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What is Edutainment? Definition, Benefits, and Examples

Krunal Shah

Aug 04, 2022

9 min readLast Updated Sep 29, 2023

What is edutainment? Definition, Benefits, and Examples

In a world where screens and technology have become an integral part of our lives, the concept of learning has undergone a transformation. Traditional classroom settings are no longer the sole source of education, and entertainment has evolved beyond passive consumption. Enter the fascinating world of edutainment – a blend of education and entertainment.

Edutainment is a revolutionary new method of learning for the new generation. But what exactly is edutainment and what are the benefits of edutainment?

In this blog, we'll explore what edutainment is, why it matters, and discover the benefits it offers. Plus, we'll share some of the best edutainment games out there to spice up your learning journey!

What Is Edutainment?

The combination of education + entertainment gave birth to the term edutainment which translates to learning while having fun. Edutainment was introduced with the mere objective of making learning more enjoyable, more memorable, and definitely more comprehendible.

And who better to coin the term than the franchise that gave us unforgettable edutainment shows including the likes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Duck Tales, Out of the Box and so many more? You guessed it right! Edutainment was coined by Walt Disney ,  in 1954.

Edutainment apps are a blend of media, games, puzzles, and interactive sessions making them a powerful motivating force for improving the educational experience. Edutaining techniques also work very well for subjects like math, science, and history because they make it easy to understand and fun to learn.

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Why Edutainment?

If you’re a Millennial, Gen X, or Boomer, you will probably relate to this more than anyone. Let’s go back in time and remember our learning days. How many times did you find your classes to be too boring and tedious? How many times did your attention span break and how many times did you drift off into an imaginary universe of fun and games? We’re pretty sure the answer is more than once.

That’s what edutainment does. It breaks the barriers of the traditional methods of teaching and gives the curious and imaginative minds of students a task to work on. Instead of channelizing their energies outside the classroom, edutainment aims at engaging all their senses within.

Edutainment materials have been found to engage students in different ways than traditional textbooks which are often dry and boring. They tend to have more plot lines, character development, and exciting plot twists to keep the eye-balls of students engaged in activities that encourage learning.

What are the Benefits of Edutainment?

A few years back, entertainment didn't even come to mind when one thought of education.

Children were never allowed to watch television while studying. They were rather restricted to studying in just one place. Education and entertainment were too far-off entities, more like two parallel lines whose ends would never meet. But times changed and so did the means of imparting education.

There are several benefits of edutainment that has helped it gain the reputation it enjoys today. Let’s delve into how this unthinkable concept is slowly becoming the norm and find out its various benefits:

✅ Learning through edutainment puts emphasis on both educational and personal development.

✅ It improves the ability to visualize thereby allowing students to think differently.

✅ Edutainment offers a safe space and flexible outlet for students to get their creative juices flowing.

✅ It positively captures the attention of students thereby enhancing concentration and focus.

✅ When learning involves more of the student’s senses, it results in higher engagement.

✅ Edutainment = higher motivation + even high retention.

✅ It helps students understand complex theoretical concepts in a simple and fun-to-understand manner.

✅Edutainment provides students an opportunity to really connect to the subject.

✅ It uses a practical and hands-on approach to make students more confident in their abilities.

✅Edutainment is not restricted to conventional classrooms. It can happen anytime anywhere.

✅Edutainment utilizes multiple platforms such as narration, storytelling, games, movies, podcasts, etc.

✅It supports those with learning difficulties by incorporating a personalized approach.

✅It gives students the time and freedom to learn at their own pace.

✅Lastly, edutainment makes students more empathetic. It allows them to become more expressive, more observant, and more aware of the things happening in their environment.

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The Best Edutainment Games Out There!

Children today are becoming incredibly digital-savvy. They are naturally inclined towards devices and love to spend a majority of their leisure time on them. While stopping them may seem difficult, parents can definitely choose the best content for them to access.

And what better than edutainment games that not only entertain but also educate them at the same time? Today there are multiple games for children’s mental development. The best part? They focus on multiple subjects and serve different purposes. Let’s take a look at the best edutainment games out there.

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🔢Math-Based Games

Math can be a daunting subject for many, but these math-based games aim to change that perception by making numbers and equations exciting.

1. Math Blaster HyperBlaster 2

Math Blaster makes mathematics fun. Aimed at improving the mathematical skills of students, this game is a fun and engaging game that teaches basic math concepts through arcade-style games. The game offers several exercises for each topic of math, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Edutainment game math blaster inventory
Image Credit: Google Play Store

2. Math Play

Math Play is a fun site for kids of all ages. It has games that teach the concepts of arithmetic, division, fractions, and decimals. You can choose a game based on a child's grade level or content area, and there are numerous options to choose from according to the student's age.

3. Dinosaur Park Math

Dinosaur Park Math is a math app designed for kids aged between 5-8 years old. The questions cover the addition and subtraction of numbers from 0 to 20. The game comes with over 15 levels, 225 questions in total, and an opportunity to unlock a battle robot at the math factory once you have completed four units related to adding or subtracting numbers.

Edutainment game dinosaur park math
Image Credit: Apple Store

4. Dragon Box

Dragonbox is an easy, fun way to learn math. The app has several different versions including a puzzle game called Elements and a video course that gives a step-by-step introduction to math concepts. The best part about this app is its visualization tool that lets you do all calculations without having to write numbers down.

