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How to hire front-end development in 2021?

Krunal Shah

May 13, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

Hire front-end Development

User Interface (UI) is the face of your website. Period. If you do not believe us, ask yourself a question: what is the first thing that the clients see on your website? Of course, the answer to this is the User Interface (UI). No matter how effective or viable your application is, if the UI is not engaging, you will lose the trust of the clients.

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Now for developing high-quality and engaging UI/UX, you need to hire front end developers. Because developing a great user interface for your app is no child’s play. A well-designed UI adds aesthetic value to your product and makes it an instant hit among the users. Moreover, it increases the uniqueness of the product, attracts a target audience and helps in generating greater revenues.

Therefore, front end development is very crucial in defining the road ahead for your product. Because of this, companies should select the front end developers with extra care.

Finding a reliable front developer is not an easy task. Moreover, it is even difficult to retain an expert front end developer once you find them. Thus, to help you create high quality UI through emphatic front end development, we’ll give you insights to hire full-time front end developers for your project in 2021.

Skills to look in a front-end developer in 2021

Front-end developer skills

Businesses around the world are trying to claw their way back after the global pandemic in 2020. Thus in 2021, before hiring a front end developer, you should always gauge them on their skill-set. Below are a few of the important skills that you must look for in a front end developer.

Efficiency in writing a front end code

A proficient front end developer should be a master of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Moreover, they should always look to make the codes clean so that it could be reused after building one application. This is necessary as it increases the speed of the development process and the shareability of the codes.

Their prowess in user interactions and other moving elements

The combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is very essential. Because HTML and CSS are great for static-page elements. But to add some movement to the web page, the developers should know how to code in JavaScript. Therefore, the front end developer must know JavaScript as it helps in making websites more attractive.

The moving elements here can be pop-ups, interactive maps, moving menus, video players, etc. It will allow the end users to send and receive requests, manipulate some web page elements and many more.

Developing the app layout

A good application layout will determine the proper positioning of the different elements. By this, the end user will be able to see all elements in a proper way. Moreover, the front end developer need to be good with both HTML and CSS. Because, HTML will help in structuring a web page and CSS will add more styles to the web-page. Therefore, whether you hire a freelance front end developer, they should know HTML and CSS.

Proficiency in app scalability

The front end developers must monitor their codes and app system on a regular basis. This helps in enhancing and the stability and optimization of the application. Besides, it also helps in finding whether there is a major glitch in the application or not.

Therefore, whether you are hiring a freelance front end developer or full time front end developer, they should monitor the code. Also, app scalability will determine their future potential and growth aspect. Therefore, a developer proficient in this will be a more viable option.

Team player

Mobile application development is always a team game and the front end developer you hire must be a team player. They should possess great collaborative and communication skills to keep everybody on the same page.

Due to clear communication, everybody in the team will be aware of where the project is going. Thus, they will be able to give better inputs and make the app a success story.

Skills for experienced front end developer

An experienced front end developer should be a master in Test Driven Development (TDD). In TDD, programming requires agile technique. Therefore, here the developers first write the test before creating the codes.

Moreover, they should have soft skills such as collaborative approach and high skills working as a team player. Also, their leadership skills should also be pitch-perfect.

Responsibility of a front end developer

Front end developer

It is very important to know as a business company what kind of responsibilities you are giving to the front end developer. Moreover, if you are from a non-technical background with less knowledge of front end development, the road could be tough.

Therefore, there are some prominent responsibilities that a front end developer should carry on. In case they are not, you must have second thoughts on hiring the front end developer.

