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When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Project

Krunal Shah

Aug 17, 2020

6 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

Hire Dedicated Developers for your project

Businesses across the globe are now recognizing the importance of adapting to the fast-paced changes in the technological sphere. Enhancement of the overall skills leveraged by an organization is greatly helpful in grabbing new opportunities. Consequently, many businesses have adopted the model of hiring dedicated and remote developers as a means to augment projects with new technological initiatives. However, there are other models of outsourcing that can be beneficial too. So the important question is when should you hire dedicated developers for your project?

In this blog, we will discuss the situations wherein it’s ideal to hire dedicated developers instead of hiring full-time employees. Moreover, you will also get insights into how to identify and hire the best-dedicated developers for your project.

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COVID-19 and software development: What’s the new normal?

COVID-19 and software development

The current pandemic situation has changed our outlook on a normal work environment. In the wake of COVID-19, several companies have resorted to the ‘Work From Home’ model. Because everyone has now witnessed that remote work is not so bad for efficiency, the inclination towards hiring remote developers has increased.

In addition to that, some businesses even hired dedicated development teams from the outsourcing companies as a part of their business continuity plan.

The hire developer model is favorable for all types of businesses – from startups to enterprises. Regardless of their size or capital, companies are now extending their development teams for initiating new operational models with technological innovations.

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More and more companies have witnessed a growing reliance on remote workers because it offers cost-efficiency, flexibility, and quality.

In this way, the COVID-19 pandemic situation coupled with an increased reliance on remote developers has indeed made the concept of distributed development teams the new normal.

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When should you hire dedicated developers?

hire dedicated developers

With a large number of companies using dedicated offshore developers for their business, their demand is on a constant rise. This is because there are several scenarios where hiring a dedicated development team facilitates considerably high ROI.

1. Compensating for a shortage of skills

The tech industry is very dynamic in nature. Almost every day, new technology surfaces the IT sector and replaces the older ones. With so many resources available, a developer can learn only so much and become an expert in a small subset of technologies.

It is possible that a company’s in-house team of developers lack the knowledge and expertise required for a certain project. This is where dedicated developers enter the picture. Companies can leverage the latest technologies by hiring dedicated developers who have a diverse and strong background in technology.

In other words, whenever a project demands the use of technology that your in-house team is unfamiliar with, hiring a remote development team is the best course of action.

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2. Projects with unclear scope

Sometimes an enterprise faces difficulty in determining a clear scope of the project. In such situations, the software development process often takes a very long time. However, the enterprise can move forward with such projects by hiring a dedicated developer.

When you hire dedicated developers from India or any country with lower labor costs, you can eliminate schedule as well as cost deviations. You just need to pay a fixed salary to the dedicated developers for the hours they work.

Moreover, you can take care of any modification in project requirements effectively as remote developers add flexibility to the project.

3. Long-run relationship maintenance

Certain projects require a company to collaborate with the development team for an indefinite period of time. The size of the team also keeps varying as per the needs and progress of the projects. Sometimes, the company adds an expert to the team for a specific functionality while other times, they discharge someone from the team.

By hiring a dedicated development team, the company can form a discreet alliance with the outsourcing company. This ensures that all the requirements of the project are achieved without any trouble.

4. Projects with limited scope

When the scope of the project is fairly limited, the need for remote developers increases.

Suppose a company wants to roll out a new feature in an existing product and wants it done quickly. Instead of bothering the core team, it is better to hire a dedicated developer for such short and quick needs. As soon as the new feature is rolled out, the developer on hire can be relieved without any issues.

It is also recommended to hire a dedicated development team in situations when the in-house team is overloaded with projects. Rather than compiling and delaying the projects, a company can assign top priority tasks to the core team and the remaining tasks to the offshore team.

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Best mediums to hire dedicated developers

hire dedicated developers

Some of the top ways to look for dedicated developers that suit your needs include:

1. Software outsourcing companies

Typically, the offshore companies that offer software development outsourcing are the most helpful in hiring expert dedicated teams.

These companies serve as intermediaries between those looking for work and those looking for workers. As a result, their recommendations mostly include organizations with a good reputation and experience in software development.

Moreover, such companies only hire those developers who successfully pass rigorous screening tests that prove their efficiency. This saves you from the long and cumbersome process of screening each candidate.

2. Search engines

Alternatively, you can search for dedicated development teams using Google or other search engines. Checking the reviews and ratings of the search results will give you an idea about the quality of their performance.

Additionally, you may post your requirements on certain job boards and bidding websites. Using a search engine will also give you access to a number of freelance software developers.

3. References

You can check with other companies that recently hired dedicated developers to help them out. Their references and experience can be very helpful.

However, it is necessary to consider the type of work that was done by the hired team. Examine the requirements of the projects and try to assess whether they fulfill your needs or not.

How to hire the best-dedicated developers from available choices

Hire dedicated developers

Once you have recognized the top candidates, the next step is to compare and assess each candidate. Following are the top criteria that you should follow to find a trustworthy development agency.

1. Portfolios

You can get a lot of information by taking a look at the clients the company has worked for and the type of projects they carried out. You may also contact the company’s previous clients and get to know about their experience.

2. Expertise

A company’s expertise is reflected in its dedicated developers’ knowledge of platforms, tools, and technologies. Developers of a good outsourcing company would be comfortable with top technologies, languages, databases, and tools used for contemporary software development.

3. Compatibility

Some of your top candidates are likely residing in offshore locations with different time zones. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand their attitude towards language barriers as well as cultural and work hour differences.

4. Communication

While reviewing the candidates, make sure to bring up the issue of communication and ask them about their preferred medium of communication.

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The Bottom Line

All companies, from small scale to large scale, can benefit greatly from the services of dedicated developers. If your business lacks internal capabilities, hiring dedicated development teams works like a charm. They assume the responsibilities of your in-house team and offer professional skills that are instrumental in building high-quality apps. And when their work is done, you can easily release them which adds a sense of flexibility to your project.

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