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Node JS Development Company

Earlier, JavaScript was acknowledged as an ideal platform for frontend development and frameworks like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python and more were preferred for backend development. However, with the release of Node.js, these facts have changed. Today, Node.js is embraced by companies to build feature-rich backend with the same level of performance and speed as provided by other frameworks.

Focused on delivering the most secure and quality solutions, Third Rock Techkno is a reliable Node JS development company helping clients to high-speed data and improve data exchange as well as retrieval performance through innovative web app solutions. Our developers keep abreast with the latest tools to deliver the most advanced Node JS development services to transform your idea into reality.

node js development company
Asynchronous & Event driven

Node.js is built to handle asynchronous I/O from the group and an ideal match to a lot of common web and network development issues. In addition to quick JavaScript execution, the real magic behind Node.js is known as the Event Loop. To scale to big volumes of clients, all I/O intensive operations in Node.js are performed asynchronously.

node js development services
Rapid Development

Node.js application can be scaled in two ways– Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling which further helps in improving the application performance as well. In Horizontal Scaling, you can add more nodes to your current system whereas in Vertical scaling you can add more resources to a single node.

node js development company
Lightweight and Extensible

Node.js is based on JavaScript which can be executed on the client side and server side as well. Additionally, it supports the exchange of data using JSON which is easily consumed by JavaScript. This makes it lightweight as compared to other frameworks, the reason why most businesses today look for Node JS development services to build their applications.

node js development services

Node.js uses the V8 engine which is developed by Google for Chrome. V8 compiles JavaScript into native machine code directly which increases the speed and efficient implementation of the code. This empowers a Node JS development company to build quality web apps at a fast pace.

node js development company
Community Friendly

Node.js has a wide community of developers worldwide. They are highly active in the development of new packages or modules to support various types of applications development.

Our services & Engagement model

Javascript Technologies are our cor competencies. Some of our services includes:

  • Node.JS API Development and Integration
  • Node.Js Package Development
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Node.JS Version
  • Alexa Skills
  • Real Time Applications with Node.JS
  • Chatbot Development
  • Node.JS Product Support and Maintenance

Why choose us as your NodeJS development company?
node js development services
Experienced developers

Our seasoned Node.js developers have the expertise to build secure, creative and highly-interactive web applications. Whether you are a startup or a small or medium sized business, our customized solutions effectively cater your needs.

node js development company
Trusted delivery methods

We employ agile methodology to keep you in the loop. Our company is known to deliver quality Node JS development services that meet your business goals, timeline and budget.

node js development services
Transparent work approach

Our Node JS development company ensures complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your needs. We use email, phone, Skype and other mediums for regular communication with you.

node js development company
Competitive rates

We offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our personalized and cost-efficient Node JS development services meet different budget needs of our clients from different business verticals across the globe.

node js development services
Customer satisfaction

Our designers, developers, quality analysts and a project manager – all strive for customer satisfaction. We deliver excellent services that not only align with our clients’ needs but also help them to take their business to the next level.

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