  • Should take the lead in optimizing the application as and when required. It will help in enhancing the performance and help in achieving scalability
  • Must create a pixel-perfect design for the layout of the application. For this, they must have a strong hold in HTML and CSS
  • Collaborate with the clients and other team members time and again during the course of app development
  • A good front end developer must be a neat designer and an accurate programmer all in one

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List of technologies a front end developer must know

List of technologies a front end developer

Along with the skill sets and responsibilities, you must double check on their technical prowess. Businesses should understand that in order to create a path-breaking app, it should be technically sound. Therefore, to hire a front end developer, they must be aware of the following technologies:

  • AJAX
  • Browser development tools
  • Different version control systems like Git
  • Different processors for CSS such as Sass and SCSS
  • Knowledge of testing or debugging in an IDE
  • Understanding of the module frameworks that streamline a large and complex application. Moreover, they should be aware of the module architecture of React, Vue, Angular, etc
  • Knowledge about jQuery or Backbone.js
  • Deep understanding about module bundlers that assist in simplifying developer’s workflow. It includes Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Browsify, etc.

Along with the above-mentioned technologies, the tech prowess of the front end developers depends on their experience as well. Therefore, if you are looking to hire senior front end developers, you must look for the following things:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Mongodb
  • Angular.JS

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How to evaluate a good front end developer?

evaluate a good front end developer

It is a good practice to go through the previous projects before hiring a front end developer. Their previous development project will give you a clear idea about their work proficiency. Moreover, you will also know whether they are a good fit for specifically your project.

The evaluation of the front end developer is done on the basis of their experience. Here we go!

Junior front end developer

The junior developers are just the beginners in the software industry. So you must analyse them on the basis of their basic knowledge only. For starters, they must know the nuances of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Along with it, understanding of one framework should come in handy.

One of the advantages of going with junior developers is that they are cost effective. Although, you might need to give them some training, a good education qualification should be good for starters.

Mid-range front end developers

Front end developers with work experience of 3+ years are mid-range front end developers. Therefore, you should hire front end developers with mid-level experience only if they are proficient in two development frameworks.

The benefit of hiring mid-range front end developers is that due to their experience they can make independent decisions. Moreover, as they understand the project requirements better than the junior developers, the work process will be easier.

Mid-range developers prefer to be hired as freelance front end developers, although they are flexible in any kind.

Senior Developers

The front end developers having experience of more than 5 years are senior developers. Therefore, if you are looking to build complex and powerful applications, you should hire senior front end developers.

The senior developers have the idea of the market and the needs of the target audience. Thus, before beginning the development process, they determine everything and estimate the horizon of the project. Besides this, the senior front end developers can suggest solutions if there is a problem in the development process.

Therefore, if you are looking to develop a long-term project, you should hire front end developers with great experience. Because they are capable of working with every tool and developing complex, enterprise business apps.

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What questions do you have to ask the front end developers?

After understand the technical part, as a business organization, you should always look to find something extra about the developer. Because, along with their skills, it’s work ethics that will determine their real worth.

Below are some questions that will help you hire front end developers of the highest quality and order.

  • What are the tools on which you are proficient?
  • What were your responsibilities in the projects you were previously involved in?
  • Total number of projects you have worked in the past?
  • Are you a learner? How would you improve your front end development skills?
  • Do you like to work independently or in a team and why?
  • How do you resolve the issues you face during the app development process?

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Platforms that will help you hire front end developers

Hire Front-end developers

Along with knowing what kind of front end developers to hire, you should also know the platforms to get them. For you benefit, we will provide you a list of platforms that will help you finding the right developer.

For Freelancers:

  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Codementor

For In-house front end developers

  • Dice
  • Linkedin
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • CareerBuilder

Outsource front end developers

  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • IT Firms

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Cost to hire a front end developer

As we have seen earlier, the cost to hire a front end developer depends on a plethora of factors. It may be the complexity of the project, geographic location of the developer, their experience and many more.

Keeping everything in mind, we have curated a list which defines the cost on the basis of per hour rate

  • America- $100-$120 per hour
  • Europe- $60-$90 per hour
  • Australia- $90-$110 per hour
  • Middle East- $60-$80 per hour
  • India- $30-$50 per hour

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An astute front-end development is necessary in the modern-day business world as the competition is very high. Moreover, organizations should have a clear map in their mind before hiring front end developers. Because it will help them paint a clear picture in front of the developers about their needs and requirements.

Thus according to the requirement of the project, hiring should take place. Be it hiring a freelance front developer or a full time front end developer, project requirement must be the base of all.

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