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How Much Does It Cost to Create an E-Learning App in 2024?

Krunal Shah

Jun 13, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Apr 12, 2024

The requirement for e learning app has been surging upward for a while now. With the rise in inclination towards learning from the comfort of home and the digitization taking over the globe, e learning app development has become a lucrative business idea for startups as well as the growing businesses in this market.

As per the statistics, the global elearning industry is set to reach $650 billion by 2025, while more than 75% of the U.S. opt for some type of online learning. Due to several reasons such as ease of access, learning from any part of the globe without needing to travel, cost effectiveness, variety of options, and others, students, working professionals like corporate employees, and others are adopting learning through e learning app more than ever.

This explains well why the education app development idea has been getting adopted as one of the most profitable business ideas in the elearning sector. In our previous blog we walked you through an in-depth guide on how to create a learning app. But then comes another most asked question - what are the elearning development costs?

Or, how do estimate the cost associated with an education app development? Well, in this blog we will guide you through all you need to know about e learning app development costs and the related factors. So, let’s get started!

On What Factors Does the Cost of an E Learning App Depend?

To have a clear idea of the cost to create a learning app, you must have the proper knowledge of the factors determining an education app development cost. Here’s a list of the top factors on which the cost of an e learning app majorly depends.

1. The Top Features & Solutions of the App

Elearning development costs majorly depend on the top features and solutions of the app. For instance, how many elearning key features and solutions are there like sign up, content library creation, sorting the study materials, profile enhancement or boost feature, and others.

The more the number of features, the more will be the education app development cost. While the number of features and solutions has a linear relation with the app development cost, the type of feature or solution also influences the cost to create a learning app significantly. For instance, the cost to incorporate the feature of ‘sign up’ and the cost to include the feature ‘content library customization’ will have different impacts on the elearning development costs and so on.

2. The UI of an E Learning App

The UI (User Interface) and its design play a crucial role in determining the cost to create a learning app. A simple UI design will require lesser cost compared to the one with an enhanced look, functionalities, and advanced design method.

3. The Advancement Level of the App Features

This is a no-brainer. The more advanced an app feature is, the higher the cost associated, resulting in impacting the overall elearning development costs. For instance, a basic elearning content library creation feature will require moderate cost, while a customizable content library creation with more solutions will end up resulting in a higher cost for education app development.

4. The Functionalities of an E Learning App

Apart from the features and solutions of an e learning app, its functionalities have a lot to do with determining the elearning development costs. The functionalities of an app are determined by its performance, speed, and how it functions to provide the specific solutions it is meant to. Also the other factors such as safety, security, maintainability, and reliability, to name a few, affect the cost of e learning application development.

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5. The Target Platforms

The target platforms refer to the platforms on which your e learning app is intended to be run by your end-users. Targeting a single platform like Android or iOS requires less elearning development costs in an obvious way. Targeting multiple platforms, on the other hand, increases the cost to create a learning app, as the development approach, tech stacks chosen, and other factors throughout the development process are of a more advanced level in this case.

6. The App Complexity

The overall app complexity is pivotal in determining the e learning application development cost. If the e learning app features and solutions, as well as the interface, is of a more complex level in accomplishing complex tasks, then the cost to create a learning app is expected to be higher.

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How Much Does It Take to Develop an Elearning App?

Now that we have a better idea of the top factors determining elearning development costs, here comes another most asked question - how to determine the elearning development costs? So, here we come with all the answers. The cost to develop an e learning app highly depends on the team who is building the app.

While the above-mentioned factors have their own roles in determining an  e learning app development, there are even more important things to consider like, whether you have outsourced your app development team or have hired an in-house team, or you are building it from scratch or have made a contract with a freelancer, etc.

Basic eLearning vs Complex eLearning app Cost

Also, the location of your developer team majorly impacts your education app development cost. For instance, the cost per hour for an elearning app development in the regions like North America, Europe, and others is quite on the high side, from $80 to even over $200 based on your app type. But the same in countries like India can be as low as $20 per hour and on an average $30-$50 per hour. The below information will help you have an idea of the cost of e learning app development.

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How to Optimize an E Learning App Development Cost

It is a million-dollar question that is bound to arise during the cost estimation for your e learning app development. Below are some of the proven tips and strategies to help you with elearning development costs optimization.

1. Always Opt for an Experienced Software Development Company

Unless you have professional in-field experience in a similar type of e learning app development, it is recommended to outsource your software development from an experienced well-established company. Even if you have theoretical development and technical knowledge, it is highly likely that won’t suffice for highly competitive app development in this dynamic market. Instead of burning your money and wasting your resources, it will be better to opt for a good software development company as per your budget. The expertise of the professional developers will ensure that your product is developed within the budget, furthermore, it will help you optimize your elearning development costs.

2. Minimize the App Complexity

In the app planning phase, outline and decide its features and solutions in a way so that the app remains as simple as possible. Higher app complexity will just unnecessarily increase your app development cost without serving any values.

3. Choose the Outsourcing location in India

The cost of software development is the lowest in India and around the world. But the catch is, here you will get some of the most experienced professionals with years-long experience who can turn your e learning app idea into a market-driven success. All you need to do is research on the top budget-friendly companies, go through the portfolio of each of them and opt for the one that fits your requirements and budget the best. This will not only help you optimize your e learning app development cost, but enable you to invest in other important areas like marketing, maintenance, and customer experience, to name a few.

Plan Your E-Learning App Development for Success

The elearning sector being highly lucrative has taken the spotlight of the startups and app developers. No wonder even some of the new entrants in this sector are utilizing the low-hanging opportunities and maximizing their profit gradually in this field. The above guide will help you plan your learning app development in the right way without exceeding your budget and create a better market positioning.

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1.Can I reduce the cost of developing an e-learning app?

Yes, you can reduce costs by using pre-built templates, limiting custom features, and choosing open-source technologies.

2.Are there any hidden costs to consider when developing an e-learning app?

Yes, hidden costs may include licensing fees for third-party software, additional features, and post-launch maintenance.

3.What are the common challenges faced when developing an e-learning app that can impact costs?

Common challenges include ensuring cross-platform compatibility, integrating with third-party services, and maintaining data security and privacy standards.

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