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Angular 14 Features and New Updates: A Complete Guide

Krunal Shah

Dec 23, 2022

6 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

Angular 14 features

Blog Summary: Released on 2nd June, 2022, Angular 14, the latest version of Angular, has taken the software development sector by storm. This feature-rich version of Angular stands tall from its previous versions with its unique features like original injectors in embedded views, online Angular Dev tools, strictly typed forms, and others. In this blog we will discuss in greater detail about Angular 14 features, updates, and perks to help you unleash its full potential.

The much-awaited update of Angular is finally here! And it has garnered wide popularity among the developers in no time! But what’s the deal?

The answer lies in the advanced Angular 14 features and updates that include typed reactive forms, CLI auto-completion, and advanced templates diagnostics, to name a few!

Angular 14 is considered to be the most advanced, well-planned and systematic upgrade of Angular by the developers and tech experts. This typescript-based web application not only ensures high-quality Angular application development and cross-platform compatibility but further reduces the need for Angular modules.

But that’s not it! There’s more to why Angular 14 features are in the spotlight. Let’s see!

What Is Angular 14?

Angular 14 is the latest version of Google’s type script-based web application, which comes with a range of built-in features needed to develop high-quality apps easily.

Some of the Unique Angular 14 Features and Perks:

👉 No requirement for Ng modules

👉 Less requirement for extensive coding

👉 Faster & streamlined Angular app development

👉 Improved standalone components

Before we discuss Angular 14 features in greater detail, Let’s have a quick comparison of Angular 13 vs Angular 14. This will help you understand Angular 14 features and uniqueness better.

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Angular 13 Vs Angular 14: At a Glance


Angular 13

Angular 14

TypeScript Update

TypeScript 4.4

TypeScript 4.7

GitHub Issues

A few GitHub issues are there

All GitHub issues are removed

Page Title Accessibility

Require to add title with route.title

Additional importing not required while adding a title

Angular CLI Auto Completion

Not completely applicable

Completely enables real-time type-ahead auto-completion

Ng Module Dependency


No Dependency

Angular 14 development

Top Angular 14 Features: What’s New?

Angular 14 is superior to all its previous versions as well as other web development for the unique Angular 14 Features.

1. Strictly Typed Form

This Angular 14 feature reduces the GitHub issue - strict typing for Angular Reactive forms package. The prime highlights of this feature include -

✅ Makes Angular seamlessly function with the existing forms

✅ Offers auto-migration for easy application upgrade and maintenance

✅  Better processing of generic inputs with FormControl

✅  Does not hamper template-based forms

✅  API complexities are handled smoothly

2. Stand-Alone Components

This latest version of Angular has issued RFC( Request for Comments) for making Ng modules optional on stand-alone components. This ensures -

✅ The dependency on NG modules is removed

✅ Better usage of pipes, directories, and components

✅ The previous modules won’t be obsolete but provisional

3. Better Template Diagnostics

The new version of Angular comes with better and improved template diagnostics to protect developers from generic errors via compiler reconciliation to typescript codes. In previous versions of Angular, no warning signs were generated by the compiler.

But this Angular 14 feature ensures that the diagnostics tests are circumscribed with the expansion of a new private compiler which displays warning signs for using templates. The top perks of this feature are -

✅ No interruptions in execution due to lack of warning signs

✅  No usage of unwanted operators

✅ Timely warnings for every user template

Angular 14 development

4. Angular CLI

One of the best Angular 14 features is that it can help you increase productivity by assisting you in delivering the required commands to make modules, directives, and components for your new or existing project.

The Angular 14 is made to deliver the latest feature in CLI, which allows real-time auto-completion in the terminal. First, you need to execute the ng completion and then type the ng command and press the tab to explore all the options which are possible. Setting up Angular CLI ensures -

✅ You don’t need to waste time looking for commands on the internet

✅  Higher developer productivity

✅  A broad range auto-completion options are available

5. Built-in Enhancement

Another key Angular 14 feature is that it enables the CLI to deploy small codes without reducing their value. It has built-in enhancements to help you in connecting to protected component numbers from your templates easily. This in turn -

✅ Assists you in getting more control over the reusable components

✅ Leverage the public API surfaces fully

✅ Gives the developers better control

6. Advanced Primitives

Angular 14 has the Angular component Dev kit ( CDK) where the CDK menu and Dialog have been driven to a stable Angular version. This have perks like -

✅ Better accessibility to the custom components

✅ Availability of a range of tools for Angular components development

✅ Ease of development

✅ Faster time to delivery

7. Better Page Title Accessibility

In previous versions page titles used to be simple but in the new Angular 14 version there is something new. It is a new route.title which now makes it easy to add a title and does not leave any extra imports. This ensures -

✅ Lengthy import process is not required

✅ The content of your page is shown distinctively during application development

✅  Easier accessibility and faster development

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Advantages of Angular 14

Angular 14 is considered to have all the missing features of previous versions. Here’s why you should opt for it.

1. Already Typed Forms

You’ll get the forms that are typed for you, you can use them in the application to allow users to log in, update their profiles, enter important information and do different tasks. It has techniques, which help capture user input from the view, evaluate user input, update forms and keep all the changes on track.

This feature is only reactive to forms and helps developers in generating secure forms. You can get the untyped version in the old version of Angular.

2. Optional injectors

It gives additional help for passing an optimal injector when creating an embedded view and allows you to customize dependency injection behavior with specific templates. This allows for cleaner API for constructing reusable components.

3. Better Angular CLI

It has improved consistency in Angular CLI with every flag using the lower skewer case format. It also helps in providing removed support for deprecated camel case arguments.

Top Use Cases of Angular 14

👉 Enterprise web apps

👉 Responsive mobile apps

👉 Single page apps

👉 Progressive web apps

👉 Animated UI

👉 Industry-based apps like -

  • Travel apps
  • Social apps
  • Healthcare apps
  • Weather apps
  • Job portals
  • Video streaming apps
  • eCommerce apps

And others.

The new version of Angular has a lot of better features, which makes it more useful and also improves consistency and productivity. Angular functions very well, is easy to use, is flexible, and also has the opportunity to create a more impressive and successful experience.  And with Angular 14, the development of an app is even much easier and quicker, because of the stand-alone component, which makes the ng module optional.

Now developers have got a better and smoother version of the typescript-based framework which allows them to track the online ecosystem and user requirements as well.

Angular 14 development

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1. What are the top features of Angular 14?

The top Angular 14 features include standalone components, streamlined page title accessibility, advanced primitives, built-in enhancements, and Angular CLI, to name a few.

2. Why should you choose Angular 14?

Some of the top advantages of Angular 14 are faster and smoother development, better cross-platform compatibility, better app performance and productivity.

3. What are the top use cases of Angular 14?

Some of the top use cases of Angular are single-page applications, high speed app development, responsive and dynamic app development, to name a few.

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