Dragon box addition and subtraction edutainment game
Image Credit: Dragon box

🔡Language-Based Games

Language is a vital skill, and these games turn the often tedious process of learning a new language into an enjoyable experience.

1. Word Balloons

For those who want to improve their language and vocabulary skills, then this is the perfect game. Word Balloons is a fun word search game that teaches new words every day. Word Balloons is created for those who prefer to improve their word skills through playing games rather than reading textbooks.

Find words to pop balloons edutainment games
Find words to pop balloons edutainment games
Image Credit: Google Play

2. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

A fun cookie-making game aimed at improving the language and vocabulary skills of children. The best part about this game is that it teaches kids how to recognize the alphabet and learn the letters. It also helps in teaching letter identification, letter sounds, word blending, and vocabulary building.

Build vocabulary with fun cookie-making edutainment games

🧪Science Games

Science can be fascinating, and these games help unlock the mysteries of the natural world.

1.  Play and Learn Science

Science is one of those subjects that can be intimidating for a young kid. This game teaches the kids about various science subjects like physical and environmental science, engineering, and life sciences. By playing this game, kids will learn about geology, physics, biology, and chemistry in a fun way.

Edutainment science game for learn about temperature
Text experiment and & solve problems in edutainment game
Image Source: Google Play

2. Lumosity

Lumosity combines fun games with science-based exercises. The app consists of science-based games that will help exercise memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

💻Coding Games

Coding is a crucial skill in today's digital age, and these games offer an enjoyable way to learn programming.

1. Kodable

Kids are naturally curious, and that curiosity can be harnessed in a powerful way. Kodable is a coding app for 4-10 year-olds that teaches kids to program and create their own games using their natural curiosity, creativity, and input.

Koadable a coding edutainment game

2. Lightbot

Lightbot: Code Hour is an app designed to introduce kids to coding without them actually having to code. It offers educational games that help you understand the basics of coding while improving technical and problem-solving skills. It also includes a story mode where you learn about how programming works.

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These edutainment games cover a wide range of subjects, ensuring there's something for every curious mind.

1. MentalUP

MentalUP is a fun and interactive game to develop your mental skills. With a wide range of exercises, this app helps improve your attention, and memory at a faster pace plus offers personalized levels based on your abilities. It also offers special exercises from preschool to the 8th grade.

MentalUp a fun and interactive Edutainment game
Image Source: MentalUp

2. Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy Kids game app is a fun and educational mobile game which encourages children between the ages of 2-8 to learn reading, languages, writing, maths, and social-emotional skills. The app is designed in the style of an interactive storybook.

Library of khan academy kids edutainment app
Source: Google Play

3. PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a collection of games and educational videos designed for kids aged between 6 and 12. Packed with easy-to-understand lessons, videos will help kids master reading, writing, and maths skills in an entertaining manner.

4. FirstCry PlayBees

FirstCry PlayBees is a simple yet effective app for kids to learn nursery rhymes and kid songs. The game helps the kids learn their first or practice their grip on ABC, counting, addition, subtraction, tracking, and much more.

Edutainment game of classic nursery rhymes

Image Source: Google Play

Empowering Education Through Edutainment Games

Edutainment is definitely the future for learning because of its ability to give room for expression and excitement as well as more education to a variety of people and audiences. Have an edutainment app idea? We at Third Rock Teckhno, have worked in this space for years and are not only proficient but also confident in our ability to provide effective education software solutions in a very short span of time.

From early childhood learning programs to corporate training tools, our team of experts can help you develop everything you need to include in your edutainment apps.


Q1: How does Edutainment differ from traditional education?

Unlike traditional education, which often relies on lectures, textbooks, and structured classroom settings, edutainment leverages entertainment to make learning more engaging and interactive. It focuses on creating enjoyable learning experiences that cater to various learning styles and preferences.

Q2: Is Edutainment only for children?

No, edutainment is not limited to children. While it is commonly used in children's education, edutainment programs and games are designed for learners of all ages. Edutainment can benefit adults, too, by making lifelong learning more accessible and enjoyable.

Q3: Are Edutainment programs effective for learning?

Many edutainment programs and games have been designed with learning outcomes in mind. They are created using educational principles to ensure participants gain knowledge and skills while having fun. The effectiveness of edutainment often depends on the quality of the content and its alignment with educational goals.

Q4: Where can I find Edutainment resources?

You can find edutainment resources in various places, including app stores, online educational platforms, streaming services, bookstores, and educational websites. Many edutainment games and programs are accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones, making them readily available to learners of all ages.

Q5: Is Edutainment suitable for self-paced learning?

Yes, edutainment is well-suited for self-paced learning. Many edutainment programs and games are designed for individual use, allowing learners to progress at their own pace. This flexibility makes it accessible for individuals with diverse learning needs and schedules.

Q6: What are the advantages of using Edutainment in education?

Some advantages of edutainment in education include increased engagement, improved retention of information, accessibility to a wide audience, development of practical skills, and enhanced motivation to learn. It can make learning more enjoyable and foster a genuine interest in various subjects.

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