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Mobile Technology and the Digitization of Healthcare

Krunal Shah

Jul 25, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Dec 05, 2022

When it comes to discussing the impact of mobile technology in healthcare, the role of the new healthcare app ideas plays a very vital role. As stated in a recent market report, the global healthcare industry was worth $178.5 billion in 2022 and is set to reach $483.4 billion by 2030. And one of the key driving factors to this high growth rate of the healthcare industry is the rising number of medical app ideas and the increasing inclination toward professional healthcare app creation.

The introduction of mobile technology and the digitization of healthcare has not only simplified the tasks for the healthcare professionals and improved the access for the end users, but also taken the advancements in the healthcare sector to a whole new level. No wonder the global healthcare mobile apps industry is set to surpass $300 billion in 2028 from its benchmark of $38.89 billion in 2021.

But strictly how the new medical app ideas are catering to the fast growth of the healthcare industry? Or, why are startups gradually getting inclined to professional healthcare app creation? In this blog, we will walk you through it all.

The Importance of Healthcare Apps

The introduction of new healthcare app ideas has drastically revolutionized the healthcare industry over the past decade. Not only has it made healthcare easily accessible and simplified to the end users but also brought changes at various levels. Let’s have a look at the top benefits and importance of a professional healthcare app.

1. Offers Solutions to the Instant Requirements

One of the key reasons for the high demand for healthcare apps is - they offer instant solutions to patient requirements. Be it helping them with the correct prescriptions, or catering to their diagnosis requirements when no other options are available - healthcare apps can solve multiple problems through a few button clicks.

For instance, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the usage of healthcare apps increased substantially, especially during the long lockdown periods, when people had less scope to transport. To give you a glimpse, the health apps download increased by 25% during the COVID-19 outbreak, as stated in a recent report. Also, the new medical app ideas are paving the paths for overseas healthcare and medical facility providers while ensuring that the geographical locations of the end-users are no more an obstacle to getting healthcare services and solutions.


2. Better Accessibility

The introduction of new healthcare app ideas has made healthcare, and medical services and solutions much more accessible to the end users irrespective of their locations, types of requirements, and other factors. Be it getting a feasible diagnosis done or getting medicines delivered at doorsteps, a professional healthcare app is capable of providing an all-in-one solution to its end users.

3. High Growth Scope

While the demand for healthcare apps is peaking across the continents, at the same time healthcare app development has emerged as a lucrative idea for the startups and entities operating in the healthcare field. As already discussed, the healthcare market is enormous and it is offering innumerable opportunities to excel the regional as well as global players.

To give you an estimation, the global health tech industry has already surpassed $280 billion and is expected to expand further both by value and volume in the coming years making healthcare app development one of the most profitable business ideas around the globe.

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How are the New Healthcare App Ideas Influencing the Healthcare Industry?

Now that you have a better idea of the advantages of introducing new healthcare app ideas or medical app ideas, you must know exactly how mobile technology and the digitization of healthcare are related, or how a professional healthcare app can transform the traditional healthcare services and solutions for an end user. So, let’s see.

1.Remote Health Monitoring

One of the most vivid outcomes of the interrelation between mobile technology and the digitization of healthcare is remote health monitoring of the patients. The increasing usage of diverse healthcare apps coupled with the rise in fitness bands has drastically modified the traditional health monitoring system.

It is no longer a necessity to visit the doctors instantly or too frequently for checking up on the vitals or continuously monitoring the health. These are easily doable by installing the right healthcare app on the right device. Your blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, and other important vitals can not only be measured but also can be sent through the healthcare apps to the professionals/doctors for a proper diagnosis. This has been the focal point of the many healthcare app ideas that are leading the market.

2. Simplified Medical & Healthcare Workflows

The workflows related to various tasks and activities in the healthcare sector are often complex. But that’s not it, such workflows involve both the healthcare professional and the patient or end user and are often time-consuming.

The introduction of diverse medical app ideas and the usage of such apps have come to the rescue in this scenario. Let’s explain with a real-life example. End user A wants a personalized diagnosis for his/her skin problem. So the workflow will look like this -

A searches for the available skin specialists → A schedules an appointment based on both his/her and the doctor’s available time slots → A travels to the doctor’s chamber/hospital → The doctor runs the diagnosis and provides the prescription —> A goes to the shop and gets the medicines or orders online.

Now, as you can see, the workflow involving both the patient and doctor is not only time-consuming and quite complex, but many of the steps have their own separate process flows that take more time and effort from the end-user and professionals. A professional healthcare app, on the other hand, can simplify the workflow by offering an all-in-one solution of check-ups, diagnoses, offering prescriptions, as well as medicine delivery to the patient.

3. Cost Effective

The new healthcare app ideas definitely make the healthcare apps stand out from the crowd by ensuring cost-effective medical services and solutions. Furthermore, as the end-users can avail of multiple solutions from a single app, it gets even better for them to reduce their healthcare-related costs while simplifying their tasks for them as well.

Also, healthcare apps help the end-users save their transport costs and time to get the diagnosis, medicines, and others. No wonder cost-effectiveness remains a major driving factor in the growing demand for healthcare apps and also the advancement of the healthcare industry.

4. Safe & Secure

The top-notch healthcare apps not only offer you the required services and solutions but also ensure high safety and security. Be it getting in touch with highly qualified doctors and medical professionals with proven expertise, or getting your prescription verified before ordering medicines - a professional healthcare app offers a high level of safety and security. Also, one can order medicines or get second opinions from there and check and ensure the doctors’ reviews, ratings, and others to avail high-quality services.

5. Diverse Options

Healthcare apps have made it easier for the end users to get access to diverse options where they can choose from a pool of doctors, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals. No matter what demographics the end users belong to, they can get the privilege of getting a broad range of options in terms of professionals, services, solutions, personalized packages, and more to choose from the best ones.

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Types of Professional Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps can be of different types and based on their usage, purpose, target audience, and other factors, one can choose the suitable one. Here’s a list of different types of healthcare apps for your knowledge.

Healthcare Apps Types

Medical Diagnosis Apps

Medicine Delivery Apps

Online Physiotherapists Apps

14/7 Healthcare Assistance Apps

Clinical Assistance Apps

Healthcare Apps on Different Verticals - Pediatric, Gynecology, Geriatric, and Others

Health Tracking Apps

Hospitals and Nursing Homes Finding Apps

Medical Database Apps

Electronic Health Record Apps

Pharmaceutical Research Apps

Healthcare Research Apps

Telemedicine Apps

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While the growing demand for healthcare apps signifies the advancements in the medical sector as well as technology, it also depicts a new emerging sector worth exploring for the business players, entrepreneurs, and startup builders. As the new healthcare app ideas are giving a whole new dimension to the traditional healthcare industry, it is time to explore this path by building your own healthcare app.

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