, effectively changing the way we develop mobile apps. A cross-platform development tool that gives all the native benefits.

The platform went on to help develop some of the most familiar apps in the world today. When first released though, it did raise some doubts as to its viability for commercial usage, but the platform managed to prove the doubters wrong.

From pure React to Hybrid developments, businesses have managed to leverage this framework in a variety of scalable ways. Here are some of the things that truly set React Native apart from the competition.

Benefits of React Native in Hybrid App Development

Benefits of React Native in Hybrid App Development

Save on Costs & Time

The cross-platform applications of this platform make it an absolute time saver when it comes to development. Since the code is applicable for both iOS and Android, the business does not have to spend on creating separate apps, instead can focus on investing and creating a unified entity. In terms of sheer costs, this can be lower than the cost of creating a single app. Moreover, in terms of sheer decision-making, it becomes much easier to launch the app on both platforms simultaneously, saving a ton of time. Moreover, the fact this is a common platform for both Oss, any updates or maintenance done can simultaneously be applied for both iOS and Android.

High Performance

There is no difference in the performance of a React Native app and a native app made for Android or iOS. Considering they are coded specifically for mobile use, their performance is also pretty much at the same level. Most hybrid technologies that allow for cross-platform applications usually need to use the central processing unit of the system, React Native uses the graphic processing unit instead. This makes them much faster and definitely a better bet when it comes to effective and time-sensitive projects.

Uses JavaScript

Statista reports that JavaScript is one of the most commonly used coding languages in the world. Over 64% of developers use it, with HTML/CSS at the second number. The fact that React Native uses JavaScript makes it an absolute no-brainer for developers to use it. The sheer fact that support is so readily available, and the sheer versatility of the platform thanks to its core language make it a self-starter for mobile app development.

Fantastic Community Support

React Native is an open-sourced platform and has thousands of users around the world. It is regularly ranked as the most popular cross-platform tool on Github, and in 2020 was the most popular in the world. Its easy access and widespread contributions from developers spread globally make it a fantastic support system for your app.

Aids Faster Publishing

Before React, the process of publishing updates was pretty time-consuming with the developers having to go back to the drawing board for different versions of the app. Over-the-air updates also allow you to publish any changes or fixes while the app is in use. This eliminates the need to update the app through the stores, eliminating the manual aspect of it entirely, making the process smoother, faster, and a lot more effective.

Better Project Management

If you are going to be creating a pure native app, chances are you will need to coordinate with two separate teams working on the iOS and Android functions. React Native cancels out this double effort allowing you to focus on a single team. This not only allows your app to be streamlined across platforms but also lets you work with a smaller team. It is important to note that you will still need to have an experienced JavaScript developer familiar with both platforms. But the size and scale of the team definitely become much more manageable.

Real-Time Feedback

React Native provides what is known as ‘hot reloading’. This essentially means that the developer can see the changes to the app while they are making it in a separate window. This becomes a fantastic functionality for developers helping save time and provide immediate feedback for approval or changes. The ability to keep the app running while adding newly edited files is invaluable.

React Native came as a breath of fresh air for developers. It's efficient multi-platform approach was both cost-effective, and high in quality in terms of user experience. The sheer versatility and possibility of reusing modules and codes over and above the benefits listed above, make it the perfect option for mobile app development.

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