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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

Krunal Shah

May 24, 2021

10 min readLast Updated May 29, 2023

cost to develop a react native mobile app
Mobile App

Mobile apps have become a ‘lifeline’ of the new-age businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and other amazing qualities. It is touted that the mobile app development will be a $935.2 billion market by 2023. Thus, to have the best app, companies need to make sure that the app development process is in order.

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Over the years, we have seen the rise of React Native app development as it has a myriad of advantages for the businesses. Since its inception in 2015, 42% of the developers prefer React Native for app development. Because the framework is so flexible and agile.

Cross platform mobile frameworks

As we can see in the graph, the analysis clearly depicts that React Native development is quickly becoming the first choice of the developers.

The framework assists in decreasing the app development time, is easy to learn for the developers and many more. But along with the advantages, companies need to make sure that they are within budget during the course of development.

App development cost is important as it depends on several factors. They are:

  • App complexity
  • Technology
  • Features you wish to integrate
  • Future expansion of the app

As far as React Native app development is concerned, you can get a path-breaking app developed in no time. On the top of it, app development through React Native is cost effective as well. But, for this to happen companies need to know what they actually want from the app.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that will determine the cost to develop a mobile app through React Native. Along with it, we will also show you how your business can use React Native in the most effective way.

Let us set the ball rolling!

Before getting into cost development, let us understand why businesses opt for React Native app development.

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Why do organizations opt for React Native mobile app development?

Organizations opt for react native mobile app development
React Native Mobile App

Time is a very important factor if you want to excel in the modern day business environment. Thus, it is inevitable for the mobile app development framework to be smooth. The primary purpose of React Native is to lower the cost of mobile app development. Thus, we have listed some of the top reasons why businesses opt for React Native.

It requires lesser workforce and resources

If you opt for React Native app development, you would need lesser people and resources as compared to Native app. All you require is a creative designer and a project manager along with a QA professional and 2 developers. Smaller team means better coordination and the entire app development process is carried out smoothly.

Larger community

Since React Native is backed by Facebook, it has a large community of developers. So if the developers face any difficulty during the app development process, they can seek help from the community. Moreover, as it is an open source framework, the technology is accessible to anyone. Also, the support from the global community helps in accelerating the process of app development.

Faster and easier app updates

With React Native, the developer doesn’t need to download anything in order to update the app. This will save a lot of time and will make the app update process faster.

Cost effective and simple user interface

The user interface of React Native app is simple and very flexible. Moreover, the apps built through React Native are highly responsive. Thus, these apps have all the capabilities to enhance the user experience.

Code Reusability and Code Sharing

90% of the codes in React Native are reusable. Thus, the developers can write the code once and use it multiple times according to the requirement. Moreover, since it is a hybrid app development framework, the process of code sharing is done easily.

Hot Reload

In React Native, the developers can view the changes done to the code in real time. The changes are seen without downloading the file. Because of Hot Reload, the developers save a lot of time in the app development process.

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Factors affecting the cost React Native app development

factors affecting the cost react native app development
React Native app development

React Native app development is a boon for you if you are a little tight on budget. Although being the cost-effective framework, there are still certain factors that determine the cost of React Native app development.

Moreover, businesses need to understand that there are certain things that are common in Native and React Native app development. These are:

  • App deployment cost
  • App discovery cost

As these factors are common, they do not decide the cost to develop mobile app through React Native.

Below are the factors that affect the cost of React Native app development

Complexity of the mobile application

The complexity of the mobile application depends on the features and the type of build you want in the app. Therefore, the complexity of the app will directly define the cost of mobile app development.

There are different levels of mobile app complexity:

  • Low Complexity
  • Medium Complexity
  • High Complexity

Thus, in order to make your mobile app more user friendly, you need to define the complexity of the app. For example, if you opt for lower complexity, you can newbie hire React Native developers. Those will provide the React Native app development services at cheaper rate and according to your requirement.

In the same way, as you opt to increase the complexity of the app, choose relatively experienced React Native developers. Although most app complexities fall between medium to high complexity scale.

Along with this, the mobile app complexity relies on other factors as well:

Admin Panel Development: If you plan to have a feature rich admin panel the complexity of the app is bound to increase. Also with the complexity, the cost will also increase.

In-app purchase options: With these options, the complexity of the app increases exponentially.

Legal policies: The legacy interaction will totally depend on the type of mobile application you want to develop. You should know whether you want to work independently or integrate with an enterprise system.

Third-party plugins: These integrations will help in making the app more user-friendly and interactive. Moreover, the third-party plugins add complexities in React Native app development.

Mobile application design

All functionalities of a mobile app depend on how authentic its UI/UX design is. We all know the difference good app functions can make to the success of the app. With React Native, it becomes easier for the developers to keep the users engaged for a long time.

You should always make sure that the user experience is not compromised at any stage. Thus, determine what kind of app design you want and convey it clearly to the designers. Good design will make sure of seamless conversion from one screen to the other.

For this React Native development offers amazing UI elements that will help in designing aesthetically beautiful apps. Along with it, these apps are highly user-friendly as well. Proper UI/UX design is inevitable to increase the client retention rate of your mobile application.

Functionality of the mobile application

The cost to develop a mobile app through React Native largely depends on the app’s functionality. Because the more the number of functions, the more time it will take to develop. Although, you can always develop an MVP as a cost-effective alternative to high function mobile app development.

The MVP can be developed in a shorter span of time. By releasing an MVP, the business can gauge the mind-set of the targeted audience and make changes in the app accordingly.

Thus, always to hire an experienced mobile application development company if you wish to implement proper functions in the app. The skills, experience, and good track record of the company will enable you to have the best mobile app through React Native.

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Geographic location of the app development firm

Estimate us dollars charges per year
app development firm

If you are looking to outsource, the geographic location matters a lot in cost to develop a React Native mobile app. For example, if you hire a React Native app developer from the USA, they will definitely charge more as compared to other countries. In the same way, Asian countries have less per hour rate as compared to the world.

The difference in prices in different countries could have multiple reasons. It could be their standard of living, their GDP or the level of completion. For example, there are a lot of app development firms in India so the labour is cheap. This doesn’t mean that they compromise on the quality.

In addition, the exposure to technologies and the overall software development scenario in a country is also important. If a company doesn’t have access and knowledge about the latest technology, they will not deliver the desired result.

Maintenance of the mobile app

Most of the businesses think that app development expenses end with the launch of the app. But the reality is starkly different. After the launch, you will need to update the mobile app regularly according to the changing trends. Moreover, the maintenance of the app is necessary to keep up with the user’s expectations.

Mobile app maintenance generally requires three basic procedures:

  • App updates
  • Bug fixing
  • Design changes

If you have to take an estimate, the app maintenance cost is 20% of the overall React Native app development budget.

Mobile app development team

Just like any other mobile app development, it is important to hire the right React Native app development company. As a business, you need to be very sure about the size of the team and its quality. Depending on your work, you can look to hire in three different options like:

  • Freelance React Native developers
  • Mid-range React native app development company
  • High-range React Native app development company

You might be lured to hire a freelancer as it is the most cost-effective option. But in reality, it is not the most effective one. With the freelancers, the quality of the app is always at stake and there are chances of miscommunication. Besides, hiring a high-range React Native app development firm might not be suitable for your pocket.

Thus, according to us, first opt for a mid-range app development firm and see how things take shape in the future. Although in most cases, a mid-range React Native app development company is enough.

Moreover, you need to make sure that everyone in the team is experienced enough to handle your work. Also, if you are still pondering over hiring a freelancer, we have a thumb rule. It states that if you want to finish your product on time, hire a React Native app development company.

App distribution and its category

The different things that decide the category of the mobile app are:

  • Functionality
  • Security considerations
  • Different real-time users

Moreover, if there are more things, it would add to the React Native app development cost.

In addition, the businesses must be sure about the app distribution methods and include them in the cost to develop mobile apps. Both the leading app stores charge $100 as the license cost for the developer. Besides, you also require permission about the security policies from the host.

Hardware used

The usage of hardware is also important in deciding the cost to develop the app. For instance, if you are opting for high-end hardware, you need to invest more. And the investment in React Native is more than Native in this case.

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React Native: A cost effective solution

Comparison of native vs cross-platform app development costs
Comparison of native vs cross-platform app development costs

We already know that with React Native, one can make apps for both Android and iOS. But the maintenance of these apps on these platforms can prove to be a costly affair. In this case, React Native framework gives a sight of relief to the business.

You do not need any other programming language as coding for both the OS platforms are the same. Also, the developers just need to have basic knowledge of Native UI libraries. After this, they can easily develop hybrid apps with React Native. Business can also reduce the training cost of developers to 50% with React Native.

Also React Native is a highly recommended framework if you are a bootstrapped organization.


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With all the above-mentioned factors, we have determined all the nuances of cost to develop a React Native mobile app. Businesses need to make sure that they understand their needs first and then go for React Native development.

The factors seem individual but they collectively are very important in mobile app development. Moreover, if the organization is aware of everything, they will have a smooth ride in the market.

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